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A Fallen Vandal with a weapon.

Vandals are a six-limbed class of Fallen, having a higher ranking than Dregs, but lower than Captains. They bear heavier armor and more deadly weaponry than Dregs.

Vandals wield one of four types of weapons: Shock Rifles, mid-range weapons that fire bright blue homing projectiles; Wire Rifles, powerful sniper rifles that take time to charge; Shrapnel Launchers, which fire several projectiles at a time; or dual-wielded Shock Blades.

Stealth Vandals, variants of normal Vandals, can use a cloaking ability to render themselves nearly invisible.[1]


When facing Vandals in combat, pay close attention to what weapons they carry; if they utilize Shock Rifles, treat them as most other trooper-level enemies, only being tougher in general, and remember to take cover from their homing projectiles. If they use Wire Rifles, then either close the distance to catch them off guard, or stay in cover and either wait for them to finish firing their weapons, or counter-sniping them before they get a chance to land a shot. If they use Shrapnel Launchers, keep a reasonable distance, for the launchers have poor accuracy and high spread. Finally, if they utilize Shock Blades, treat them as regular melee-oriented enemies and take them out from a distance.

With Stealth variants, the same tactics apply, but with extra caution being necessary, as their cloaking device makes tracking them more difficult, and they could sneak up on unwary players if given the chance.

Vandals will also sometimes in drastic measures for cover Run while crouched to nearby cover or to gain distance.


  • Elder Vandal
  • Kell's Guard (Scourge of Winter)
  • Noble Vandal
  • Reaver Vandal
  • Stealth Vandal
  • Stealth Elder Vandal
  • Stealth Elite Vandal
  • Survey Boss (Patrol mission in Old Russia)

Notable Vandals[]


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