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The Flame Prince Urrox vows to burn the Light until all that remains is Darkness and bone.
― In-game description

Urrox's Grudge is a Prison of Elders challenge in the Destiny expansion House of Wolves.


  • Round 1
    • Enemy: Hive
    • Modifier: Trickle
    • Objective: None
  • Round 2
    • Enemy: Cabal
    • Modifier: Small Arms
    • Objective: Dismantle mines
  • Round 3
    • Enemy: Cabal
    • Modifier: Exposure
    • Objective: Kill target
  • Round 4
    • Enemy: Hive
    • Modifier: Arc Burn
    • Objective: Dismantle mines
  • Round 5


Urrox is a Hive Knight Ultra who has the ability to scorch the entire arena for a few seconds, damaging any Guardians standing on the ground or any flat surface, including debris, walls, and pieces of cover. A timer will be visible on the HUD while the ground causes damage; Guardians must stay airborne as much as possible by whatever means necessary (repeatedly jumping or the Warlock's Angel of Light skill) until it reaches zero. Guardians should retreat to cover when warned that this attack is imminent to avoid having to dodge or fight off enemies at the same time. Damage from this attack will be affected by the Solar Burn modifier if it is enabled.