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  • Bio I'm T3CHNOCIDE an administrator at the Destiny Wiki. I help monitor the discussions feature and guide its content. If you have questions please feel free to ask!
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    It's less than a month until release, and after two tastes of Destiny (E3's alpha and the summer beta) people are really gearing up for this next big hit. The beta attracted a massive 4.6 million participants, the largest open beta test for any console game ever and, despite being a brand new IP, Destiny has already accumulated numerous awards and achievements. In fact, Destiny is currently boasting the title of most pre-ordered new IP in history. But what is it about Destiny that's attracting so much attention in the gaming community?

    Is Destiny's success purely down to Bungie's great name, and instead the hype is merely a product of an already established fan base from their previous critically acclaimed franchise, Halo? Perhaps - though …

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    The Destiny beta is on our doorstep with only one week to go, and fans everywhere are getting ready for their first taste of one of the most anticipated games of the year! For those eager fans who pre-ordered the game previously you'll have already earned your spot on the upcoming beta, however for the less fortunate fans among us there's still a chance to get a place in this limited time event. We have been given a huge cache of Destiny beta codes and we're giving them out in daily drops on our twitter account @DestinyWikia.

    The codes are first come first serve so remember to follow us on twitter and keep your eye out for the code drops. But, don't fear! We'll give plenty of warning before a code drop lands, and all codes can be redeemed o…

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    Hello Destinypedians and Destiny fans!

    This year I was given the amazing opportunity to join the great guys over at Wikia gaming on a trip to this year's E3 press event to help relay the masses of information published behind the scenes on the show floor - where the public don't have access. Whilst I saw a ton of cool games, which will no doubt be this years biggest hits, the game I was most excited to see was definitely Destiny. Luckily for me, Wikia was on the ball and had organised multiple press exclusive demos and interviews for the gaming industries biggest names, and one of those was Activision which meant JAlbor and I were given the insight into Activisions four big titles for this year, which of course included Destiny!

    After seeing the…

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    Bot Request

    July 1, 2013 by T3CHNOCIDE

    Hey there all,

    This is a quick request for community permission to have my bot flagged for use on this wiki. For those who do not know what a bot is; a bot is a semi-automated program capable of making numerous pre-destined and tedious edits which a human could not possibly do without losing some sanity. The bot flag will allow me to use my bot to perform edits without clogging up the RecentChanges and WikiActivity feeds.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

    Kind regards, T3CHNOCIDE.

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