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A bot is an automated or semi-automated program capable of carrying out repetitive and mundane tasks to maintain the 8,845 articles on the wiki. When used correctly, bots can perform tasks more efficiently and with less work than human editors can. This includes tasks such as pulling information directly from the Destiny API to create or update an article. As bots can edit multiple pages within a very short period of time, their malfunction or misuse can result in severe disruption to the wiki. This bot policy serves to help guide users on correct bot use.

There are currently 5 approved bots with a bot flag. Their account names and functions are listed below.

Bot authorisation processEdit

Before using a bot on the wiki, community support and a bot flag must be attained first. The initial idea of a bot should either be discussed with a wiki administrator or with other members of the wiki in order to decide if a new bot is needed. If it is generally agreed that a new bot is required, then a detailed specification of how the bot will function should be added to the Destiny Wiki forum. This should include:

  • The main tasks of the bot and how the bot will complete these takes.
  • How frequently the bot will be run. This should include if the bot will be run continuously, periodically, or only once. If run periodically, a time frame between runs should be given.
  • The software the bot will use. If the bot uses a pre-written software such as PyWikiBot or AutoWikiBrowser, this should be stated. If the bot is custom-written, the programming language should be included.
  • How autonomous the bot will be. Bots can be fully automated (often running continuously without further user interaction) or semi-automated (requiring some user input to operate).
  • Who can access the bot. In most circumstances, this will be limited to the operator/creator. However, for bots where multiple users will control the bot, all users or usergroups should be listed. Bots should never be easily accessible by the general public due to ease of misuse.
  • User group rights required. If the bot requires specific user group rights, this should be included in the specification. The user group rights must never exceed that of the operator/creator's own user group.

The specification is an important step in bot approval as it defines the role of the bot and thus how it could benefit the wiki. It also demonstrates the user's commitment to running the bot correctly. If the community gives a general consensus of approval, the administrators will permit the use of the bot on a separate account and grant that account a bot flag.

Bot useEdit

All bots must be run on a separate Wikia account from the user's main account. This account must have a bot flag in order to hide all edits from the recent changes and wiki activity logs in order to prevent flooding. Edits made by bots with a bot flag may still be seen on the recent changes log by selecting "Show bots." This will frequently be used by administrators to monitor bot activity on the wiki.

When a bot is to perform a large number of edits or a series of complex tasks, the bot should be tested on a separate test wiki or on the user's own namespace first. All edits should be rate limited to no more than one edit per second to prevent over running the Wikia servers and allow timely intervention in event of malfunction.

Bot accounts should include the following information on its user page:

  • A link to the block page in the event of bot malfunction. This link should be clearly visible and in the following format: [[Special:Block/BOTACCOUNTNAME|emergency shut down]]
  • A link to the creator/operator account. This is to allow accountability of bot edits/actions and continuity of edit attribution.

Perceived misuse or abuse of a bot can result in loss of a bot flag and exclusion of a bot account and its operator's account from the wiki. For this reason it is imperative to keep bot account details safe. Bot accounts which have not performed an edit for 6 months or longer will have its bot flag removed.

Source codesEdit

While it is not required, users should endeavour to publish their source codes under an open license so others may run their bots in the event a user leaves. Source codes can be published on the wiki under the operator or bot's own namespace (i.e. [[User:DestinyWikiBot/Source]]) or on a software site such as GitHub. In the event an operator leaves the wiki or becomes inactive, another operator should take control of the bot under a separate bot account to ensure accountability of the bot's actions.

List of botsEdit

All authorised bots, their operators, and their tasks are listed below:


DestinyWikiBotTalkContribsEdit count

Operator: T3CHNOCIDE
Status: Active
Emergency shutdown


Silicon Soldier BotEdit

Silicon Soldier BotTalkContribsEdit count

Operator: Silicon Soldier
Status: Active
Emergency shutdown



VektorBotTalkContribsEdit count

Operator: Vektor0
Status: Active
Emergency shutdown


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