You have sacrificed much to help me. In return, I offer a gift...the darkest secrets of the Hive. And if you survive...much more.
― Eris

Urn of Sacrifice was a quest given by Eris Morn after completing the Rise of Crota quest in The Dark Below. It rewarded the player with Knightbone Guard (Titan), Acolyte Rung (Hunter), or Thrallskin Brace (Warlock) depending on the Guardian's class. It was made unavailable in The Taken King.


  1. Purchase an Urn of Sacrifice from Xûr for 1 Strange Coin.
  2. Kill Thrall with Solar damage from a fusion rifle and collect 25 Embers they drop. Death will reset your progress.
  3. Kill 5 Cursed Thralls using a melee attack to collect Seething Bile. Death will reset your progress.
  4. Defeat Acolytes and Wizards with Void Damage and collect 100 of their Sullen Hearts. Some progression (20 Sullen Hearts) will be lost on death.
  5. Bring the Urn to Eris.
  6. Kill Urzok, the Hated in Earth's Skywatch during Public Events.
  7. Bring the Urn to Eris.
  8. Bring the Urn to the Moon for Ritual of Sacrifice mission.
  9. Return the Urn to Xûr to receive eyes.
  10. Bring the eyes to Eris.
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