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Ward of Dawn is a Titan Super Ability used by the Defender subclass in Destiny and by the Sentinel subclass in Destiny 2. The ability allows the player to shape Void light into a mostly indestructible spherical shield to protect themselves and their allies from harm.[1][2][3] The shield normally lasts 30 seconds, but can be extended to 45 with the Bastion skill equipped.

A Titan using Ward of Dawn.


  • Armor of Light: While inside Ward of Dawn you and your allies gain significant damage resistance.
  • Blessing of Light: Passing through Ward of Dawn grants you and your allies a shield that lasts 10 seconds.
  • Weapons of Light: Passing through Ward of Dawn grants you and your allies a 25% increase to weapon damage for 10 seconds.


  • Although Ward of Dawn creates a sphere, the modifier bonuses only apply to the top half. For example, if Ward of Dawn is placed on a balcony above where a player is standing and that player jumps up into the bottom half, no bonuses will be applied.
  • Ward of Dawn expires prematurely if the Titan that raised it dies.
  • Ward of Dawn can be dispelled in the Crucible by attacking it with other Super abilities. Nova Bomb and Fist of Havoc also overpenetrate to instantly kill the enemy occupants.


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