Wei Ning was a Titan. She was killed by Crota during the failed attempt to retake the Moon.[1] She carried the artifact Wei Ning's Cong at the time of her death.


Wei Ning was part of the massive Guardian armada that was tasked with retaking the Moon from the Hive. Her ferocity in combat failed her, however, as she was killed, along with many other Guardians. Her death was shown to Eriana-3 by a Wizard.

At some point before her death, she created the exotic grenade launcher Fighting Lion.[2]


Wei held a close friendship with the Exo Warlock Eriana-3; they were introduced by the Hunter Pahanin in the Tower saloon. Wei's death is what sparked Eriana's quest for vengeance against Crota.[3]


  • "When the long dark closes around us, we will be the last light."[4]
  • "THE LAST AND SUREST ARGUMENT" - traditional inscription for the right gauntlet, attributed to Wei Ning[5]
  • "So I ask Wei Ning: what about the Darkness itself? What then? And she says: I'll punch it too." - Pahanin[6]
  • "To conserve ammo, we disrupted the enemy command structure with several sharp blows to the skull."[7]
  • "Evade the Cabal counterattack? My friend, they're finally sending us something worth killing."[8]
  • "Yes, we've achieved the objective. And the next. And the… were we supposed to stop attacking?"[9]
  • "Tactics? Psh. Just use your head. Literally ram your head into them."[10]


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