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If anyone asks why there are so many people using No Land Beyond in the Crucible nowadays, tell them it's because of me.
― Nazo

About Me

Hello, my name is Nazo. I'm a Bureaucrat for this wiki. If you see any vandalism, be sure to report it to me!

I have been playing Destiny ever since the beta, and I've been hooked onto it ever since then.

I am currently working on a bot to add pages for all the new content available in Destiny 2 and update existing articles to eliminate the painstaking process of user editing. This bot will hopefully also be utilized over at Destinypedia for the same purpose.


These are listed by order of importance from top to bottom:

  • Create new templates for Destiny 2 content. (May depend on what is discovered over time.)
  • Mass-correct all articles that use "Basic" as a rarity and replace it with "Common". (SMH at the previous admins.)
  • Add missing/higher quality D1 weapon and armor screenshots.
  • Add a lot of missing articles from Destiny 2 using the API. (This may take a long time depending on a number of things, including how much information is needed to suffice the articles, how much information I can actually get from the API, and how long until the API gets updated with the necessary information.)
  • Rename/re-organize existing categories and pages.
  • Add a vendor feature to the main homepage that tracks the current items currently being sold by each vendor in Destiny 2 using the bot. (Very far future.)
    • Hoping to get Xûr's inventory updated every week for Destiny 2 (and possibly Destiny 1).
  • Improve how the site looks on mobile. (Doesn't seem like there's a common approach to this, so this might not happen.)

Completed Goals

  • Finished fixing a lot of horrible bot edits made on Destiny weapon pages.


I heavily despise playing in large Crucible playlists since teammates (specifically random teammates) only steal kills and jump in front of me while I'm throwing grenades or shooting someone. I prefer Crucible playlists with the least number of players possible, which would be Skirmish and Rumble. I rarely care about losing a 6v6 match as long as I have the best statistics (number of kills, points, K/D ratio, etc.).

Favorite Quote(s)

Those who doubt the existence of dragons are always first devoured.
So what if [my friends] die? I don't care.
Hikaru Himuro - Dragon Drive

Memorable Quote(s)

Failure is the inevitable fate of all fools who solely rely on their teammates to achieve victory.
― Me

Other Information

Console(s) Headset Game(s) Clan
Xbox 360 Xbox One Yes Destiny Lord(s) of the Darkness
PC Yes Destiny 2 Lord(s) of the Darkness



My weapons are listed by order of preference:

  1. No Land Beyond - No Land Beyond is my main weapon because I am extremely skilled with it.
  2. The Last Word
  1. Saladin's Vigil - Best fusion rifle ever.
  1. BTRD-345 - My favorite machine gun of all time. It has Smallbore with Hidden Hand and Rangefinder. (I have at least 3 of these that I kept from House of Wolves.)


My armor typically varies.