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Could you please repeat the question?
― In-game description

Tomorrow's Answer is a legendary rocket launcher. It can be purchased from Brother Vance or obtained randomly from Vance's Gold Tier package.


Tomorrow's Answer can be retrieved from one of the following activities/vendors:

Disciple of Osiris source icon Disciple of Osiris
The Disciple of Osiris stocks this item.


Tomorrow's Answer can be upgraded with the following perks:

Column 0[]

Void Damage perk icon Void Damage
This weapon causes Void Damage.

Column 1[]

Hard Launch perk icon Hard Launch
More Velocity and Blast Radius.

Increased recoil.

Hard Launch perk icon Linear Compensator
More predictable recoil.

Slight boost to Velocity and decrease to Blast Radius.

Hard Launch perk icon Warhead Verniers
More Velocity and Blast Radius.

Increased recoil.

Column 2[]

Tripod icon Tripod
This launcher's tube can hold three shells.

Column 3[]

Flared Magwell icon Flared Magwell
Reload this weapon even faster.
Hard Launch perk icon Javelin
Increases warhead velocity.
Heavy Payload icon Heavy Payload
Increases warhead blast radius.

Column 4[]

Grenades and Horseshoes icon Grenades and Horseshoes
Rockets from this weapon will detonate early based on proximity to targets.