Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

The Warmind
Difficulty Easy
Length Less than 30 minutes
Level 4
Objectives 6
Release date 9th September 2014
Deprecated? No
Quest Progression Details
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The Dark Within The Last Array

Find the Vehicle Grid[edit | edit source]

Sync to the vehicle grid to summon your Sparrow.
― Objective description

Entrance to the Breach

  • Head towards the Mothyards, following the same path as in The Dark Within.
  • When you reach the Mothyards, stick to the left and enter the small corrugated iron hut before the two dilapidated aeroplanes.
  • Within this hut you will find the Sparrow Link terminal. Hold Xbox X button.svg or PS4 Square button.svg to deploy the Ghost and sync to the transportation network.

Reach the Forgotten Shore[edit | edit source]

Race through the Cosmodrome on your Sparrow to investigate the heavy Fallen activity.
― Objective description
  • Exit the hut and make your way towards the Lunar Complex, however before heading up the hill to the building instead head right and through the break in the cliff side.
    • TIP: Use the new transportation network to aid traversing the Cosmodrome. To deploy the Sparrow click the View button and then hold Xbox X button.svg on Xbox or click the Options button and then hold on PlayStation.
  • Follow the winding path through the cliffs and towards the Forgotten Shore.
Destiny Wiki Ghost.png
Dead Ghost: Old Russia 2

While heading towards the Forgotten Shore, proceed past the large waterfall and trees, and then over the river. At the next turn in the path there will be a small cave set into the cliff side. The Ghost is hidden a small crevice on the right hand wall of the cave as you enter.

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Chest icon.svg
Earth: Golden Loot Chest #03

In the same cave as the Dead Ghost, the third golden chest can be found behind a rock on the left hand side of the cave as you enter.

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Amplifiers Scanned[edit | edit source]

Deploy Ghost to hack into the Fallen devices.
― Objective description
  • As you enter the Forgotten Shore you will notice a series of rusted beached ships. Head to the closest and largest ship to find the first of the Fallen amplifiers.
Chest icon.svg
Earth: Golden Loot Chest #04

As you enter the Forgotten Shore from the Mothyards, follow the river to the sea shore. Enter the water and follow the left hand cliff past the rusted iron girders to the rocks beyond. The golden chest is hidden on the rocks to the left prior to the metal pillars jutting from the sea.

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  • The first amplifier will be protected by a Fallen Captain and several Vandals. Approaching the amplifier will allow you to intercept a Russian signal.
  • Dispatch the surrounding Fallen and deploy the Ghost.
  • Once the Ghost has scanned the amplifier you will need to continue onto the second amplifier.
  • Head off the ship and proceed up to the dilapidated structure on the hill to find the second and final amplifier.
Destiny Wiki Ghost.png
Dead Ghost: Abilities

When proceeding to the second amplifier up the hill, you will pass a small rusted boat. Enter the bridge on the right to find the Ghost hidden in the corner.

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  • The hill face will be protected by several Dregs and Vandals. Either kill the Fallen or proceed right past them and into the building ahead.
  • You can find the amplifier within the first room on the right of the entrance. A Fallen captain will be guarding it, kill the captain to investigate.
  • Approaching the amplifier will once again intercept a Russian signal. Deploy the Ghost to discover the source of the transmission.
Destiny Wiki Ghost.png
Dead Ghost: Legends 2

After scanning the final amplifier within the decaying structure, turn around to discover a set of stairs leading below. Follow the stairs all the way down to a room below. The Ghost is hidden beneath the stairs entering the room. Beaware as there are three highly leveled Hive Knights (the Celebrant of Oryx and two Hallowed Knights) within this room who can deal heavy damage.

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Infiltrate the Skywatch[edit | edit source]

Breach the old array complex to locate the source of the Fallen operation.
― Objective description
  • Head out of the building towards the structure adorned with large antennae in the distance. This is the Terrestrial Complex, another installation of the Skywatch and the apparent source of the transmission.
  • Proceed up to the building by following the road and under the yellow sign. Follow the cliff edge to the entrance of the complex.
  • The entrance to the complex is protected by a Fallen Captain and his entourage of Vandals and Dregs. Kill them and proceed through the building.
Destiny Wiki Ghost.png
Dead Ghost: Jupiter

Once you have entered the Terrestrial Complex, proceed past the rusted trucks and under the blue sign labelled "вход воспрещен" ("Off Limits" in Russian). Head to the left and towards the lockers behind the blue support pillars. The ghost is hidden within one of the opened lockers.

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  • Follow the stairs up through the complex and into a large chamber.
  • Be aware of Stealth Vandals who will ambush you while concealed using cloaking technology. Kill the Stealth Vandals and then proceed into the large room to kill the remaining Vandals and Dregs.
  • Head towards the back of the room where you will find a Fallen terminal, deploy the Ghost to investigate.
  • While the Ghost scanning the Fallen tap, multiple waves of Fallen will be released in an attempt to stop you.

Resist the Fallen[edit | edit source]

Ward off the Fallen while Ghost recovers data ripped from the Cosmodrome network.
― Objective description
  • Kill all the Fallen enemies during each successive wave. The final wave will consist of several Fallen Dregs, Vandals and two Servitors.
  • Once all waves have been dealt, make your way over to the fallen tap again. Here the Ghost will instruct you to destroy the tap.

Destroy Fallen Tap[edit | edit source]

Shoot the exposed core to destroy the Fallen automaton.
― Objective description
  • Shoot the exposed components to destroy the Fallen tap and complete the mission.
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