• I know you're just trying to help, but it would be in your best interest if you read the Manual of Style for this wiki.

    As for why this turned into a warning, you have continued creating pages that could possibly serve as future disambiguation pages but are unnecessary for the time being and serve no purpose, such as Bannerfall. The other reason is because you were provoking an edit war over another editor's change that actually made the article flow better. We do not tolerate edit wars here because this is a community-driven system, and edits made by other people should not be reverted unless they were not made in good faith or do not flow with the manual of style.

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    • I understand i messed up, but overall am i at least doing a decent job making new pages

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    • They lack information and could qualify as low quality contributions, which are worthy of being deleted.

      I'm just going to cut to the chase right now and tell you that you won't be promoted anytime soon. Given the low wiki population and the fact that there is already a content moderator, a discussion moderator, and an admin (me), we simply don't need anymore staff. More importantly, to even be considered, you need to be active for about 6 months (edits, not discussions), 1,500 substantive contributions (not 2-5 sentence articles), and adhere to Destiny Wikia's policies (many of which you fail to do so). Finally, I have had to constantly edit your articles due to the glaring grammatical, spelling, and formatting errors in them, which is also something that is considered in staff nominations.

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    • I have repeatedly told you to read up on wiki policies. I've tried assuming you were doing this in good faith by giving you leniency since you were new to editing (despite participating on this wiki's discussion pages for a longer time, but that is irrelevant). I've deleted 5 pages you've created now and you've made approximately 100 total contributions, so the time for leniency has passed. Your contributions still seem hasty, like you have no regard for our policies, unless explicitly warned about specific mistakes you've made, but our job is not supposed to be to remind all newcomers of our policies. I even told you before to be more aware of your actions, especially at this point, as it is expected from other contributors who have made as many contributions as you have.

      I've blocked you from editing on the wiki until I'm certain that you've actually given a considerable amount of time to learn from your mistakes. Use this time to look at other pages on this wiki and use them as references for pages you intend to create/edit. You can also learn how to use templates and how categories work.

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    • A FANDOM user
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