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    First of all, I'd like to point out that the Vex have been known on several occations to create things like timeless pocket dimensions, time loops, and other equally confusing time related, logic defying aboninations. So my question is...

    Why haven't they won yet?

    If they truly do have the power to somehow interrupt the flow of time, why haven't they used this to their advantage in achieving their goal to, as Ikora once said, "recreate the universe in their image". Ok, maybe that wasn't her exact words, but you get the idea. 

    If the Vex control time, why haven't they won yet?

    MY first theory is that they do not control time, rather, they have figured out a way to create an anchor of sorts. What would be this anchor? The answer is simple, Time …

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  • HarmonyBass

    So there I was, writing about how the Great Machine (the Traveler) once beautified the Fallen homeworld. Then I began thinking.

    Somewhere deep in Fallen lore there is a passage that describes the Whirlwind, a mysterious event that took place after the Traveler left the Planet. It describes the sky being torn open and the Fallen becoming a nomadic race.

    Suddenly I realized something.

    What if the Fallen homeworld wasn't a "world" at all? What if it was originally a moon, one as dusty and lifeless as ours before the Travelers arrival to the Sol System. This would being a whole new way of describing how the Traveler terraformed the Eliksni world.

    Let me describe my thoughts in a less frantic way:

    First came the Great Machine, it used its glorious l…

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  • HarmonyBass

    I'm gonna start this rambling with Kells.

    To my knowledge Fallen houses are always led there houses politically. However, I believe its more like a monarch.

    First is the Kell, he (I have yet to learn of a female Kell) rules his house as seen fit.

    Meanwhile in order to rule the house the Kell uses the Archon, who has some form of connection between them and the Prime Servitor. Now you may recall that the Fallen believe the Prime Servitors to be gods. This is most likely because they supply the Fallen with Ether, a substance that the Fallen need in order to survive.

    Because of the religious view of the Servitors, the Kell can use the Archon to control the rest of their house religiously, rather than militarily like the Cabal. Next come the next …

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