The Year 1 Moments of Triumph were a series of accomplishments in Year 1 activities that players could complete for a reward. Progress was tracked on the web site. This limited-time event ended with the release of The Taken King and the beginning of Year 2.

Moments of TriumphEdit

  • Apprentice of Light: A character reached the maximum level.
  • Light of the Garden: Defeated the dark heart of the Black Garden (completed the mission The Black Garden).
  • Light in the Dark: Prevented the summoning of Crota's Soul (completed the mission The Wakening).
  • Light of the Reef: Captured Skolas in the Vex Citadel (completed the mission Queen's Ransom).
  • Bane of Skolas: Defeated Prison of Elders on Hard Difficulty (completed the level 35 challenge mode, Skolas's Revenge).
  • Bane of Atheon: Defeated Atheon on Hard Difficulty (completed the raid Vault of Glass on Heroic).
  • Bane of Crota: Defeated Crota on Hard Difficulty (completed the raid Crota's End on Heroic).
  • Public Servant: Completed 50 Public Events.
  • Crucible Gladiator: Won 100 Crucible Matches.
  • Chest Hunter: Found all Golden Chests.


Completing all year 1 Moments of Triumphs awarded the emblem Laurea Prima.


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