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***[[USER:{{PAGENAME}}/A Guardian Rises]]
****[[USER:{{PAGENAME}}/A Guardian Rises|A Guardian Rises]]
***[[USER:{{PAGENAME}}/The Dark Within]]
****[[USER:{{PAGENAME}}/The Dark Within|The Dark Within]]
***[[USER:{{PAGENAME}}/The Warmind]]
****[[USER:{{PAGENAME}}/The Warmind|The Warmind]]
****[[USER:{{PAGENAME}}/The Last Array|The Last Array]]
****[[USER:{{PAGENAME}}/The Dark Beyond|The Dark Beyond]]
****[[USER:{{PAGENAME}}/The World's Grave|The World's Grave]]
****[[USER:{{PAGENAME}}/The Sword of Crota|The Sword of Crota]]
****[[USER:{{PAGENAME}}/Chamber of Night|Chamber of Night]]
****[[USER:{{PAGENAME}}/Shrine of Oryx|Shrine of Oryx]]
****[[USER:{{PAGENAME}}/A Stranger's Call|A Stranger's Call]]
****[[USER:{{PAGENAME}}/Ishtar Collective|Ishtar Collective]]
****[[USER:{{PAGENAME}}/The Archive|The Archive]]
****[[USER:{{PAGENAME}}/Scourge of Winter|Scourge of Winter]]
****[[USER:{{PAGENAME}}/Eye of a Gate Lord|Eye of a Gate Lord]]
***The Reef
****[[USER:{{PAGENAME}}/The Awoken|The Awoken]]
****[[USER:{{PAGENAME}}/A Key Awaits|A Key Awaits]]
****[[USER:{{PAGENAME}}/Exclusion Zone|Exclusion Zone]]
****[[USER:{{PAGENAME}}/The Buried City|The Buried City]]
****[[USER:{{PAGENAME}}/The Garden's Spire|The Garden's Spire]]
****[[USER:{{PAGENAME}}/A Rising Ride|A Rising Ride]]
****[[USER:{{PAGENAME}}/The Black Garden|The Black Garden]]
**The Dark Below
***[[USER:{{PAGENAME}}/Fist of Crota|Fist of Crota]] - Earth
***[[USER:{{PAGENAME}}/Siege of the Warmind|Siege of the Warmind]] - Earth
***[[USER:{{PAGENAME}}/The Wakening|The Wakening]] - Moon
**The House of Wolves
***[[USER:{{PAGENAME}}/A Kell Rising|A Kell Rising]] - Venus
***[[USER:{{PAGENAME}}/The Silent Fang|The Silent Fang]] - Earth
***[[USER:{{PAGENAME}}/The Ruling House|The Ruling House]] - Earth
***[[USER:{{PAGENAME}}/Wolves' Gambit|Wolves' Gambit]] - Venus
***[[USER:{{PAGENAME}}/Queen's Ransom|Queen's Ransom]] - Venus
**The Taken King
***[[USER:{{PAGENAME}}/The Coming War|The Coming War]] - Phobos
***[[USER:{{PAGENAME}}/Cayde's Stash|Cayde's Stash]] - Earth
***[[USER:{{PAGENAME}}/The Dreadnaught|The Dreadnaught]] - Dreadnaught
***[[USER:{{PAGENAME}}/Enemy of My Enemy|Enemy of My Enemy]] - Dreadnaught
***[[USER:{{PAGENAME}}/Lost to Light|Lost to Light]] - Moon
***[[USER:{{PAGENAME}}/The Promethean Code|The Promethean Code]] - Earth
***[[USER:{{PAGENAME}}/Last Rites|Last Rites]] - Moon
***[[USER:{{PAGENAME}}/Regicide|Regicide]] - Dreadnaught
**Rise of Iron
***[[USER:{{PAGENAME}}/King of the Mountain|King of the Mountain]] - Earth
***[[USER:{{PAGENAME}}/The Walls Come Down|The Walls Come Down]] - Earth
***[[USER:{{PAGENAME}}/The Plaguelands|The Plaguelands]] - Earth
***[[USER:{{PAGENAME}}/Download Complete|Download Complete]] - Mars
***[[USER:{{PAGENAME}}/The Iron Tomb|The Iron Tomb]] - Earth
**Destiny 2
***[[USER:{{PAGENAME}}/Homecoming|Homecoming]] - Earth
***[[USER:{{PAGENAME}}/Exodus Black|Exodus Black]] - Nessus
*Material farming
*Material farming
*Item/Equipment locations & quests?
*Item/Equipment locations & quests?
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