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Track Skolas and his crew of Wolves along the Ishtar Cliffs.
― In-game description

Wolves' Gambit is a story mission in Destiny: House of Wolves. It takes place in Ishtar Sink, Venus.


  • Eliminate the Fallen
  • Enter the Vault
  • Eliminate the Fallen
  • Destroy the Oracles
  • Kill Wolf Guards


All dialogue is spoken through the Ghost's comms.

{Loading screen}

  • PETRA VENJ: The House of Wolves is on the march. They're surrounding Vex strongholds across the Ishtar Sink. Every solder under his command is down there. Skolas has either gone completely insane, or he's become a tactical genius. I love fieldwork, but the hunt must end. Now.


The Guardian lands in the Ishtar Cliffs. Skolas is heard angrily roaring in his own Fallen tongue.

  • VARIKS, THE LOYAL: Skolas said, "I am Kell of Kells. All Houses shall burn. All will bow before the Wolf banner."

The Guardian heads towards the Waking Ruins.

  • PETRA: I'm getting a Fallen comm channel interlaced with Vex coding. Whatever he's doing, I've never seen anything like this before. He's mad!

The Guardian arrives in the Waking Ruins.

  • PETRA: Okay, that's not a good sign. The Wolves are assaulting the Vault of Glass. What is Skolas planning?

The Guardian approaches the Vault entrance and finds the door opened by Fallen. Vex units attempt to defend the Vault against the Fallen invasion.

  • PETRA: They've... they've cracked the seal on the Vault! Get in there, Guardian. We have to stop them!

The Guardian makes their way into the vault, through The Trial of Kabr, and into Templar's Well.

  • PETRA: Skolas going crazy is the good version here. I've seen reports from Prince Uldren's Crows--reports about the technology of the Vault. Really, just awful stuff.

A few dozen Fallen patrol the area, including Servitors, Captains, and Stealth Vandal snipers. The Guardian takes them out, and jumps down to the bottom.

  • VARIKS: Bad. Very bad. Wolves trying to tap Oracles. Big glowing squares. Guardian, destroy the Oracles. Destroy them fast.

A chime is heard, and an Oracle appears. The Guardian finds and destroys the Oracle. Another soon spawns after it.

  • VARIKS: Oracle has appeared.

The Guardian kills it, and the next one spawns.

  • VARIKS: An Oracle. Destroy!

The Guardian destroys two more Oracles.

  • VARIKS: One more Oracle.

The Guardian destroys the last Oracle.

  • PETRA: Variks, good work. Guardian, even better! Clear out the rest of those Wolves and we'll talk.

Several Fallen Wolves, including a few Scorch Captains, pour in through several entrances. The Guardian eliminates all of them.

  • PETRA: So Skolas wanted to use the Oracles as taps into the Vex network. This isn't just a hunt. A Fallen House with Vex technology is a threat to the whole system.
  • VARIKS: Things simple now, yes? We find Skolas, we put an end to Kell of Kells. Or Wolves put an end to us.

{Mission ends}