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Hello there! It appears you have stumbled across my profile page. I am Inquisitor, the only guy in the whole world who seems to care about how Destiny's lore affects the gameplay. That's something more people need to think about, especially YOU, dear reader.

Playing Destiny[]

Xbox 360[]

I mainly play a level 34 Awoken Warlock. My Clan is Fireteam Argus, based on an RP series that I take part in. So far my accomplishments in the game is:

  • Reaching light level 32 (the original version of light) without buying any expansions.
  • And...... nothing else. Unless buying Thunderlord from Xur the first time he sold it counts :P


On PS4, I also main an Awoken Warlock, which is level 40 and around Light level 295.