Walkthroughs and strategy guides project

Activities[edit | edit source]

Content[edit | edit source]

  • Introduction
    • Quick overview of what guide is
    • Requirements - Any prerequisits needed prior to completing activity/strategy. Can be ordered by complexity/difficulty.
      • Class & Subclass
      • Player level or light level
      • Storylines/quests pre-completed
      • Equipment pre-aquired
      • DLC (Release date/update?)
      • Deprecated? - Strategy old or quest/activity removed?
    • Rewards received from completion of activity of guide if applicable
      • Items
      • Total experience from activity + estimated experience from enemies (min: only priority targets killed, max: all enemies killed)
    • All included in an infobox?
  • Beinners tips/Preparation
    • Guides for pre-requisites
    • Ideal set up
      • Weapons
      • Armor
      • Inventory
      • For each class/level
    • Suggested fireteam #
  • Main content
    • Each guide may be split into difficulty/location/level, however this must be divided main headings (e.g. Hard Mode Guide or Mars Guide).
    • Each step (under subheading) should include details on:
      • Map or image of location
      • Main enemies, levels and possible loot/items detailed
      • Any items or pre-requisites needed/suggested for step
      • Short description of what to do
    • Each step can be divided into main steps & sub-steps.
    • Button keys (PS & XBOX)
    • Optional steps between such as hidden items/events with (optional) in header
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