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The Vanguard is a faction that consists of high-ranking Guardians who are considered the best of their respective classes. Prior to The Red War, the Vanguard originally resided in the Hall of Guardians in the Tower.



The Vanguard could be found in the Hall of Guardians.

Destiny 2[]

After the attack by the Red Legion, the members reside in different parts of the Tower. Zavala now stands near the ledge past Tess Everis' shop and Ikora stands in the Bazaar.

During the events of Forsaken, the Hunter Vanguard, Cayde-6, was killed by the Awoken Prince Uldren Sov, and there is no confirmation on who will take his place as Hunter Vanguard, but from what was said in Cayde's messages from his hidden caches, Cayde thought that the most likely Hunter who would lose the Vanguard Dare would be Marcus Ren.

Season of Dawn[]

The previous Warlock Vanguard Osiris has made an appearance in the expansion Curse of Osiris thanking the Guardian for helping to change the future when he could not. During the events of the Season of Dawn, the once deceased Titan Vanguard Saint-14 is rescued by The Young Wolf.

Vanguard Reputation[]

Vanguard Reputation is an attribute awarded to Guardians for completing Vanguard-issued bounties, patrol missions, and strikes.[1] Upon reaching rank 2, Guardians will be able to purchase armor from Commander Zavala, Cayde-6, and Ikora Rey.[1] Upon reaching rank 3, Guardians will be able to purchase weapons from Roni 55-30 and receive a reward package every time they rank up thereafter.

Vanguard Rank Required amount of reputation
Rank 1 1500 Reputation
Rank 2 2000 Reputation
Rank 3 2500 Reputation

Notable Members[]


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