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Weekly Nightfall Strike emblem.

The Weekly Nightfall Strike is a Strike played at 380 Light and with five modifiers active, including Epic. Weekly Nightfall Strikes are rotated every week at the Weekly Reset and are unlocked once a Guardian reaches a Light score of 340. Matchmaking is not available, so players will have to form their own teams or attempt to complete it alone.


In addition to guaranteed +500 reputation, possible rewards for completing this Strike include:


  • The Radiant Light buff, which increased all experience and reputation gains (except Iron Banner standing) by 25% and was represented by a blue flaming animation around the head, was removed with the release of The Taken King. Experience and reputation were adjusted to account for its removal.[1] The buff will be re-added in Age of Triumph.[2]
  • The Daybreak modifier will be active once every four weeks, in addition to six straight weeks from July 18 to August 29, 2017.[2]


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