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  • B1littlehero

    Including a side note on the lifespan of Humans. Destiny is an overturning collection of alien species that, in my opinion, put the Elites and Grunts of Halo to shame. In this case, each species has different classes and ranks that vary so much more than color and shield strength. My question, an open-ended discussion-worthy concept, where did these species come from?

    We've already seen that Bungie is more hesitant to venture outside of our solar system in Destiny.

    In Halo, there were thousands of inhabited planets that humans reached using, naturally, a made-up science-ish sounding method of transport called slipspace. My guess is Bungie, when first planning Destiny, realized that slipspace was just another warp speed or hyperspace. Addition…

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  • B1littlehero

    I'm completely out-of-control stoked for Destiny. I really am. Every inch of the gameplay and experience has me itching to play the Beta, just to feel the controller in my hand and watch my Guardian get created - edit his features, his face, give him a helmet, send him on adventures, fight hordes of Fallen, Vex, Hive, and Cabal on the endless frontiers of the Solar System, join forces with Awoken and Exo in the mysterious depths of space and in the dark caverns of our moon. But there are a few things I so desperately don't want to see in Destiny.

    This isn't a post about proper gaming controls or enemy AI movements or plot points. This is entirely about the community surrounding the video game and how we choose to approach Bungie's great rev…

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