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Field JournalEdit

Where I write down random bits of information I find interesting about Destiny.

General CombatEdit

  • I sat and watched two Legionaries fight three Goblins in the Scablands of Mars... The Cabal were uphill and dug in, yet the Vex still provided a tough fight. There would usually be one Legionary in front and one in the back, and when one got injured they would switch positions. When they were both wounded, a third Legionary boosted in to aid. The show was uneventful until one of the Goblins' heads were shot off. This changed the entire battle as the crazed and headless Goblin marched forward, drawing the fire of all three Legionaries while the other two Goblins continued to shave health off the Cabal soldiers. I would have studied longer, but a fellow Guardian arrived and killed everything.
  • A thrown Flux Grenade will not only stick to enemies, but home to them if it comes close enough to them.
    • Standing in front of a Phalanx and throwing a Flux Grenade at their leg is risky, as the grenade will either home over to the center of their shield and do minimal damage or home around the shield.
  • After activating invisibility, enemies will sometimes maintain awareness of your position for a short moment, shooting and striking you no matter where you go. If this does not happen, some enemies may move where they last saw you to investigate your disappearance.
    • Enemies can hear your double jump activate while you're invisible and will react to it.
      • Blinking cancels your invisibility.
    • Bumping into an enemy while invisible will alert them, and they may even melee you.
    • Phalanxes will sometimes retreat towards their allies if they witness you disappear.
  • Unaugmented Arcbolt Grenades seem to only kill a maximum of three enemies. At least, that's the maximum I've ever killed with them.
  • Never shoot off a Minotaur's head. The crazed state they enter while headless is much worse than the other Vex.
  • Sometimes enemies will be incredibly difficult to kill regardless of their level, taking thousands of damage to eliminate. Watching a level 22 Hunter jump around and shoot rockets, fusion rounds and a super into a regular, non-event, level 8 Reaver Vandal is pretty interesting to see.
  • Use Arc damage icon Arc and Fire damage icon Solar weapons against the Fallen and Hive.
  • Use Void damage icon Void and Arc damage icon Arc weapons against the Vex.
  • Use Fire damage icon Solar and Void damage icon Void weapons against the Cabal.
  • The Cryptarch will reprogram any rare or greater primary engram I give him into anything other than a scout rifle.

Perk IdeasEdit

Work in Progress

This is just a list of some perks I thought would be fun to use.

Numbered perks are just different versions of the perk. It just means I had a lot of ideas for that particular perk.


  • TUNNEL VISION | This weapon's damage output increases the longer it is aimed exclusively at a single target.
  • EXCEPTION | Precision hits with this weapon consume reserve ammo.
  • TASTE THE RAINBOW | While aiming, this weapon alternates between damage types.
  • LAST RESORT | Melee kills replenish reserve ammo.


S T R I K E REdit
  • PACIFIST | Fist of Havoc temporarily disarms nearby enemies who escape its wrath.
  • WARMONGER | Fist of Havoc briefly increases melee speed and melee damage significantly.
D E F E N D E REdit
  • POWER OVERWHELMING | Increases the size of Ward of Dawn.
  • ABSORB | Replenish Super energy when a minion of the Darkness damages your Ward of Dawn.
  • LAST STAND | Gain a protective shield when you become the last Guardian standing.
G U N S L I N G E REdit

Note: If a major or ultra would die as a result of teleportation (falling off the map), the enemy is teleported to the nearest safe area.

  • CARNY I | Throwing Knife deals significantly more precision damage.
    • CARNY II | Throwing Knife splits into weaker thirds.
    • CARNY III | Minions of the Darkness are briefly stunned by Throwing Knife.
    • CARNY IV | Uncharged Throwing Knife kills reduce the cooldown of Throwing Knife.
    • CARNY V | You swap places with your target upon landing a precision Throwing Knife hit.
B L A D E D A N C E REdit
  • DON'T BLINK I | Blink briefly extends the range of Blink Strike against the forces of Darkness.
    • DON'T BLINK II | When used midair, Blink Strike becomes an aerial slash capable of piercing multiple enemies.
    • DON'T BLINK III | Uncharged Blink Strike kills reduce the cooldown of Blink Strike.
V O I D W A L K E REdit
  • MAGICIAN I | Energy Drain causes minions of the Darkness to instantly face the opposite direction and become briefly disoriented.
    • MAGICIAN II | Energy Drain has a chance to change the color of an enemy's shield to your Special or Heavy weapon's damage type.
    • MAGICIAN III | Enemies killed with Energy Drain create a weak Axion Bolt seeker upon death.
S U N S I N G E REdit
  • PYROMANIAC I | Reduces the cooldown of Scorch.
    • PYROMANIAC II | Scorch has a chance to cause a minion of the Darkness to panic.
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