Introduction[edit | edit source]

Hello my name is Obey Golden, I'm a Discussions Moderator for the Destiny wiki. I only speak English and live in the U.S.

Background [edit | edit source]

I started playing Destiny in between The Dark below and House of Wolves because my friends asked me multiple times to give destiny a shot. After my first time playing i was not impressed with the game, but the more time i spent playing with my friends, the more i started to like the game. The thing that got me playing the game 24/7 is when i completed my first raid (The Vault of Glass ). Now I am light level 400 on my Hunter, Warlock , and my Titan. And since I was so interested in destiny I got into destiny lore (Destiny's Background) and when i heard that Destiny 2 was coming out soon, i pre-ordered it to get the cold heart just to figure out that i have to complete that story of Destiny 2 to get it. But as of now I main my 1326 Warlock in Destiny 2 (I would be higher but my friends thinks the game is dead.)

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