Difficulty Easy
Length Less than 30 minutes
Level 2
Objectives 4
Release date 9th September 2014
Deprecated? No
Quest Progression Details
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A Guardian Rises The Dark Within

Recon the Crash SiteEdit

Investigate the downed Guardian ship in the Steppes.
― Objective description
The Steppes ship wreck

The ship wreckage in The Steppes

  • You will spawn in the Steppes, an area within the Cosmodrome.
  • Cross the Steppes and head towards a navigation point marking a ship's wreckage.
  • When you arrive at the ship wreckage, scan the ship by holding Xbox X button or PS4 Circle button.

Access the Cosmodrome NetworkEdit

Descend into the Cosmodrome tunnels and use Ghost to link to the information hub.
― Objective description
  • Turn around from the ship and proceed towards the concrete building with green panels directly behind you.
Destiny Wiki Ghost
Dead Ghost: Darkness

Between the crash site and the green building is a small hut. Within the hut find a desk with a tipped over chair. The dead ghost can be found to the right of the chair.

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Destiny Wiki Dead Ghost Location - Darkness

Destiny Wiki Dead Ghost Location - Darkness

Cosmodrome map projection

The projected map of the Cosmodrome

  • The entrance to the building is a large opening leading to a small hanger. Beware of Vandals and Dregs guarding the entrance.
  • Proceed to the back of the building. Here you will find stairs which lead to a complex below ground.
  • Follow the stairs down and through the corridors until you find a blue lit room.
  • Here you will find a projection of the Cosmodrome map and a series of computers.
  • Hold Xbox B button or PS4 Circle button to scan the computers and locate the warp drive.

Find a Warp DriveEdit

Return to Dock 13 and an secure interplanetary warp drive for your ship.
― Objective description
Dock 13 entrance

The entrance to Dock 13

  • Exit the underground complex through the way you came in.
  • When you return to the surface, proceed out the hanger and turn right.
  • Head towards the abandoned Dock 13 complex at the far end of the Steppes.
  • Use the stairs outside to enter Dock 13 through a largely destroyed room and proceed through the corridors beyond.
Chest icon
Earth: Golden Loot Chest #01

After entering Dock 13, turn left into a small corridor. The first golden loot chest on Earth can be found on a desk to the left.

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Destiny Wiki Golden Chest Location - Earth 01

Destiny Wiki Golden Chest Location - Earth 01

Riksis emerges

Riksis emerges from pipes in Dock 13

  • Follow the corridors through Dock 13 until you reach a large hanger where you found the abandoned ship before.
  • When you enter the hanger you will find multiple Fallen Dregs, Vandals, and Shanks. Your entrance will also trigger Riksis, Devil Archon to climb out of a large pipe on the far wall.

Defeat the ArchonEdit

Kill Riksis, Archon of the Fallen House of Devils, and steal a warp drive for your ship.
― Objective description
  • Riksis, Devil Archon is holding the salvaged warp drive. Kill him to get it.
Boss skull icon
Boss: Riksis, Devil Archon

Riksis is an easy boss with no shielding but a significant amount of health. He is protected by multiple Fallen foes who will replenish. Clear out the Fallen foes whose collective attacks will reduce your health, leaving you vulnerable to Riksis' attacks. Aim for Riksis' head and reduce his health using constant fire. Hold back near the door you used to enter the hanger for cover.

  • Killing Riksis, Devil Archon will drop several rewards including the warp drive.


  • NLS Drive
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