For the Year 1 machine gun, see Thunderlord (Year 1).
"They rest quiet on fields afar...for this is no ending, but the eye."
― In-game description

Thunderlord is an exotic machine gun.[2] It can be obtained as a reward from the Weekly Nightfall Strike, as an end-of-match reward from the Crucible, or from Xûr.


Thunderlord can be retrieved from one of the following activities/vendors:

The Taken King source icon The Taken King
This item requires the Taken King expansion.
Xur, Agent of the Nine source icon Xur, Agent of the Nine
Xûr, Agent of the Nine, sometimes sells this item in the Tower.


Thunderlord can be upgraded with the following perks:

Column 0Edit

Arc Damage icon Arc Damage
This weapon causes Arc Damage.
Infuse icon Infuse
Consume a more powerful Weapon to boost the Attack value of this Weapon.

Column 1Edit

Accurized Ballistics icon Accurized Ballistics
More range and Impact.

Increased recoil.

Field Choke icon Field Choke
More range and Impact.

Increased recoil.

Linear Compensator icon Linear Compensator
More predictable recoil.

Slight boosts to range and Impact. More recoil.

Column 2Edit

Feeding Frenzy icon Feeding Frenzy
Kills with this weapon increase reload speed for a short time.

Column 3Edit

Perfect Balance icon Perfect Balance
This weapon has extremely low recoil.
Field Scout icon Field Scout
Increases carried Ammo capacity.
Flared Magwell icon Flared Magwell
Reload this weapon even faster.

Column 4Edit

Lightning Rounds icon Lightning Rounds
This weapon fires faster and more accurately the longer the trigger is held.


  • Pre-release, Thunderlord was demonstrated in Bungie's E3 2013 gameplay demo. In addition, its design and general philosophy were outlined in a brief news article on Bungie's website.[3]
  • Unlike the normal Persistence upgrade, the Lightning Rounds upgrade gives the weapon three distinct "stages" of fire rate and accuracy upgrades; the second will kick in after the trigger has been held down for a short time, and the third some time after that. The third stage can only be reached before reloading if the Field Scout upgrade has also been selected.
  • This weapon has a small chance of causing enemies it kills to explode.



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