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Soo... I still don't have Rise of Iron yet...
― Derp2000

My Personal Bio:

Real Name: Jzermene VanOrnum

Age: 15

Birthday: July 18

What I do for a living: Student (no duh)

When Did I start playing Destiny: Late December 2014

What are my strengths in Destiny: PvP (Although I'm not the best)

What are my weaknesses in Destiny: PvE (Well...)

Gamertag: van0102

Console(s) Headset Other Info Destiny Clan
PS4 Yes (2) I usually play Destiny, I might not be on because I only use Warlock and I play on Crucible/Vanguard Strikes Unknown as of right now
What Are My Classes
Class Lv Sub-Class Light Level
Hunter 40 NIghtstalker 344 Light Level
Warlock 40 Voidwalker 328 Light Level
Titan 40 Defender 312 Light Level
What Are my Weapons
PvE/PvP Main Weapons Reason
PvP The Last Word (Y02) Not as OP as before, but balanced and good (316 Light Level)
PvP/PvE Eyasluna Random drop in Crucible GOD ROLL FINALLY! (327 Light Level)
PvP/PvE Zhalo Supercell Starting to like this weapon (292 Light Level)
PvP/PvE 1000-Yard Stare Pretty much an underrated Sniper Rifle (compared to LDR and Longbow) (323 Light Level)
PvP Plan C TV... wow... just wow... (329 Light Level)
PvP Ruin Wake I got a GOD ROLL (325 Light Level)
PvP Truth Well... (319 Light Level)
What Are my Armor Pieces
Armor Armor Type Reason
Samsara I Helmet Highest Light Level Helmet (333 Light Level)
Nothing Manacles Gauntlets Great for my Scatter Grenades (326 Light Level)
Desolate Gloves Gauntlets If using a Sunsinger/Stormcaller (306 Light Level)
Iron Companion Vestments Chest Armor Iron Banner highest Light Level Chest Armor (327 Light Level)
Spektar Haliaetus Boots Leg Armor My highest light level boots from opening a package (327 Light Level)
Crimson Shell Ghost Shell My highest light level legendary Ghost Shell (327 Light Level)
Spektar Heliopause Bond Bond My only Bond (328 Light level)
Specimen Twelve Amulet My only Amulet (332 Light Level)
Tier 7 medals Tier 6 Medals
No Mercy (10x) Strength of the Wolf (77x)
Phantom (7x) Annihilation (6x)
Mark of the Unbroken (1x) Perfect Runner (2x)
Bulletproof (1x) Reaper (2x)
Sum of All Tears (3x) (Private Match) Clutch (1x)
Other Gears
Emblem Shader Sparrow Ship
Crimson Crest Rosebright S-35 Aeon Glow Vienna Singer

Weapon Reviews[]

These are the weapons that I have that are either reviewed or be reviewed (Based on my Warlock and Titan).

Note: These are my opinions, I'm basing it out of how a player would use it and/or its stats

The grading is as follows:

A-Tier: 9-10

B-Tier: 8-8.9

C-Tier: 7-7.9

D-Tier: Below 7

Primary Weapons:


Secondary Weapons:


Heavy Weapons: (IN CONSTRUCTION!)

*= It means that I haven't used this weapon, but I have checked its stats and compared it to other weapons.[]