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For the Tower in Destiny 2, see Tower (Destiny 2).
The Tower

The Tower.

Home of the Guardians, where you can regroup, rearm, and form new alliances before venturing beyond.
― In-game description

The twin Towers were a social activity and a location within the walls of The City. In the Tower, Guardians can interact with each other, visit vendors, or turn in quest items.[1][2][3]


The Tower is divided into the following five areas: The Tower Plaza, Tower North, The Hall of Guardians, Traveler's Walk and the Tower Hanger. New arrivals appear in the Tower Plaza, the central hub from which all other areas are accessible.[1]


Tower Plaza

The Tower Plaza is the first area entered by Guardians when arriving in the Tower. It is the central area and branches off into the other four sections. This area generally serves as a meeting place for Guardians coming and going from the Tower. There are also kiosks for Guardians to access their Vault and the Silver Dust store.


Tower North

To the left of Tower Plaza lies Tower North, an area that encompasses several other vendors and kiosks. This area includes an observation tower with a perfect view of the Traveler. The Speaker resides here.

HallOfGuardians 1

Hall of Guardians

Heading in the direction the Guardian faces when spawning in the Tower leads them to the Hall of Guardians, a location where Guardians can purchase Crucible and Vanguard weapons and armor. It is a central hub connecting the main weapons and arms distributors of the Vanguard and the Crucible. It also encompasses two kiosks for Guardians to reclaim exotic weapons and armor.

1412687212travelers walk

Traveler's Walk

Directly above is the Traveler's Walk, which was originally only accessible during special events, including the Iron Banner events and the original Queen's Wrath event that took place between September 23 and October 6, 2014. In January 2017, at the end of The Dawning event, the area was opened permanently. Several fish can be found in the pools next to the central walkway, and there is even a dead Ghost in this location.

1412689426tower hangar

Tower Hangar

The Tower Hanger is located at the far east side of the Tower. When a player arrives in the Tower, their jumpship can be seen landing in this area. At the lowest part of this area is a jukebox that can play music if the player interacts with it. There are also several kiosks in this locations for players to retrieve jumpships, emotes, and Sparrows they have previously unlocked.

NPCs and Vendors[]

Guardians can interact with a variety of non-player characters (NPCs) at the Tower.[1] Some NPCs serve no apparent function except to populate the Tower, while others provide a variety of services and products for sale.[1] The following is a list of known NPCs at the Tower who sell goods and services (alphabetical order by area):[1]

Name Title Function
Hall of Guardians
Arcite 99-40 Crucible Quartermaster Sells Crucible weapons, Sparrows, and resource materials.
Cayde-6 Hunter Vanguard Sells Hunter armor and emblems, delivers Vanguard rank-up packages to Hunters.
Commander Zavala Titan Vanguard Sells Titan armor and emblems, delivers Vanguard rank-up packages to Titans.
Ikora Rey Warlock Vanguard Sells Warlock armor and emblems, delivers Vanguard rank-up packages to Warlocks.
Lord Shaxx Crucible Handler Sells Crucible armor and offers weekly bounty sets.
Eris Morn Sells emblems, shaders, class items, and special items related to the Crota's Bane faction.
Exotic Armor blueprint console Allows any previously discovered exotic armor to be retrieved.
Exotic Weapon blueprint console Allows any previously discovered exotic weapon to be retrieved.
Abandoned Quest console Allows abandoned or skipped quests to be resumed.
Tower Hangar
Amanda Holliday Shipwright Sells Jumpships and Sparrows, delivers rank-up packages for Sparrow Racing League event.
Arach Jalaal Dead Orbit representative Sells Dead Orbit emblems, class items, armor, and weapons, delivers Dead Orbit rank-up packages.
Lakshmi-2 Future War Cult representative Sells Future War Cult emblems, class items, armor, and weapons, delivers Future War Cult rank-up packages.
Roni 55-30 Vanguard Quartermaster Sells Vanguard weapons and sparrows, as well as resource materials.
Sparrow console Allows any previously discovered Sparrow to be retrieved.
Jumpship console Allows any previously discovered jumpship to be retrieved.
Emote console Allows any previously discovered emotes to be retrieved.
Tower North
Eva Levante Guardian Outfitter Sells emblems and shaders, delivers rewards for Festival of the Lost event.
Executor Hideo New Monarchy representative Sells New Monarchy emblems, class items, armor, and weapons, delivers New Monarchy rank-up packages.
The Speaker Voice of the Traveler Sells class items and Ghost Shells, converts legacy resources.
Shader console Allows any previously discovered shader to be retrieved.
Emblem console Allows any previously discovered emblem to be retrieved.
Holiday console Allows certain gear previously earned from special events to be retrieved.
Tower Plaza
Banshee-44 Gunsmith Sells weapons and Ammo Synthesis packs. Provides test weapons and rank-up packages for Gunsmith faction.
Kadi 55-30 Postmaster Delivers packages and lost items to Guardians. Shares delivery collection with Sentha 55-30.
Master Rahool Cryptarch Sells and decodes Engrams, redeems collected items for glimmer. Shares reputation with Master Ives.
Tess Everis Eververse representative Sells emotes and other premium items for Silver.
Xander 99-40 Bounty Tracker Posts available bounties. Shares daily bounties with Berg 99-40.
Eververse console Sells Ornaments and other cosmetic items for Silver Dust.
Xûr Agent of the Nine Sells exotic weapons and armor and other items. Appears in a different location each week.


  • Bungie art director Christopher Barrett described the Tower as "Earth's Camelot," a glimmering stronghold surrounded by shadows.[3][4] The Tower is designed to have a "human futuristic aesthetic" composed of "contemporary inspiration plus some number of years, like ten to 50 years of advancement."[4] Vehicles and architecture within the Tower resemble present day vehicles and architecture, but more futuristic with some Japanese influence.[4] At the same time, the Tower feels "lived in," with broken tiles, scars of past battles, and repairs and additions over top of the original futuristic architecture.[4] Above all, the Tower is designed to feel hopeful and bright.[4]
  • According to an NPC in the Tower, it is rumored that some time in the past, the City once possessed a dozen Towers, but the others all fell to the Darkness.[5]
  • There is a soccer ball that can be kicked around by players. It has three spawn locations:
    • Behind the post office, on the side facing the North Tower, in front of a stack of crates and cylinders.
    • Beside a stack of crates under the stairs next to the North Tower.
    • Beside a stack of crates opposite the foot of the stairs next to the North Tower.
  • There is a purple beach ball that can be tossed around by players using their feet or heads. It has four possible spawn locations:
    • On a stack of crates to the right of Xander 99-40, the Bounty Hunter.
    • On a brown table at the left side of Master Rahool, the Cryptarch.
    • During an event, when the Events area behind the Bounty Tracker is open, two additional beach balls can spawn, providing a total of three active beach balls:
      • On or behind a stack of crates to the right when entering the events area.
      • On top of a keg beside a bunch of crates half way along the left side of the events area.
  • There is a secret button on the platform above were Eris used to stand before she moved to the hall of the Guardians. It activates the fan on the roof of the building containing the Postmaster and Special Orders vendors, briefly launching any Guardian standing on it into the air.
  • At the point where new Guardians arrive in the Tower, the Latin phrase "ATRIVM PROPVGNATORVM" can be read just below the center staircase on the ground. This translates to "Hall of Champions" in English. The line below that phrase on the map of the Tower in the Destiny companion app: "Juvenes erant Sparte muros el hastes fines eius" can translate to "Young men were the walls of Sparta, their spears its borders."
  • The Tower's signs are displayed in three languages: English, Portuguese, and Chinese.
  • Seven coins are hidden in the design of the environments around the Tower.[6][7]
  • In Update 1.1.2, the Jukebox Easter Egg was added to the Tower Hangar.
  • Players can select whether or not their helmet is worn in the Settings menu.


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