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Wen Jie was a Warlock.


  • "They call me unorthodox. I call them boring."
  • "The more unlikely it seems, the truer it is."
  • "Practicality is fine in the short term, but I prefer to think of the big picture."
  • "We must reassess everything we thought we knew."
  • "I believe every theory is true until it's proven otherwise. And sometimes even then."
  • "This world of ours is full of wonders."
  • "Perhaps I had lives even before that. Perhaps I was once a tree."
  • "Perhaps, in the past, Light had a warmer, redder hue? It's not impossible."
  • "A valuable reminder that nothing in the universe is black-and-white."
  • "When I feel blue, this lens makes me happy. And when I feel happy, this lens makes me blue."
  • "Sometimes a fresh perspective is needed."