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Join forces with the Queen's Guard and hunt down their enemies.
― In-game description

The Vestian Outpost is a social space activity in The Reef.[1] It is made accessible after completing A Key Awaits.


Name Title Function
Berg 99-40 Bounty Tracker Posts available bounties. Shares daily bounties with Xander 99-40.
Petra Venj Queen's Wrath Posts weekly Queen's Wrath bounties.
Sentha 55-30 Postmaster Delivers packages and lost items. Shares delivery collection with Kadi 55-30.
Master Ives Cryptarch Sells and decodes Engrams. Shares reputation with Master Rahool.
Brother Vance Disciple of Osiris Sells Trials Passages and posts bounties for the Trials of Osiris.
Variks the Loyal House of Judgment representative Handler for Prison of Elders arena. Sells related items and redeems Fallen tokens.


  • A Servitor-shaped device that can be kicked around spawns slightly to the left of the opening at the center of the outpost.
  • A Pike can be seen under a tarp near Variks the Loyal's hut.
  • In front of Sentha 55-30 is a switch that can turn the lamp to his right on and off.
  • Three dead Ghosts can be found here.



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