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The minute that you're not learning I believe you're dead.
― Jack Nicholson

I'm Jordan (a.k.a. Silicon Soldier) and welcome to my user page.

I use Silicon Soldier Bot to run automatic and semi-automatic edits on occasion, so if you have a bot job request let me know.

I started playing Destiny in early December of 2014 (technically not a Christmas n00b, haha) after having waited to see what everyone else thought of this online-only game. I may be a late comer, but still a fan!

In Destiny I prefer to play as a Warlock, but I also have a Titan and Hunter for the sake of flexibility and achievement access.

User Namespace Content[]




Job List[]


  • Special:WantedCategories
    • Make minor revision to category selection to aid in usability.
  • Destiny 2 updates
    • Image upload form
    • Infobox adaptations
      • Game/DLC specification

Better sooner than later[]

  • Split Year 1 Iron Banner weapons into each expansions version. (Destiny, The Dark Below, House of Wolves) <-- Does this still need doing?

It can wait[]

  • Give flag templates a visual and functional overhaul. - In progress
  • Update template documentation, and migrate to template page to prevent population in template selectors and template suggestion popup. - Eventually...
  • Update navbox to be dynamic.