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Enter the Trials of the Nine to face your fellow Guardians. Prepare to be judged.
― In-game description

Trials of the Nine was a weekly Crucible activity in Destiny 2 that began every Friday and ended the following Monday. Each week, a particular map was featured along with either the Countdown or Survival gametypes. Entrance to the Trials required a pre-made team of four other players.


Every win (up to seven) and loss (up to three) was recorded on the Trials of the Nine node in the Director. Players could reset their progress at any time by interacting with the Trials of the Nine node. If a player accumulated four losses, their scorecard was reset automatically.


Accumulating one win granted a player access to The Third Spire. At three wins, the player could partially ascend the Spire to gain access to a chest that contained Trials of the Nine loot. At five wins, they could ascend the spire halfway and gain access to an additional chest. At seven wins, they could reach the top of the spire and obtain loot from an additional chest.

If a player accumulated seven wins and no losses ("flawless"), once they reach the top, they could then go inside the Spire and descend to the bottom, where they were allowed to choose between one of three unique rewards.

List of Loot[]

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