"Eris, get your rock, off my map."


About Me[edit | edit source]

Hi, I'm Tahu, a Destiny player and an editor of multiple Wiki's, I like to help out on editing the Destiny Wiki. I love to play Destiny, use my Stormtrance super, and play guys at the Crucible. Add me if you're on the Xbox One, I am Mr Rouge57.

My Stats[edit | edit source]

Primary Class: Warlock


Primary Sub-Class: Stormcaller (My favorite sub-class, too!)

PvE/PvP Preference: PvE

Destiny Wiki Role: Giver of Destiny Lore/ Blogger/ Editor

Light Level: 302

Favorite Enemy Races: Vex and Taken

Favorite Strikes: The Sunless Cell and Shield Brothers

Favorite Destiny Expansion: The Taken King

Species: Exo

Exo Color: Purple

Wiki Friend(s): Derp2000 and Fujii

Favorite Patrol: Dreadnaught, Rings of Saturn

Favorite Raid: King's Fall

Favorite Primary Weapon Type(s): Auto Rifle/Hand Cannon.

Favorite Special Weapon Type: Shotguns

Favorite Heavy Weapon Type: Rockets

Favorite Video Game: Destiny

Favorite Destiny Vendor: Cayde-6

Favorite Destiny Boss: Oryx, The Taken King

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