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  • I live in Kagutsuchi
  • I was born on December 25
  • My occupation is successor of the Azure
  • I am Noel Vermillion
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Hi, I'm Joel. Or Grunty. I've been playing Destiny since the end of 2015, since December 26, 2015, to be exact. You'll see me edit most often on Halo Nation, the Gun Wiki, Hot Wheels, RWBY Wiki or the Kantai Collection Wiki.

Destiny info

I normally play as a Hunter, though I also have a Warlock and a Titan for flexibility and learning how both classes work. You can usually find me in the Dreadnaught, the Cosmodrome or the Crucible, where I spend most of my time, mostly to earn Strange Coins or unique loot like the Split Shifter Pro, Red Spectre or The Ash Factory. I normally use a Nightstalker, though will occasionally switch to Bladedancer or Gunslinger when the need arises. (oh, and before you ask, I have no interest in acquiring Destiny 2 unless it is on fire sale)

Exotic collection

It's not a whole lot, really.

Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Coming soon
Exotics I want


Exotic Weapon Opinions

These are opinions on weapons I have.

  • ((CHAOS DOGMA~)) - Is it powerful? Yes. Is it ~replicate(pain) consume(enemies) OVERRIDE sig(gunsmith)~
  • ((FEVER AND REMEDY~)) - It's fun to use. Not entirely sure how it stacks up to ~replicate(encourage)~ strongly ~enhance sig(EscherZhang)~
  • ((GENESIS CHAIN~)) - Effective in a pinch. Want a fully automatic Smite of Merain? You've got ~if(input(SIVA)) // echo Shirazi // output(death) // ask(not in vain)~
  • ((STEEL MEDULLA~)) - Effective in more than one way. Good in the Crucible and for ~enhance(devastate) consume(foes) repeat insert(bansheeInterrupt(override))~
  • Ace of Spades - Nice that you can use Cayde's hand cannon. Firefly and the fact it returns rounds to the mag (or cylinder in this case) on precision kill is pretty sweet.
  • Adept Abyss Defiant - A Wizard's worst nightmare. And maybe a player on the opposing team's nightmare if used correctly. It will make the void roar... and will not go quietly.
  • Adept Anguish of Drystan - "Engines dead. Do we still have Earth signal? Tell them we were wrong!" You'd be damned right that you were wrong. It isn't that great. Admittedly, though... it is pretty good in Arc Burn playlists if you really don't have other options. (but not like you'd not have other options, anyway...)
  • Adept Atheon's Epilogue - With time, every epilogue definitely extends into a sequel with this thing. Pumps out damage like a spigot... especially in Void Burn playlists.
  • Adept Doom of Chelchis - Clank, clank, clank... is all you'll hear when firing this thing. Fires voidstreaks with a cool color scheme to boot. All will be silent. Nothing will answer you. The hunger will come.
  • Adept Fang of Ir Yût - It bites deep through reality and the illusions of life and death and eats what it finds.
  • Adept Fatebringer - But where is your fate, and who brings it to you? This thing will. It delivers you to your fate, one pull of the trigger at a time. With a gold paint scheme to boot, too.
  • Adept Oversoul Edict - Need something that tears through a Wall of Darkness? You've got it. Just don't get too trigger happy. With the right user, though... the shadow of the will of Crota will burn like the deepest winter: hopeless and without end.
  • Adept Praedyth's Timepiece - It measures the minutes of a lifetime and cuts short what is too long... but is really only good for Arc Burn playlists and knocking out oracles. It's got a nice gold paint scheme, though.
  • Adept Smite of Merain - A pulse rifle with Firefly? I'll take it. It parts enemies like a sea which closes upon them again.
  • Adept Vision of Confluence - Good for Solar Burn playlists and a pretty solid scout rifle overall. Because in the abyss of time, all the lines will converge... upon you.
  • Adept Word of Crota - Death itself crumbles when it speaks, and what is left will be hard and cruel. Good for Void Burn playlists.
  • Adept Zaouli's Bane - As the teeth rend and tear, my consolation is that the child lives... not really. There are far better options, although it is pretty decent in the Crucible.
  • Bad Juju - Its perk may be fairly overpowered and to balance it out, the weapon is weak; but that doesn't stop it for being one of my Crucible picks.
  • Boolean Gemini - It hits enemies as hard as Shaxx does. Wonder why the number 347 is associated with this thing...
  • Hard Light - An excellent auto rifle that I usually run as one of my mains in the Crucible.
  • Hawkmoon - My favorite hand cannon. Ever.
  • Khvostov 7G-0X - Born from the shadows in a rather touching mission. They say it's the most customizable weapon in Destiny; and they're not lying.
  • Monte Carlo - It's kinda like a SUROS auto rifle; high rate of fire, moderate damage. I like it.
  • MIDA Multi-Tool - Ah yes, the king of the scout rifle hill. Admittedly, I can't really use this weapon all too well; I'm more accustomed to high-impact scout rifles like Colovance's Duty, though I am improving.
  • Necrochasm - You'll hear lots of "clack" "clack" "clack" explosions with this thing. Amazing in PvE in my opinion.
  • No Land Beyond - I am a horrible sniper, so I can't use this in the Crucible. However, I like it in PvE. Slow bolt-action firing allows me to focus more on accuracy than speed.
  • No Time to Explain - Headshots for days, boys...
  • Outbreak Prime - The most viral weapon there ever was. Okay, I'm going to kill myself for that later. But in all seriousness, it's pretty fun to use. Especially with the Virulence perk.
  • Red Death - Life Support on steroids? I'll take it. Plus with my gauntlets, this thing reloads so quickly (1.58 seconds, 1.23 seconds with perk active) that you'll be done before someone shoots you.
  • SUROS Regime - This weapon is excellent. Slow firing, hard hitting. Just what I need.
  • The First Curse - Are you a sadist? Do you like to inflict pain on your foes? Do you like to see them reel backwards in pain when you hurt them? Look no further than The First Curse.
  • The Jade Rabbit - Hits like a truck, while looking pretty cool at the same time.
  • The Last Word - Ah yes, the king of the hand cannon hill. I know, I'm going to receive a lot of flak for this, but I absolutely loathe using this weapon; I can't seem to get my hits right.
  • Thorn - Ah yes. The *cough* former *cough* king of the hand cannon hill before The Last Word showed up. Shows promise, yes. But it ain't that effective no more.
  • Touch of Malice - Fast-firing, automatic scout rifle that looks like the Brute Shot from Halo. I quite like it. You might want to consider your general well-being when using this thing, though...
  • Universal Remote - Good grief, can't this weapon get any more common? I don't like this weapon either despite it able to tighten up its spread, and the fact that it is so powerful. Until it got a massive nerf.
  • Vex Mythoclast - Now that I've finally gotten that out of the way... it's surprisingly viable. Especially in Solar Burn Strikes. And that firing sound... oh my.
  • Zhalo Supercell - Okay. So, Bungie decides to take an AK-47, make it a bullpup, add cables to it, a lot of electricity from somewhere and made it fire electric bullets. Makes sense why the back of the receiver calls it the EK-97, probably "Elektrichestvo Kalashnikova-97". Jokes aside, this weapon is pretty fun to use, especially with its ability to chain electricity.
  • Black Spindle - Don't have a Black Hammer? This is a good alternative... sort of. Again, sniping is not my thing. However, it is really good for taking out Ultras.
  • Dreg's Promise - Are you someone that likes to be different? Are you violent and have a huge cape? Are you secretly a fallen Dreg? I'll promise you, that this is the promise guaranteed by the Dregs; a fairly good weapon.
  • Hereafter - This thing has one of the best firing sounds that Bungie has ever created, good on you. But I can't use it in Crucible and you know why.
  • Ice Breaker - Best sniper rifle in Destiny period. Only thing is, I can't snipe so I can't use the thing properly. But still, it deserves a place as the holy grail of all sniper rifles in Destiny.
  • Invective - Spitting foul language into the faces of your opponents to demoralize them is exactly what you want; this is one of my picks for a special weapon to carry into Crucible if you are close-quarters centric.
  • Lord of Wolves - One word: godly. 'nuff said.
  • Patience and Time - When will these sniper rifles stop coming? It's good for the fact that you can go invisible while in ADS, but... I can't use it.
  • Plan C - A great weapon to catch your foes by surprise.
  • Pocket Infinity - This thing... is pathetic when not upgraded. However, once you unlock the Pocket Infinity perk, it automatically becomes awesome.
  • Queenbreakers' Bow - Okay, I know this is a sniper rifle-fusion rifle hybrid, but it's amazingly fun to use in PvE, especially when it comes to fighting Fallen; using their own weapons against THEM is always very fun.
  • Telesto - A beast both in PvE and Crucible, this is my top pick for a fusion rifle to carry into battle.
  • The 4th Horseman - Underwhelming to say the least, but it is very fun to use, especially with the Thunderer perk.
  • The Chaperone - I'd say, for the amount of time I spent grinding for this thing, this weapon, in my honest opinion... isn't my type of shotgun. Sure, it makes cool bull whip noises when you finish reloading, but despite it shooting slugs, the range on this weapon is so hilariously bad that I'd take an Invective or even a Universal Remote over it. However, it's really fun to use in PvE.
  • Trespasser - It's... quiet. But fun to use nonetheless. Especially with that unique perk.
  • Zen Meteor - Dynamite... with a laser beam...
  • Abbadon - Fire everywhere. Fire every-freakin'-where. Are you a pyromaniac? Get this thing. It's just a Thunderlord, though.
  • Bolt-Caster - You spin around and do something like a super move when you use this thing's super attack; now that's badass. Plus, there's a pretty cool sound effect to go with it.
  • Dark-Drinker - You spin around like a ballerina whenever you use this thing's super attack; now that's badass. Plus, there's a pretty cool sound effect to go with it.
  • Dragon's Breath - Are you a pyromaniac? Do you want to blanket the world with flames? Is it your dream to drop napalm in the faces of enemies? Well, then look no further than this weapon.
  • Gjallarhorn - Yes, I know. The Gally has been nerfed to death. But it deserves a place being the holy grail of all rocket launchers in Destiny. And I'm not lying.
  • Iron Gjallarhorn - Yes, I know. It's the same as the regular Gally. But it's 100% better because of how badass it looks.
  • Nova Mortis - Void streaks every-freakin'-where. It's just a Thunderlord, though.
  • Raze-Lighter - What's with all these swords having cool sound effects when you use their super attacks? I don't like 'em... I love 'em.
  • Sleeper Simulant - Yes, this weapon is overhyped. However, this thing will rip through the skin of your enemies, one by one; this weapon has an impact of 100, so it will one-hit KO any enemies, even if they have a super engaged.
  • Super Good Advice - Here's some Super Good Advice; don't listen to those who say it sucks. It's an extremely effective weapon if you want to take out Crota's oversoul, and the fact that it mulligans rounds so often gives this thing a near-infinite mag.
  • The Young Wolf's Howl - It handles EXACTLY like the Sword of Crota. Is that good, you may ask? Hell yes it is.
  • Thunderlord - The first exotic that I ever got, this weapon speaks for itself; clinking and clanking noises whenever you fire. This thing does seem to exude a sense of intimidation because of its ability to spool up its fire rate, coupled with it being a very hard hitter.
  • Truth - exactly where you seek it. Trickshots galore and for the win.

Memorable Quotes

Exos don't dream, he says. But what's dreams? And what's memory? Ah, just fix the gun, Banshee.
― Banshee-44
What the hell was that?
What does it mean to be a Titan? As a Titan, you are part of the City, in a way no Warlock or Hunter can understand. The dream of the City rests upon our shoulders. Then there are those that find a path outside our walls; those that take up with leaders they barely understand. So it has ever been with the Sunbreakers. The Hammer of Sol is a flame in the darkness. But fire burns without thought. It is time that fire came home--to keep the City and her walls warm throughout the long night.
― Commander Zavala
Hello, this is Cayde-6 of the Vanguard. I realize that this is an abuse of the Tower PA, but, whoever took my Sparrow, I will find you. And you'll wear a sign that says you stole- n-never mind. It's right here, sorry.
― Cayde-6
What does it mean to be a Hunter? I say it's all about where you belong. The Warlocks have their libraries, Titans have their walls. But Hunters belong in the wild. Out there, you wanna live? You better have a quick shot or a sharp blade. A lot of us are loners, but that's not the only path; some of us know the difference a Fireteam makes. Some of us–we touch the Void; make it part of us. And then we take a name: Nightstalker. Hunt from the shadows, pin them down, never let them see you coming.
― Cayde-6
Oh right, can I have authorization?
― Cayde-6
What does it mean to be a Warlock? Power; only Warlocks understand true power. True power lies in knowledge; in understanding. Power channeled; not controlled. The Storm is raw power; the Trance is true understanding. Both are required. The Stormcaller, then, is both the question and the answer, and thus what it means to be a Warlock.
I expect you to return with a litany of engrams.
Do you like it better when Lord Saladin oversees these matches? Do I look like I care? Get back in there!
Cayde ran through the Crucible like it was a game. Sly bastard.
― Lord Shaxx
In its dying breath, the Traveler released the Ghosts... to open doors.
I'm trying to defuse a bomb here, and these explosions are not helping!
Come to me, warrior of Light. I will finish what Crota began.
They are dead. You are not.
Success! You have done it.
― Variks
Success, Guardian! Succeeeeess.
― Variks
You failed, Guardian.
― Variks
You... disappoint me.
― Variks
Guardian, this is Variks. Detected signal. Detected you. Ketch out of Fallen hands. Watch your baaaaaaack.
― Variks
If Zavala would help us, I'd put him on a throne. But he won't.
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