The Dark Within
Difficulty Easy
Length Less than 30 minutes
Level 3
Objectives 4
Release date 9th September 2014
Deprecated? No
Quest Progression Details
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Restoration The Warmind

Head to SkywatchEdit

Push into the old array domes and find what the Fallen are protecting.
― Objective description

The Lunar Complex from the Mothyards.

  • The mission begins by spawning in The Steppes of the Cosmodrome. From here proceed towards Colony Ships in the far distance.
  • You will encounter a small chasm in the landscape on your way. Look out for a Dead Ghost within and continue over this dip into the Mothyards ahead.
Destiny Wiki Ghost
Dead Ghost: Fallen

Between the Steppes and the Mothyards is a small depression in the landscape. Head into the depression and towards the large corrugated metal doors. The ghost is hidden in the foliage in the left hand corner.

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Destiny Wiki Dead Ghost Location - Fallen

Destiny Wiki Dead Ghost Location - Fallen

  • Pass through the dilapidated aeroplanes and towards the building with radar dish, this is the Lunar Complex of the Skywatch.
Destiny Wiki Ghost
Dead Ghost: The Dark Age

As you are passing through the Mothyards keep to the right hand side when proceeding to the Lunar Complex. Behind the final and right most aeroplane you will find a wing jutting out of the ground. Run up the wing and use double jump or glide to reach the cavern beyond. The Ghost can be found to the immediate left inside the cave.

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Destiny Wiki Dead Ghost Location - The Dark Age

Destiny Wiki Dead Ghost Location - The Dark Age

Lunar Complex entrance

The main entrance to the Lunar Complex

  • The main entrance of the Lunar Complex is protected by two Fallen Vandals and a Fallen Captain. Dispatch the foes and head inside the Skywatch, through the corridor on the left.
  • Follow the corridors through the complex until you reach a darkness zone. Here a gate is blocking your progression through the building, locked by the Fallen to prevent the escape of what is kept inside.

Unlock the GateEdit

Deploy Ghost to unseal the gate to the Lunar Complex.
― Objective description
Lunar Complex gate

The gate sealed by the Fallen

  • To open the gate, head to the data panel on the right of the gate and hold Xbox X button or PS4 Square button. Your character will deploy the Ghost to decrypt the Fallen lock down and release the gate mechanism.

Search the ComplexEdit

Explore the area and find what the Fallen locked inside.
― Objective description
  • Opening the gate reveals the corridor beyond, overgrown with chitinous moulds and glowing crystals. Follow the corridor up the stairs to the dark room beyond.
  • Be aware as here you will encounter an ambush from the Hive, an ancient and decaying race serving the Darkness.
Destiny Wiki Ghost
Dead Ghost: Darkness 3

When you reach the first room where you encounter the Hive, proceed immediately to the right and follow the wall. You will reach two terminals under a yellow sign reading "вход воспрещен" ("Off Limits" in Russian). The Ghost is hidden on top of the largest of the two terminals.

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Destiny Wiki Dead Ghost Location - Darkness 3

Destiny Wiki Dead Ghost Location - Darkness 3

Lunar Complex Hive

The room in which the Hive reside.

  • Numerous Thrall will try to overwhelm you. Retreat and kill the thrall from a distance as the Thrall lack ranged weapons and can can deliver heavy melee damage.
  • Further in there will be 5 Acolytes waiting. The Acolytes posses ranged weapons and therefore can attack from a distance. Dispatch these to clear the room.
  • Proceed through the doorway at the end of the room and up the stairs. Here the dark will subside and you will enter a large hangar. Again you will be ambushed by lots of Thrall and Acolytes.

Kill the Hive WizardEdit

Gotra attacks

Gotra, Eir Spawn within her domain.

Defeat Gotra, the Hive Wizard controlling this brood.
― Objective description
  • Once you have dispatched the Hive, proceed through the doorway and into the second hangar to find Gotra, Eir Spawn, a Hive Wizard. Numerous Thrall and Acolytes will be accompanying Gotra.
Chest icon
Earth: Golden Loot Chest #02

After entering the hangar containing Gotra, turn left and jump to the top of the structure in front. The second golden loot chest on Earth can be found on the roof of the structure. This chest awards the Baron RS/2a Rocket Launcher.

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Destiny Wiki Golden Chest Location - Earth 02

Destiny Wiki Golden Chest Location - Earth 02

  • Quickly dispatch the accompanying mobs to make the fight with Gotra easier.
Boss skull icon
Boss: Gotra, Eir Spawn

Gotra is an easy boss with moderate shielding susceptible to solar damage. Gotra He is protected by multiple Fallen foes who will replenish. Gotra is able to deal medium damage from afar using darkness blast and can also cast an area of effect attack which impairs vision and causes repetitive damage through poison. Kill any accompanying Hive Thrall and Acolytes or stick to high ground in order to make dispatching Gotra easier.

  • Once Gotra has been killed the mission will end.


The exact items rewarded for The Dark Within are randomised, however players appear to receive one basic primary weapon and one basic armor.

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