aka Marci

  • I live in Geseke
  • I was born on May 23
  • My occupation is Fachlagerist
  • I am Männlich
Welcome to my user page

About Me

Moin Dear Destiny community,

My name is Marcel, I'm 23 years old, I'm from Geseke (Germany) and I'm currently doing my 2-year training as a warehouse specialist. I've been an avid Destiny player since September 21, 2015 and own both parts for the PS4 and Xbox One. Since the Forsaken release (September 4, 2018) I play Destiny 2 again daily.

History & Platforms

How did I get the user name "GTA SA FAN"?
Since I had only a PSP and PS2 in 2009, had no PS3, and GTA San Andreas was my favorite game, I was so on my name.

I own the following consoles GameBoy Advance SP, PS2, PSP, PS3, PS4, Xbox One and a PS Vita.

  • PSN-ID: marcelreise11
  • Xbox Live: marcelreise

I'm also an editor at Play Experience!

My Guardians

Game Plattform bought date Hunter Titan Warlock Playing time
Destiny Navigation Button PS4 21/09/2015 Lightlevel: 385 Lightlevel: 362 Lightlevel: 357 306h 45Min
Destiny Navigation Button Xbox One 12/02/2018 Lightlevel: 327 / / 6h 3Min
D2 BoxArt PS4 06/09/2017 Powerlevel: 745 Powerlevel: 711 Powerlevel: 710 395h 27Min
D2 BoxArt Xbox One 16/12/2017 Powerlevel: 329 (Forsaken not in possession) / / 34h 20Min

My Collection
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