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Osiris seeks the strongest Guardians to stem the tide of the Darkness.
― In-game description

Brother Vance is a blind member of the Followers of Osiris and a former Warlock. He is the Trials of Osiris vendor in the Vestian Outpost.


Vance was formerly a Warlock.[1] During his time as a Guardian, he apparently knew Eris Morn.[1] At one point, he suffered a near-death experience which also blinded him.[2]

After Mara Sov opened the Reef to the Guardians, the disciples of Osiris concluded that the Tower would never be ready for the Trials despite Lord Shaxx's efforts training Guardians in the Crucible. They took the Awoken opening the Reef as an opportunity to train Guardians in the Trials. Sister Faora sent Vance to the Vestian Outpost to inform the incoming Guardians of the Trials and give passage to those Guardians who were brave enough to enter.[3]


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  • Ticket to Flight: Complete a single Trials of Osiris ticket.
  • His Eye Upon You: Complete Trials matches and defeat opposing Guardians. Fireteam shares progress. May be completed Daily
  • Valor's Reward: Earn 75 points in Trials by round wins (+3), losses (+1), and ties (+1). As a Trials fireteam, defeat 3 opposing Guardians without anyone on your Fireteam dying.
  • Trials Journeyman: Win 3 individual rounds in the Trials of Osiris.

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