• This RP is situated a year before Atheon has been destroyed. As the Fallen houses go after the Great Machine and fight for authority, One house continues to ignore the chaos: The long-lost House of Legacy (colors are dark blue and gold). This band of Eliksni situated themselves on the faraway moon of Sedna. Here, they lurk on the planet, hoping to one day redeem themeselves. But first, they discover that they are not alone, A vex program known as Sagittarius Inquisitive has been on this planet for eternity. And now, they have started to rise...

    RP rules apply, also... let's try to keep this alive at least for one story

    Anyone can join, but to make your character:


    Race (Fallen unless you have a clear and well-thought out reason):

    Allegiance (House of Legacy unless, again, you have a clear and well-thought out reason):

    Rank (plz, no Kell or Archon Priest unless experienced in RPing, which I am not)

    Weaponry (you an create your own):

    Armor & Tech (you can create your own):



    When we have a minimun ('round 6) we can begin

    Once again, anyone is welcome.

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    • Name: Javisk, the Patient

      Race: Fallen

      Allegiance: House of Legacy

      Rank: Baron

      Weaponry: Wire Rifle, Shrapnel Launcher and a Shock Pistol used as a last resort.

      Armor and Tech: Baron Armor, Telepoter, Arc Shield, Cloaking Device.

      Role: Javisk is a ruthless guerilla. With his strike team of 20 stealth vandals, 6 stealth captains and the high servitor Regviks-4, he is THE best at fighting behind enemy lines no matter the cost or the situation. He owns 2 skiffs to transport him and his troops anywhere.

      Bio: He got these ideas from Drevis, the leader of the Silent Fang, to whom he honors for her brave service. But before, he was raised to devote the Regviks servies of servitors, the last known line that still is produced. He was born from a mid-class family, with the desire of not to reclaim the Great Machine, but to defend it alongside the Guardians. But because other Eliksni would never agree, or worse, would cast him out; only him and his crew know this.

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