The Last Array
Difficulty Easy
Length Less than 30 minutes
Level 6
Objectives 5
Release date 9th September 2014
Deprecated? No
Quest Progression Details
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The Warmind The Dark Beyond

Get to SkywatchEdit

Search the Skywatch yards for the Ghosts holding the codes to open the array.
― Objective description
  • The mission begins by spawning in the Mothyards, with the Lunar Complex directly ahead.
  • Summon your Sparrow and head past the deteriorated aeroplanes and up to the Lunar Complex.
  • Make your way through the Lunar Complex entrance, and proceed through the building to the Hive breeding grounds where you slayed Gotra.
  • Here you will encounter Hive Acolytes combating Fallen forces. It should be relatively easy to dispatch them all.
  • Head into the section where you encountered Gotra during The Dark Within to find a Fallen Captain.
  • Kill the Captain and head through the doorway labelled "вход воспрещен" ("Off Limits" in Russian).
  • Follow the corridor out and onto Skywatch.

Recover the GhostsEdit

Hunt down the Fallen who have captured Ghosts with codes to the last array.
― Objective description
  • In Skywatch you will find numerous Hive and Fallen battling for supremacy. A number of Fallen have stolen ghosts of which one contains the codes needed to access the last array.
  • Kill the surrounding Fallen forces to pick up dead Ghosts. It will take three dropped Ghosts to get the codes to the Array.
Destiny Wiki Ghost
Dead Ghost: The Traveler 3

Once you enter the Skywatch, follow the wall to the right where you will then encounter a downed helicopter. As you proceed towards the helicopter you will notice a set of fences to the right. Follow the fencing to a cliff edge and a hole in the concrete wall. Enter the hole and proceed to the left, here you will find the Ghost hidden on a trolley in the corner.

Beware of the Hallowed Knight within, which can deal heavy damage.

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Destiny Wiki Dead Ghost Location - The Traveler 3

Destiny Wiki Dead Ghost Location - The Traveler 3

Find the Control StationEdit

Deploy Ghost at the control station to revive the last radio signal array.
― Objective description
  • Once the codes have been found, head to the back of the Skywatch and enter the decaying building - this is another access point of the Terrestrial Complex.
  • Follow the corridors through the complex. You will encounter a group of Fallen Dregs and Vandals within. Dispatch them as you go.
  • Once you exit the Terrestrial Complex you will reach a platform occupied by the Fallen House of Kings. Kill the various Fallen enemies and head into the control station.
  • The entrance of the control station will be guarded by three Stealth Vandals. These Vandals are stealthed and will attack with melee.
  • Within the control station is a Fallen Captain and another Vandal. Kill them both to investigate the control panel at the back of the room.
  • Deploy the Ghost at the terminal manned by a deceased human's skeleton.

Secure the ArrayEdit

Fight off the invading forces while Ghost revives the Array.
― Objective description
  • Head outside to find the array dish being deployed, shortly before Hive Tombships arrive.
  • A group of Thrall and a Hive Wizard will be deployed by the ships. Kill them at a distance before they are able to overwhelm you.
  • Waves of Hive will now attack the array in an attempt to stop you. Each successive wave is preceeded by the arrival of Tombships and a group of Thrall.
  • Fend off each wave until you encounter a Major Knight which will mark the end of the last wave.

Return to GhostEdit

Head back to the array controls to analyse the radio signal data.
― Objective description
  • Once all Hive enemies have been killed, head back into the Control Station to find Ghost and end the mission.
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