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A Walker is a hexapedal Fallen tank. It resembles a modern-day tank in many ways, including its large main cannon, heavy armor, and slow movement.[1] It functions as an autonomous drone and as such is not a drivable vehicle.[2] They can appear in Public Events and Strikes.

The Walker comes in four distinct variations depending on the location and house it belongs to. The Devil Walker is brown and red and only appears on Earth. The Iron Walker is white and green and only appears on the Moon. The Winter Walker is white and blue and only appears on Venus. The Wolf Walker is dark blue and appears in the story mission A Kell Rising and the Strike The Shadow Thief.

There is another type of Walker called the Perfected Walker, which is a normal Walker modified by SIVA.



The Walker is dropped off by a Fallen dropship, and has a laser-guided main cannon that fires high-explosive rounds every few seconds.[1] It has two other weapons as well: a "plasma cannon" which charges before firing six large bolts, and a chin-mounted gatling gun-like weapon which fires plasma in rapid bursts.[1] Additional abilities include repeatedly deploying Shanks to attack players, dropping shock mines, and a built-up electrical burst to force players away when they get too close.

Walkers move slowly and tend to remain in one place, turning to aim their weapons at players during battle.[1]


The Walker is heavily armored and requires several players to take it down.[1] It is vulnerable at its leg joints, where bullets or explosives can render it temporarily immobile.[1]

The Walker can be destroyed more easily after it has sustained a large amount of damage, or if one of its legs has been severely damaged. Once this occurs, its front hull will open, exposing its glowing orange engine, which can then be destroyed with a well-aimed super ability or explosive. This is more difficult with different classes however, as the engine needs to take a substantial amount of damage.[1] When the player destroys one of the legs, it inflicts a large amount of extra damage. Note that after severely damaging one leg, that particular leg will take significantly less damage, so focus your fire on another leg once the Walker stands back up.


  • The "plasma cannon" on the left side of the main cannon can be damaged to a degree, where it will break off and be unusable by the Walker.
  • Some rocket launchers, like the Deacon RS/2, were designed specifically to counter Walkers.[3]