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  • "Acknowledged."
  • "All Guardians are instructed not to engage with the Dreadnaught at this time."
  • "At your service, Guardian."
  • "Bounty claimed, unnamed baron, Cosmodrome."
  • "Bounty posted, any sightings of the Reef Queen?"
  • "Bounty posted for retrieval of Reef fleet wreckage."
  • "Checking for bounties."
  • "Checking for bounties, Guardian?"
  • "Closed bounty for skiff Fenrir, target unclaimed."
  • "Closed bounty on Psion major, Exclusion Zone."
  • "Closed bounty on Sand Eater Phalanx, Buried City."
  • "Closed mission, House Kings listening post, Olympus Mons."
  • "Closed mission, Sand Eater relay, Tharsis."
  • "Closed retrieval mission, Gulf of Mexico."
  • "Confirmed."
  • "Exchange complete."
  • "Goodbye."
  • "Goodbye, Guardian."
  • "I am authorised to transmit bounties, Guardian."
  • "I'm authorized to award bounties, Guardian."
  • "Personnel losses unacceptable, mission closed."
  • "Re-upping bounty, Taken infestation, New York crater."
  • "Retrieval mission, Manhattan nuclear zone."
  • "Standing bounty for intelligence on Oryx."
  • "Standing bounty for sightings of Crota."
  • "Standing bounty for sightings of Oryx."
  • "Standing by to resume."
  • "Suspended bounty, Rasputin, no claimers."
  • "Transaction complete."
  • "Yes?"
  • "Yes, Guardian?"
  • "Unclaimed bounty, one-horned Devils Captain."
  • "Unclaimed bounty, Gulf of Mexico."
  • "Updating bounties."