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Destiny Wiki Ghost.png This user also maintains the bot flagged account DestinyWikiBot; if you have any requests or queries please direct them to the message wall.

Welcome! I'm Josh, also known by my online handle T3CHNOCIDE. I am a fellow bureaucrat of the Destiny Wiki, so if you have any queries please leave me a message on my message wall. I am 28 years old, from the United Kingdom and currently working as an analytical biochemist.

About Wikia[]

I first joined Wikia back in December 2011 as a regular editor of Halo Nation, of which I am now a bureaucrat. Following success on Halo Nation, I joined the Destiny Wiki a few years prior to release where I worked alongside the forum ninja's Foman123 and ARBITOR 5 as founders of the wiki. Now the administration team has changed and evolved to the group we have currently. As well as working on the Halo and Destiny wikis, I often head participate on other gaming and community related wikis.

Destiny Wiki[]

On the Destiny Wiki most of my responsibilities are bot maintenance and use of the Destiny API for article editing. If you need coding help (CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Python or Perl) then feel free to contact me!

Destiny Projects[]

The following is a list of wiki maintenance projects I am personally heading and intend to complete. Each project contains a homepage detailing any developmental ideas and progress milestones. Each project is listed with a priority and status, detailing the priority of completion and current progress of the project.

Priority Description
1 - Low Project could benefit the wiki, but is of low importance and should be left to last.
2 - Medium Project could benefit the wiki and viewer numbers, can be completed along side other projects.
3 - High Project will greatly benefit wiki and viewer numbers; should be completed as soon as possible.
4 - Urgent Completion of project is critical for wiki maintenance and should be completed prior to any other work.
Status Description
1 - Development Project in development and planning stage.
2 - Ready Project planned and ready to start.
3 - Progress Project under way.
4 - Complete Project has been completed.
Title Priority Status Description Homepage
Policies High Progress Revise and add additional policies in current list. User:T3CHNOCIDE/Policies
Interactive Maps Low Development Create interactive maps for each location and map. User:T3CHNOCIDE/Maps
Activities High Development Review and add details for all Destiny activities. User:T3CHNOCIDE/Activities
Twitter Bot Medium Progress Develop automated bot to control Twitter account and tweet significant news. User:T3CHNOCIDE/Twitter
Walkthroughs High Development Curate a series of walkthrough and strategy guides for all Destiny events, activities and objectives. User:T3CHNOCIDE/Walkthroughs
Hover tool Low Progress Maintenance of the Destiny Wiki hover tool. Project:HoverTool