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Hi everybody! I'm Foman123, or more commonly just Foman. I'm a founder and bureaucrat here on Destiny Wiki. Elsewhere, I am a real-life lawyer, an avid gamer, and a long-time member of the Bungie community. You might recognize me as a Forum Ninja (moderator) on since 2008, heavily involved in the Iris VMC/ARG for Halo 3, one of the first bureaucrats of Bungiepedia, and the founder of one of the largest groups ever created on, CompoundIntelligence. I have also been a frequent editor of gaming-related articles on Wikipedia.

As I am inactive on Destiny Wiki, please do not contact me on my wall here. Please feel free, however, to get in touch with me via any of the methods listed in my infobox on the right. Feel free to follow me on Twitter @Foman123 or check out my YouTube channel. Hope to see you around!

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