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Toland, the Shattered was a Sunsinger Warlock that is believed to be dead.[1]


At some point, he had been exiled for having been thought to have gone mad, due to his ramblings about the Hive.[2] Later, Toland was recruited into a fireteam with Eris Morn during an attempt on Crota's life.[3] He was already quite old by Guardian standards at this time.[2] He was killed by the Hive as the fireteam failed to kill Crota.[4]

While he failed to kill Crota, he did manage to pass on some of his knowledge of the Hive to Eris before his death. With this, she was able to save a Guardian's life when a mission to steal part of Crota's soul went awry.


Toland can be found in the Ascendant plane, although he spawns in a different place sometimes. The player will also need the Tincture of Queensfoil to find him (the rarest consumable in the game at the moment).


  • "By pleasing their gods, the Hive carve scars on the fabric of our realm."[5]
  • "Conjured with but one purpose... to die."[6]
  • "If you believe your weapon wants to end all existence, then so it will."[7]
  • "They'll believe you are one of their own. And that is the only way."[8]
  • "To completely know, and then completely destroy, another being."[9]
  • "To subsume another's will in your own."[10]
  • "To inflict your desires upon reality."[11]
  • "To bind another being, cell by cell, to your will."[11]
  • "I could flense you apart, molecule by squirming molecule. It is within my power."[12]
  • "Call it a little Bad Juju, if you please..."



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