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    • First and definitely foremost: you are not to make your character carry out actions considered to be overpowered. Slaughtering the hordes of the Darkness isn't something anyone but the Destiny Protagonist can do without assistance. Also, no fridge magic. You're not invincible.
    • Killing and/or permanently injuring player characters without permission of their owners or of a GM (read: someone who carries authority in this RP, since we don't have an actual GM) is not allowed. Attempting to do so will either result in out-of-character backlash or in-character retaliation; it is not unlikely that your own character will end up dead instead.
    • That said, anything non-lethal cannot simply he ignored or avoided all the time. If someone dishes out several attacks at you, at least some of them are going to hit. You're not a god.
    • Take the RP seriously! If you're bored, go find someone else to bother, don't go goofing around in here.










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    • (I've done the work for you again lads)

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    • Name: Real name unknown, goes by his Collapse callsign of Scythe 6-2

      Race: Human

      Gender: Male

      Age: Exact age unknown, but appears to be in his late 20s

      Class: Bladedancer Hunter

      Weapons: Wire Rifle, Super Good Advice, Shrapnel Launcher, twin Shock Blades, Hunter Knife, Arc Grenades

      Armor: Kell's Cloak, Don't Touch Me; helmet, chest, and leg armor are from the Corsair's Revenge armor set

      Appearance: Short blond hair and stubble, gray eyes, face has a few more scars since we last saw him. Something of a sociopathic asshole even to his fellow Guardians, and quite foul-mouthed. Has a permanent 1,000 yard stare thanks to a near-death experience with a Siren.

      Backstory: Once again the acting Kell of the Fallen House of Blades, the less than legendary Scythe 6-2 is back to helping the legendary Fireteam Argus. After dealing with the traitorous Jacqueline, whose motivations are still unknown, he has mobilized the forces of the Blades to Mercury in a bid to assist Argus in their assault on the Repetitive Mind, or give them a ride home. Whichever comes first. While his ultimate loyalties lie with himself, he can usually be trusted to do the right thing. Usually.

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    • ( Thanks Red. Might as well make note of some differences since we started this RP. )

      Name: Arxus Essal

      Race: Human

      Gender: Male

      Age: True age unknown; physical age resembles someone in their late 20's, early 30's

      Class: Sunbreaker Titan

      Weapons: Hung Jury, Drang, Boltcaster

      Armor: Murvaux Type 0 ( Helmet ), Ruin Wings, Murvaux Type 0 ( Chest ), Murvuax Type 0 ( Legs ), Mark of Oblivion

      Appearance: Caucasian, slicked black hair, one blue eye and one blind eye, with a scar over the blind eye. A few faint scars elsewhere on the body from previous missions, usually not visible while his armor is on.

      Backstory: After managing to fend off the Repetitive Mind's forces on Mercury, both Arxus and Avori found themselves stranded on Nessus, a rogue planetoid that recently entered the Sun's orbit. There, they stumbled upon a Golden Age AI named Failsafe, and with its help, managed to fight their way back to Mercury. Now as the end draws near, Arxus attempts to collect the scattered forces of Fireteam Argus for a final confrontation with the Repetitive Mind.

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    • Name: Avori-48

      Race: Exo

      Gender: Male

      Age: Somewhere between the age of Cayde and the age of the Destiny protagonist. Closer to Cayde's than the protagonist's, though.

      Class: Gunslinger Hunter, usually. Currently using Bladedancer.

      Weapons: Golden age-era shotgun looted from Exodus Black, standard-issue Vanguard sidearm loaned to him by Arxus. His own weapons are currently abandoned in the Mind's lair.

      Armour: Achylophage Symbiote, Spektar Aspriet Vest, Spektar Grasps, Spektar Boots, (what's left of a) Gunslinger's Cloak

      Appearance: Essentially this, but not a Warlock.

      Backstory: Previously, he was little more than an errand boy for the Vanguard. Ended up stranded on Mercury after the system-wide Vex invasion killed the rest of his fireteam and forced him through a timegate. Now, he's doing all he can to stop the Mind, both as a way of exacting revenge against the Vex, and to stop the same thing happening to all else that defies the Vex.

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    • "Rumors, mostly. No one knows what really happened there besides me and a couple others." The campaign on Old Seattle was a moment in time where Arxus was still naive; it had to be at least a decade ago now. "Hold on. Looks like they're picking us up."

      "Oh, thank the Traveler you two are still around," Grim responded. "We're mounting a last effort against the Repetitive Mind and we need all the help we can. We're hoping that the makeshift bomb we constructed is still intact; if it is, we're going to deliver it."

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    • "We're en route, but I don't know how much help we'll be able to be once we're there." Scythe grunted as he changed his singed armor for a makeshift Fallen set. "Fenrir's messing with one of our only Raptors, those awesome Cabal fighters that we got. If he breaks one, he's paying for it."

      At the mention of a bomb, Voriks wa ecstatic. "Guardian-Kell, did I hear a mention of a bomb of some sort? If thine initial munition is damaged, I could possibly build a replacement with what we have on board. What size does it need to be, what materials, and what yeild?"

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    • "Four Guardians is twice as good as two," Avori's Ghost reminded Scythe. "And by the sounds of it, you've got the Blades back, so that's another thing to tip the scales in our favour. If Fenrir has suceeded in getting the Cabal to help, then we may just have a chance."

      "Oh, and tell your buddy that we've already got a bomb - hopefully," Avori added. "But a second wouldn't go amiss, I suppose."

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    • At Avori's mention of an already existing bomb, Voriks was visibly dissappointed. The weapons master was overjoyed, however, at his suggestion of creating a backup. "I will get to work right away! Must.. be... perfect!"

      "I'll see what we can do about the Blades." Scythe grunted. "We took some casualties from a Vex boarding party a little while ago, and my ship has a new skylight that we're working on patching." He turned and motioned to a Blade Dreg. "Find the Guardian known as Fenrir, and see what he is up to. If he is having any luck with contacting our other allies, we must know posthaste."

      "Yes, Guardian-Kell." the creature chittered as it skittered from the bridge.

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    • "We'll keep the line open, just in case anything comes up," Arxus spoke, seconds after Scythe finished speaking. "Glad to hear you're still kicking about, Scythe." 

      The tunnel between the Inverse Citadel and the no-man's land was winding and twisting, almost complex and labyrinthine in its composure. Had Arxus not navigated it before, it might have been easy to get lost; doubly so now that they had been coming from the opposite direction. 

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    • "Best of luck, Scythe," Avori said, before adding: "And please, be quick. Time isn't exactly an abundant resource at the moment."

      After wishing Scythe farewell, Avori remained silent for a moment, before pressing Arxus to continue with his story. "So... Old Seattle?"

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    • Arxus tapped his neck with his palm, fixing to rub at the thin joint layer of armor that kept him limber. "This was a while back, before Fireteam Argus was even a mention. It wasn't the first Fireteam I've run with. We took on the House of Veils up there. Kind of like the House of Wolves but pretty much all of them used stealth tech."

      Before long, the two Guardians came up to an opening in the tunnel; this had been their entry point from when they first journeyed to the Inverse Citadel. There was a hole above them, at least several yards wide. Originally, there had been no way to climb out of said hole, but in their absence, a large volume of sand had spilled in and gave them walking access to the surface above.

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    • (Sorry for my silence lately, I've been waiting for someone besides the three of us to respond)

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    • Name: Kei Dragdoul

      Race: Human

      Gender: Male

      Age: 20(?)

      Class: Warlock/Sunsinger

       Weapons: Paleocontact JPK-43, Susanoo, Bonekruscher

      Armor: Armor of a Dying Star (full set) (Shader is Predawne)

      Appearance: Tan skin with a rugged closely shaved beard. Brown eyes with a buzz-cut. (The average white soldier-guy)

      Backstory: Until responding to a distress call from Argus, Kei worked mostly for the Vanguard and Dead orbit. 

      Upon reaching Argus and joining them in their fight against the Vex Mind he was knocked unconcious and captured by the Mind. Convinced Argus had abandoned him he allied himself with the Vex and was cybernetically enchanced to be "perfected". Upon encountering members of Argus on a Fallen Ketch wounds inflicted to his cybernetics allowed for his Ghost to pull him out of the grasp of the Repetitive Mind.

      (tbh y'all I don't know where I am right now. Just gonna take it that Kei has been moved to a medical bay or something.)

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    • “Judging by the fact you’re standing here today, I take it the Veils didn’t fare well?” About asked, as he scrambled up the caved-in sand, back to the surface.

      Once at the top, Avori stopped to survey their surroundings. The landscape was entirely still, with nothing living - Vex or otherwise - in sight, and no wind to disturb the sands. The Lighthouse was silhouetted against Sol, not far ahead of the two Guardians; they would arrive soon. As Avori had noted earlier, the structure was billowing black smoke from several orifices. The chances of survivors didn’t look hopeful, but stranger things had happened, Avori supposed.

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    • "We 'convinced' them to run away," Arxus mentioned, with air quotes. "Got their Kell, but... things didn't go as smoothly as we had planned. Everyone was back at the City in days and people were celebrating, but I didn't. I couldn't. Not after what happened." Arxus' voice trailed off as he began to climb the sand dune.

      Ahead of them was the Lighthouse, but considering that they had been away for so long, it now laid silent. Not a word, not a sound; only the winds howling across the Fields of Glass, blowing sand in every direction. Black smoke rose high from the structure on the horizon; it was undoubtably the aftermath of the battle that Avori and Arxus had previously found themselves in. They were still a bit away from their destination, but they'd reach it in no time.

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    • (I figured that Kei was in either the med bay or the ship's machine shop)

      Amid the clang and clatter of power tools, Rakik was making some progress in removing the Vex bits attached to Kei's body. A small pile of dented and crumpled bronze-colored bits lay on the floor, as Fenriks monitored the Guardian's vital signs. "Careful Rakik, the anesthetic appears to be wearing off. Guardians have a higher pain threshold, but also a higher tolerance."

      "I am being careful. This... metal is fighting me." the cheif engineer grunted as he gently pried up the corner of the next plate. "Just be sure that he does not move."

      Just then, the intercom beeped quietly. "Rakik? Fenriks? Situation report."

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    • “I... see,” Avori responded carefully. He elected not to press any further; Arxus was clearly not comfortable speaking about the topic. “I’m sorry.”

      The Hunter waited a few moments before changing the subject. “If any Disciples did survive, I doubt they’ll still be at the Lighhouse. Too obvious, easy to find. But they’d also have had wounded, so they couldn’t have gotten far either. I’ll wager they’re holed up in one of the surrounding structures. Shouldn’t be hard to pinpoint their location once we reach the Lighthouse.”

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    • Kei's Ghost turned to the Rakik, translating her speech to the correct language, "I'm going to bring him back. I don't know if there's a limit for how long a Guardian can stay dead."

      She hovered over Kei and let out a burst of light. A few moments later the mutilated Warlock gasped, what Vex machinery that had been removed regenerated back as scarred human flesh.

      He winced and let out a shout of pain, gritting his teeth, "Agh! What's going on! Where am I!?"

      His Ghost drifted over into his field of view, "Shh. It's Ok Kei. Just hang in there. I cannot revive you with your limbs in tact if the Vex components are not removed.

      Kei clenched his jaw and nodded in understanding, wincing as the Fallen continued to work.

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    • ("We'll take you to the Tower so you can be regenerated properly."

      "Nah it's alright I'll just revive him here. What could go wrong?")

      <Primus Ma'carn, a few months ago you and your legion assisted the Guardians collectively known as Fireteam Argus in defeating the Eliksni House of Storms. It is my understanding that you did this despite knowing that you would almost certainly be branded a traitor. If this is true, then you might know why I am calling upon you. The Vex threaten to end us all. Not just the Last City and the Guardians, but everything that has opposed them, is opposing them, and will oppose them. The machine-world Mercury is being reactivated as I speak, and if it is allowed to become fully operational then this plan will come to frution. The Guardians need allies, Primus. We have fought, bled, and died in this battle, but it is not enough. I ask you, if you are still alive, to help Fireteam Argus again. Help us end this fight. I am transmitting the coordinates for a meeting place on Mercury>

      Ma'carn fell silent as the message finished, deep in thought, it appeared.

      "These coordinates, where do they lead?"

      "A location the Legion database refers to as 'The Lighthouse', Primus. It serves as a base for a splinter group of Lightbear- Guardians, known as the Disciples of Osiris."

      "Any notable Vex activity during the latest cycle?"

      "Yes, major surge in active units on Venus and Mars. Several Sand Eater and Siege Dancer complexes overrun, Blind Legion has been performing counter-attacks."

      "Set a course for Mercury."

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    • "It's okay," Arxus assured Avori. "I'm over it."

      "They're survivors. They've managed to evade the Vex for this long, so I doubt that they'll be stopped by something like this." The two Guardians managed to close the distance quickly, now upon the Lighthouse once again; the scene before them was a gruesome sight, with Disciple corpses bent at impossible angles, surrounded by the metallic sheen of Vex bodies. The steps towards the upper area was blocked off by a fallen Cetus.

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    • "Well, wouldya look at that," Avori said, noticing the gash in the crashed Cetus' armour, right above the timegate affixed in its back. "I did manage to bring the thing down..."

      "We should set about finding the bomb," As his Ghost spoke, Avori scaled up to the platform where he'd abandoned his sniper rifle an hour or so earlier, to retrieve the weapon. "It was right here, at the bottom of the steps, when we left..."

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    • "Well, it isn't here anymore," Arxus firmly stated, shoving aside a Minotaur that was covering a slain Disciple. "Whoever survived this must have taken it away. I just hope that it wasn't the Vex."

      "Let's check the temple. Need to get around this Cetus somehow, though." Arxus lifted himself up into the air, landing down on the angled belly of the massive Vex unit. It was upside down, perched on the slope of the stairs and completely blocking access to the temple beyond. "It must have slid right in after you stabbed it," Arxus noted, huffing in disappointment.

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    • Inquisitor01 wrote:

      ("We'll take you to the Tower so you can be regenerated properly."

      "Nah it's alright I'll just revive him here. What could go wrong?")


      (It's not too late to make a u-turn and stop by the Tower real quick)

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    • The next time Kei came off of his drug induced coma he was still on the surgical table. He was almost suprised to find a Dreg going at his leg with a blowtorch. 

      His ghost floated nearby, giving the Worker directions in their native language. When she noticed Kei she drifted over to his head, "The metal is coming off well for the most part. Although it seems to have an extreme level of heat resistance, we have to heat it well into the thousands in order to get it off of you." She paused, her gaze traveling over the remaining metal, "You're lucky you're a Sunsinger. Otherwise we would've ended up baking you along with the metal."

      Kei sighed, "As long as it's gone. I don't care what you do."

      "Well that's the thing..."

      Kei looked over at his Ghost, "What's the thing."

      His Ghost continued, "It's your hands. The Mind created the cybernetics in your hands to somehow channel your light energy. We tried everything to get it off but...", she turned to look him in the eyes. "The light has accepted the modifications. They are part of you now Kei."

      (So yeah Kei has metal hands now cause y not?)

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    • “There’s probably another way in somewhere,” Avori’s Ghost replied. “We just have to find it...”

      “No need to check buildings one-by-one,” Avori pointed out, while hopping from ledge to ledge, back down to the ground. “Wherever the bomb is - with the Disciples or the Vex - they couldn’t have moved something so heavy without leaving a pretty obvious trail, which should lead us straight to ‘en.”

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    • HarmonyBass wrote:

      cause y not?

      (Cause it don't make no sense)

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    • (lol neither does space magic)

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    • (btw ReD where are your people? Did they die or something?)

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    • (Space magic is a key parameter of the franchise. Metal hands aren't, especially considering the problem can just be solved by committing suicide and then reviving)

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    • "Or a portal," Arxus commented. Just as he was about to hop down from the Cetus, it sprang to life, letting out a painfully loud metallic wail. The lights that ran along its body lit up, humming with a faint blue tone. "Damn it, why won't these things stay dead?" 

      Arxus quickly hopped down and yanked his scout rifle off his back, aiming towards the Cetus. It attempted to take off again, engines flickering back on. 

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    • (My people aren't dead I just don't give enough of a flying fuck to keep posting)

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    • "The Disciples don't have access to that kind of tech, as far as I know," Avori responded. "If the bomb was moved via portal, the Vex have it, and so trying to retrieve it is a lost cause."

      When the Cetus abruptly spluttered to life, Avori drew his weapons like Arxus did, but quickly realised the futility in that action. The Cetus was far too damaged to fly properly, and although it managed to get into the air, its thrusters weren't evenly balanced. The huge machine immediately began to spin out of control, and Avori was forced to dive onto the floor to avoid being splattered by it.

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    • Just as quickly as the Cetus sputtered to life, that faint glint of activity was quick to vanish; the Vex unit immediately took a nose dive, sliding across the center courtyard of the Lighthouse and skidding to a full stop right at the front archway. The upper archway crumbled at even the slightest touch, raining debris over the Cetus; it didn't matter either way, as it seemed like the thing wasn't going to move a second time.

      "So much for that." Arxus tucked his scout rifle away onto his back, before scurrying up the stairs. "If they did, then we can always get another. It isn't that much of an issue."

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    • Once the Cetus skidded to a halt, Avori slowly got back to his feet, dusting off his sand-ridden armour and cloak. He waited until the flow of falling debris ceased, then climbed onto the Cetus and ripped out its power core, which he had almost managed to destroy when he mounted the machine earlier.

      “It’s not going anywhere without this,” Avori said, tossing the core aside and jogging across the courtyard to join Arxus. “Lead the way...”

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    • "We are making progress in removing the Vex metal from the Guardian's body, Guardian-Kell." Rakik chittered.

      "While most of the Vex plating has been removed," Fenriks began, "We have run into a slight complication." She paused for a moment as she considered her words. "The Guardian's body appears to have accepted the Vex prosthetic limbs. I am unsure of how to proceed."

      "Thank you Rakik, Fenriks." Switching languages, Scythe continued. "Kei, if you want your... original limbs back, we can still make a u-turn and stop by the Tower to get you healed up. What do you want to do?"

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    • With the temple no longer obstructed, Arxus began to climb the stairs with a careful and wary pace. Looking around, the Lighthouse was in ruins, with Vex and Disciple corpses alike strewn about in odd angles. The battle that had transpired after Avori and Arxus left was indeed tremendous, and at first sight, there were no survivors. If the Vex were capable of seeing everything, surely they had always foretold this outcome.

      Arxus clambered to the top of the stairs, towards the entrance of the temple. In the background, the Lighthouse was perfectly framed by the Sun, overtaking almost the entirety of Mercury's horizon. "If anyone survived, something tells me that they'd be in here," Arxus commented. 

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    • Kei was sitting upright on the table, staring at the bronze colored metal fused to his wrists. "What do you want to do?", Scythe's voice said over the intercom.

      Did he want to keep them?

      A part of him did. A part of him was terrified about what the Mind had turned him into and what he had attempted to do to Argus. A part of him wanted to forget the whole thing.

      But a part of him didn't. A small part of him knew, deep down, that he was going to have to go back. Back to the Mind. Back to kill that Vex abomination. 

      He flexed the goldenrod cybernetics that now made up his hands, "Y'know what?", he said in response to Scythe's question, "I think I'll keep them. I want to use them against the Mind when we go back."

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    • Avori quickly caught up with Arxus and walked into the temple alongside the Titan. As he strode passed a column, the Hunter suddenly found a hand cannon pressed into his temple. He grabbed his attacker's gun arm and attempted to maneuver the weapon so it was no longer pointed at his head, but to little avail. Luckily, his attacker quickly yielded once she recognised the Hunter. She pulled her arm free of Avori's grasp, holstered the weapon and removed her helmet.

      "Oh, it's you two," Pariah said, motioning for her fellow Disciples - who had been laying in ambush - to reveal themselves. "Where the hell have you been? We thought we were the only ones to have survived the assault..."

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    • "If you insist." Scythe grunted over the intercom. "I can't say I'm 100 percent ok with you having potentially-hijackable prosthetics on my ship, but it's your choice." Switching languages, he directed himself to Fenriks and Rakik. "Didst thou hear that? Remove all the Vex plating that thou can, but leave the prosthetic limbs in place. Apparently, Kei wants to use them against his former master."

      (And with that, I will be out for most of the day)

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    • As they entered into the temple, an unknown assailant was quick to pull a gun on Avori; the scuffle happened so swiftly that it gave Arxus no time to react. When he finally had said chance, he had his scout rifle pointed at a familiar face.

      "I guess you were right, Avori," Arxus commented, lowering his scout rifle. A few other Disciples had survived the assault, likely hiding themselves away in the temple after Avori had crippled the Cetus. "We had a... mishap. It wasn't intentional." Arxus slipped his Hung Jury onto his back. "How long have we been gone, exactly?"

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    • "I unintentionally fell into a timegate for the second time in a day," Avori explained, somewhat embarrassed. "I gotta stop making a habit out of that..."

      "Three or so hours," Pariah gave Avori a disdainful glance as she responded to Arxus. She stopped to think for a moment afterwards, before continuing: "No doubt you're here after the bomb. Well, I've got good news and bad: We were able to secure it from the Vex, but it's heavily damaged, and we've yet to fully repair it."

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    • "Three hours? Damn..." Arxus turned away briefly, face leaned into his hand. His index finger and thumb stretched out towards opposing sides of his forehead, or rather, the upper faceplate of his helmet. 

      "Okay." Arxus turned around again, lowering his hand. "Here's the play; we do what we can to repair that bomb, hopefully soon. Any tech savvy Disciples you have, get on it immediately. We wait here until reinforcements arrive. Then... we square off with the Repetitive Mind and kill it. The Vex have time on their side, but we have sheer grit and determination."

      "And a whole lot of luck," Grim chimed in. 

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    • Kei ignited a finger and completed the final touches on the armor he had finished constructing. A replica of Warlock robes that he had seen several years ago. There was nothing too special about the Dying Star armor that he had put together from the Vex metal. Granted, the Vex metal gave it somewhat of a heat resistance, but the Warlock didn't plan to go wading through molten metal anytime soon. 

      He put on the new robes, finding them to be suprisingly snug for something he had made himself. He stared at the intricate designs on the helmet before holding it up for his Ghost to send into Transmatt.

      (Is your character naked due to having parts of his body replaced with Vex cybernetics? Give him something that looks cool with no special abilities! Problem solved!)

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    • "Alright, all we need now is a delivery method..." Avori's Ghost mused.

      "We've already got one," Avori was quick to respond. He motioned to the fallen Cetus. "The timegate on its back leads to the Mind's lair. If we can activate it without activating the Cetus itself, we can shove the bomb through, shut the gate off and then hope for the best."

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    • "That... could actually work," Arxus responded, after a momentary pause. "Given a high enough blast yield, the explosion might be powerful enough to rupture the Radiolarian pods and damage the Mind itself. If that isn't enough, then I guess we'll have to go in and finish the job."

      The surviving Disciples emerged from the shadows, having been in hiding since the attack on the Lighthouse. The bomb was hauled out; a Disciple yanked off the severed hand of a frame, which was still gripping the bomb's handle.

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    • "We'll have to go in whatever happens, to confirm the kill," Avori reminded Arxus. "We can't do half measures with the Vex, especially not with all that's at risk."

      "Pariah, how long do you think we've got until the bomb's repaired?" His Ghost then asked.

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    • "No half-measures. Not this time," Arxus confirmed.

      "We do not know," Pariah remarked with a shrug. "There is no way to assess the damage without pulling the entire thing apart. We simply do not have the time for that. Only time to make small adjustments and hope for the best." The Disciple Hunter turned his attention towards Avori, right then and there. "Remember this, though. After we kill this Mind, we're done here, Guardians. You will leave Mercury for good."

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    • "You do not own this planet, Pariah. Guardians will return here if and when the need arises, and you have no right to demand that they do not," Avori countered. "However, I myself have no desire to return to this god-forsaken rock. As soon as this business is dealt with, I know precisely where I am going, and you'll be pleased to hear it is far away from here."

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    • "Guardian-Kell, we have finished the procedure, and the Guardian is preparing himself for battle." Rakik chittered over the comms.

      "Understood. Make the ship ready for battle as well. We do not know what awaits us on Mercury." Scythe grunted. Switching languages, he continued. "Kei, is it? You're more than welcome to sit this one out--no in Argus has been through more than you have." He paused, considering his next words. "But if you want to fight, I can give you access to the armory if you need. Voriks might be a bit grumpy about having another human poking around the place, but meh."

      < We should be arriving at Mercury within an hour or so. > Virgil added.

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    • Pariah said nothing to respond, only offering a mile-long stare from the surface of her helmet. She turned abruptly and faced her fellow Disciples. "Come on, then. The sooner you finish this, the sooner we can take retribution."

      "Still as charming as always," Arxus said, as he sat down against a fallen pillar. He relaxed, not having had much time to do so as recent events saw them in non-stop action. "I guess we can take a breather until the others get here."

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    • "At long last," Avori agreed with Arxus. "I need a break..."

      "We should try and make contact with Scythe again in the meantime," Avori's Ghost suggested. "To see how he and Fenrir are faring, and if they'll make it here in time."

      "Good idea," Avori said. "But first, I need to find myself some new weapons, since my current ones are sitting in the Mind's stronghold right now."

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    • "I have it handled," Grim replied. "Scythe, Fenrir, do you copy? We've made it back to the Lighthouse."

      While Grim hailed the others, Arxus relaxed against the fallen pillar. He set Bolt Caster between his legs, digging the sharp end into the sand beneath his feet. It had been a long journey thus far, but it wasn't over just yet.

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    • "Hey Grim." Scythe grunted, "we copy. What's your situation?"

      As he waited for the Ghost to respond, the Hunter continued. "Kei has been de-Vexed, I guess. He's in the process of gearing up now. We should be at your location within an hour."

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    • Avori walked back in not five minutes after leaving to find weapons; it wasn't difficult to find firearms at the site of a recent battle. The Hunter had acquired himself a scout rifle and a heavy machine gun - both of an average quality - as well as a good amount of ammo for each.

      He sat down besides Arxus on a collapsed column, moments before Scythe's reply came in. He responded with: "We've regrouped at the Lighthouse with what's left of the Disciples. They're repairing the bomb as we speak, but it'll be a while before it's done."

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    • "Everyone else is MIA," Arxus followed up, after Avori stopped talking. "No one knows where they are."

      Pulling Drang off his thigh, the Titan began the process of reloading the weapon; the designs were archaeic so it took him a second or two to figure it out. This consisted of Arxus staring at the thing, flipping it to various angles just to gain some notion of understanding. 

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    • "Shit, yeah..." Avori's eyes widened slightly as he counted the fallen in his head. It was too large to count on a single hand. "If... When we finish this, we should hold a memorial or something for them."

      "I'm sure the Vanguard would be happy to accomodate that," His Ghost replied. "If we manage to make it out of this."

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    • "Even though I told him not to, Voriks is probably working on a second bomb as we speak." Scythe muttered. "I'm not sure who to trust here, other than my Captains, so our ground forces are gonna be a bit short."

      At Arxus' comment, he froze. "All of them? Avgust, Sara, Varrus..." The memories of those they lost over the years came flooding back, and Scythe could feel himself being surrounded by their ghosts. "Oh god."

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    • Kei put a hand on Scythe's shoulder, "Hey, are you alright?" He had made his way to the Hunters position on the Ketch only to find him muttering to himself. 

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    • (sorry y'all I b sick)

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    • "No. No I am not." Scythe growled at Kei's approach. "I'm surrounded by ghosts."

      < And I don't think he means me. > Virgil commented. < This happens from time to time, particularly after he regains bits of old memories. Pretty much all Guardians lost someone in the Collapse, but he lost more than most. >

      "Im surrounded by corpses. That's all I leave in my wake." Scythe muttered.

      < Guardian? Eyes up. We've got a job to do. > Virgil hovered over his shoulder.

      (Tbh, I'm dealing with a bit of an anxiety/depression flare-up lately, so I may dissappear suddenly)

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    • (Take as much time as you need.)

      As opposed to the others, Arxus wasn't all too phased by the concept of loss; he had lost plenty before, and there would be time to mourn their dead later. A stoic-eyed Arxus continued to inspect his Drang, eventually finding the mag release. 

      "We will make it out," he said in confidence. "Even if they are gone, I will not let them die in vain. We've come way too far just to fail."  

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    • "Yeah, we'll make the Vex pay for our losses, and then some," Avori agreed firmly. "We'll storm in there and kill every last one of 'em! The Mind won't know what hit it."

      "Shouldn't we let the Vanguard know of our plans before we execute them?" Avori's Ghost asked, with a notable undertone of nervousness, clearly worried by his Guardian's overly agressive talk.

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    • Kei looked down, "I know how that feels. I was a monster, Scythe. The Mind made me do things, terrible things. I don't know how many Guardians I killed before I was sent here. I can still hear their last words." He took a step back and ignited his hand, a ball of solar energy floating above the Vex metal. "These are the hands of a murderer. Nothing will ever change that. But These hands are also a reminder. A reminder that no matter what, I will never forget them."

      He extinguished the flame and turned towards the door, "I don't know who you killed in the past, or what crimes you have committed. But all you can do now is remember. Fight for them, not yourself, not for the Traveler. But for the ones that can no longer continue the battle."

      He exited the room and made his way down to where he had first woken up. In the corner of the room was a small table. An intricately detailed helmet and a fusion rifle sat side by side. He picked up Susanoo, the only weapon that the Mind had deemed perfect enough to allow him to keep. 

      "Guess it's time for a little revenge."

      (Kei's ready for fighting things now. I'll leave it to y'all to bring him in when he's needed.)

      (P.S. Just make sure you can still type. We'd miss you. :P)

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    • (Kei was missing for maybe half a day, no way he could've killed a whole lot of Guardians in that time)

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    • "Before, I was a soldier." Scythe growled. "Now? I'm some unnatural, undead monstrosity." He paused as he took in Kei's words. "But point taken, just the same."

      < If you need some more weapons, the armory is open to you. Take whatever you can use. > Virgil chimed in. < Just make sure you sign for it. Voriks is rather touchy about that. >

      "Guardian-Kell," a Vandal helmsman interrupted, "We are 30 minutes out from Mercury."

      "One last battle." Scythe hissed as he left the bridge. "Prepare what troops and equipment we can muster."

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    • ReDquinox wrote:
      (Generic sarcastic dialogue!)

      (HarmonyBass wrote:

      SPACE MAGIC!!!)

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    • (I don't think you know what sarcasm is, as not a single sliver of my post was sarcastic)

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    • Dust flew far as the Vita Extinctor IX, flagship and last remaining vessel of the Storm Juggernauts approached Mercury's surface. The massive Warship moved over the Fields of Glass in a hurry, speeding towards the Lighthouse as best it could.

      "Primus, initial scans indicate no major Vex activity in the area. The offensive seems to have been forced off."

      "Picking up any survivors?"

      "Not from this range, Primus."

      "Dispatch Raptor squadrons, make sure we are completely secure. Not a single Vex unit gets close to the Lighthouse once I am on the ground. Perform scans every five minutes after landing. I want Tha'larc's Harvesters loaded and ready to go in the case of an emergency."

      "As you wish, Primus."

      "That will be all, Colek. Notify Iokar that I am on my way to the armoury."

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    • "Last we heard, they were stopping the Vex around the solar system," Grim commented. "I'm willing to bet that the Repetitive Mind only did it to distract everyone else and keep them off Mercury."

      "Hm. We haven't checked in in a while. Maybe ought to let them know the situation." Arxus popped a fresh mag into Drang, before slapping the sidearm back onto his thigh. "Grim. Open up a channel to the Tower."

      "Yes, sir." 

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    • “Yeah, that’s a good idea,” Avori responded to his Ghost, more rationally now that the topic had been changed. “Best that we don’t just vanish off the map, if we do fail to-“

      Avori cut himself off mid-sentence upon noticing a distant but steadily growing roaring sound. Suspecting a Vex attack, the Hunter grabbed his weapon and cautiously approached the Lighthouse’s entrance. He scanned the surrounding landscape, but there was not a Vex unit in sight. Then, he spotted it not on the ground but in the air; a Cabal warship speeding toward the Lighthouse at a near-reckless velocity.

      “Fenrir, you beautiful bastard...” he muttered over COMMs. “Perhaps we might not die today after all.”

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    • With the channel opened, shouting was immediately heard on the other end. Mostly from Zavala barking orders; from the sounds of it, the situation had escalated severely in the last day. 

      "... who is that on the line?" He spoke in a hushed tone, likely further away. "Argus?" Now louder. "Argus, what's your status? We thought we lost you."

      "Not yet, sir. We're still alive and kicking," Arxus spoke proudly. "Just checking in before we do something that may be possibly suicidal."

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    • "Guardian-Kell!" A Vandal at a comms station barked. "Detecting a Cabal warship in the vicinity of the Lighthouse!"

      "Please be Mac'arn... please be Mac'arn..." Scythe muttered as he approached the station. Meanwhile, the channel was clogged with Cabal grunting and bellowing orders, and the Vanguard requesting information on Argus' latest batshit-crazy plan. "Fenrir, did you have something to do with the rather large Cabal warship that's currently approaching the Lighthouse?"

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    • "Suicidal?" Ikora asked, in a concerned tone. "I don't like where this is going..."

      "Ah, relax, Ikora," Cayde butted in. "It's Fireteam Argus! They'll make it back in one piece, no problem." He paused for a moment, before adding: "What actually is it that you're planning?"

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    • "That Mind that's been bothering us? It'll be leaving soon, so we're going to give it a going away present." Arxus eyed Pariah from across the room; the Disciple Huntress silently nodded. 

      "The Repetitive Mind has a Vex factory beneath Mercury," Grim added. "We have a bomb and we're going to blow them all to kingdom come."

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    • Um, is it to late to join this?

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    • (We’re just about wrapping the story up, I’m afraid, meaning the RP would probably be over by the time you properly introduced your character. If we do another Destiny RP after this one, you’re welcome to join that, though.)

      “So, you - a handful of Guardians - are going to hand-deliver a bomb into the very center one of the most heavily fortified Vex installations in the system, then just hope you make it out alright?” Cayde asked, rhetorically. He turned off COMMs for a moment, but could clearly be heard through Ikora and Zavala’s microphones saying: “Yeah, they’re dead.”

      “We’re more than a handful of Guardians. We’ve got what remains of the Disciples helping us, an entire Fallen house, and even, it seems, a legion of Cabal,” Avori was quick to point out. “And who said anything about hand-delivery?”

      “... all of whom are enemies of the City. This is supposed to convince me, how?” Cayde responded.

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    • Dasleo wrote:
      "That Mind that's been bothering us? It'll be leaving soon, so we're going to give it a going away present." Arxus eyed Pariah from across the room; the Disciple Huntress silently nodded. 

      (A... Parting Gift?)

      Kei listened through the comms in his helmet, trying to make sense of all the chatter. Argus, the Vanguard, and Cabal voices seemed to mesh together. Finally he switched to a less crowded channel, "Okay, Scythe, what's going on? Are those the Cabal Argus mentioned?"

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    • Thelgend27 wrote:
      Um, is it to late to join this?

      (Far too late, unfortunately. We'll likely start another one after this thread wraps up, so you're welcome to join then.)

      "We're not here to convince you," Arxus responded, cutting into the conversation. "This is the only chance we have. If we do nothing, the Vex win."

      "Absolutely not, Guardian. I won't sign off on any unorthodox missions like this. Return to the Tower immediately." Zavala was still among his peers; from his tone of voice, it seemed that things weren't going well for them. 

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    • "Maybe I did, kid. Maybe I did."

      Fenrir dropped down from the suspended Raptor, gracefully touching down on the hangar floor.

      "How soon until this thing has landed? I need to be on the ground to meet the Cabal commander."

      The Honor Guard's armoury was surprisingly quiet when Ma'carn stepped into it. The area was spartan in nature, only containing the bare minimum of databases and weapon containers needed to support the small, but elite force of soldiers. The Primus had expected to see his Honor Guard in their battlegear here, but they were nowhere to be seen.

      "So, we're going to war alongside the Guardians again?"

      A Psion in jet-black and heavily ornate gear approached the Primus, tinkering with what appeared to be a heavily armoured bracelet.

      "Indeed, Iokar. The very same that fought with us against the Fallen on Europa."

      Iokar strode past Ma'carn and over to a data-central, locking his device into an energy field above the console. Flashes of orange sporadically illuminated the bracelet and its surroundings as the Psion began to feed the console commands, while Ma'carn took a seat at a nearby table.

      "Judging by the ship's speed, I'd almost say you like these ones." Iokar slyly commented. "To think, that you wished to hunt them all down for your mentor's murder."

      "Ta'aurc's death was... unfortunate, but I have begun to think it was necessary." Ma'carn stated. "I was a fool, too blinded by his teachings to see the full picture. I saw the Guardians as murderers. I was vengeful against them. I wished for the immortals' deaths, to see their city in flames. And yet, after that crash on Europa, when I found myself on that mountain, I was not prepared to fight as Ta'aurc had taught me to. There was no lust for battle, or bloodshed. In that moment, I understood how wrong he had been."

      "You've lectured me on this subject before, Primus." Iokar pointed out as he continued to scan the device in the energy field. Ma'carn had never been of the technological sort, and so he did not really know what his Chief Engineer was doing.

      "Indeed I have, my friend, indeed. They are thoughts and doubt that return to me from time to time, and I cannot bear to keep them to myself. Did I condemn us all in my cowardice? Was my fate to die on that glacier?"

      "As your humble subordinate, I'm afraid I cannot be of any assistance in this matter, but I remind you that I will always serve you faithfully and without doubt." Iokar seemed to have finished his work, and the bracelet was removed from its artificial suspension. "Here, your left arm."

      Ma'carn quietly extended his arm, as requested. The bracelet loudly snapped into place on his armour, and soon began to glow with orange, solar energy.

      "Prototype, intended for Red Legion usage. Gives you the same protection a physical shield would, with added resistance against energy weapons. Useful in Vex engagements. Give it a try."

      Ma'carn assumed a defensive stance, and true to Iokar's word, a shield similar in form to a Phalanx' shield formed, only much larger in scale.

      "Thank you, Iokar."

      "No, thank you, Primus, for sharing your thoughts. I should not be so cold. That time is past us now."

      As Ma'carn left for the hangar, a smile had formed beneath his helmet.

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    • "Yeah, Kei, they're with us. I think." Scythe growled over the comms. Keying up Fenrir, he continued. "I'll take that as a yes. We'll be landing in a few minutes" He paused, checking over his weapons and ammo. "And Fenrir? If anything happens to my ship, it's on you."

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    • "Zavala, I respect you - believe me, I really do," Avori began. "But we didn't call to get permission; we simply called to tell you. We're doing this, whether you like it or not."

      "Avori... You realise, if you go in there, you'll die," Cayde spoke slowly, uncharacteristic of the usually easy-going and charismatic Hunter Vanguard. "I don't want to lose you too..."

      "If we don't, everyone dies," Avori responded. "And Jules' and Catherine's deaths will have been in vain."

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    • "Along with everyone else we've lost," Arxus added.

      "Argus, this isn't up for discussion. Return im-" Zavala's sentence was cut short as the communication line was severed. Not by Vex interference, but because Arxus cut it early. 

      "Argus out," Arxus said, even though it was too late to reply to the Vanguard. Using the hilt of his sword for support, the Titan lifted himself to his feet and stood tall. Tearing the weapon from the sand, he holstered it upon his back and prepared for war.

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    • "Hanging up on the Vanguard," Avori surmised. "Now that's something I never thought I'd do..."

      "So, does this mean we've officially gone rogue?" Avori's Ghost asked, nervously.

      "Only 'til we defeat the Mind," Avori responded. "After that, we'll be welcomed back as heroes, I imagine - if we survive."

      "That's a big if..."

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    • "We'll answer them when we get back. For now, we have a job to do." Just as Arxus finished speaking, whirring noises filled the air briefly, followed by an excited laughter. The bomb was finished.

      The Titan strode over and picked up the bomb by himself; his arms coiled around the thing in a bear hug. Possibly to the surprise of the others, he began hauling the thing back outside of the temple, where the others would most likely greet them.

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    • “Oh, hell yeah! It’s showtime!” Avori exclaimed upon seeing the completed bomb. He opened COMMs with Argus again. “Scythe, our bomb’s done and we’re ready to head in. How far out are you?”

      “If your friends aren’t here by the time we’re geared up, we go in without them,” Pariah warned Avori. “There’s no margin for error here - we can’t waste any time.”

      “I’m well aware, Pariah.”

      As he waited for a response from Scythe, Avori turned his attention to the Cabal warship that dominated the skyline. It had reached the Lighthouse and slowed to a halt, but so far, it had done nothing besides sending out a few Raptor squadrons to patrol.

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    • "Incoming, at your ten." Scythe grunted as the Bladeship Teriks-Fel descended. Several Skiffs detatched from the Ketch and took up stations around the ship. When Scythe finally made his way to the hangar, he boarded his jumpship and headed for the surface. "Avori, Arxus. I'm not sure what support my Fallen will be able to provide--they got pretty torn up during the mutiny--but I can at least give you a ride home."

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    • "Well, anything they could offer would be appreciated," Avori reponded absentmindedly as he stared at the Cabal ship. He then added: "Anyone know how to hail a Cabal ship?"

      "That is probably a matter best left to Fenrir," Avori's Ghost reminded him. "Even if you could get their attention, I don't think it would be wise to approach them if they don't know you."

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    • (Nice to see this RP develop the way it has, kudos to all of you. I look forward to joining the next one.) 

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    • Arxus hauled the bomb out of the temple; descending down the temple steps, he slapped the thing down right at the center of the courtyard, where it had originally been assembled. "Any help is appreciated, no matter how small," Arxus was quick to comment, as he folded his arms.

      "If they're coming, then they're coming. The Cabal have just as much to lose as the rest of us do." He paused for a moment, before turning towards Pariah. "I hope your people are ready for this." The Titan turned and directed the rest of his speech to everyone.

      "The Repetitive Mind isn't going down without a fight, I can guarentee that much. All of us: Guardians, Disciples, Fallen and Cabal. We all have a stake in this. If the Vex win, we may not live to see tomorrow. There may not even be a tomorrow. It'll be a future in which the Vex dictate what happens. That is an outcome that we cannot allow. Believe me when I say that we're going down there, and we're going to send those machine bastards screaming back into whatever nether hellhole they crawled out of."

      Pausing briefly, he looked around at everyone else present, either in person or over the COMMs. He exhaled, before continuing.  "This is it, fellas. It's make or break."

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    • "Let's figure out how to get this portal open, then," Avori said. He grabbed the power core he'd ripped out of the downed Cetus earlier, then approached the fallen behemoth. "Right, it doesn't look too difficult to reattach this. Then - hopefully - the portal will reopen and we can throw the bomb through."

      The Hunter set about re-integrating the core he'd ripped out of the Vex, he asked Arxus: "What's our play, boss?"

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    • "Nice speech, Arxus." Scythe growled as his ship descended toward what was left of the Lighthouse. "Fenrir, if you could talk to the Cabal for us and then join us down here, that would be great..."

      Aboard the Ketch, the handful of heavily-armed Vandals and Dregs that had clustered around several Skiffs erupted into cheers as Teriks Prime finished translating Arxus' speech into Fallen. < Guardians: it is, as humans are fond of saying, Do or die time. Good luck. >

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    • (This is Harmony. I’m just too lazy to log in.) Kei smacked a magazine onto Susanoo, “Let’s get this party started.”

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    • "Grim. Map." As soon as Arxus said this, Grim projected a hologram of their target.

      "While we were down there, I managed to map out a digital representation of the Vex Underworld," Grim said. The image shown was the same place that Avori and Arxus had been previously; a wide corridor full of Vex pods, Vex gates everywhere and the dwelling place and control center for the Repetitive Mind.

      "There's various ways to get into the Underworld," Arxus began to speak. "Scythe and the House of Blades will enter here," he said as he pointed towards one of the Vex gates at the front. "Pariah and her Disciples will enter here." He pointed towards another gate, just across from the first. "Your groups will run distraction while Avori and myself slip in the back, prime the bomb, and then we all can get the hell out of there."

      "If Avori can get that Cetus' gate working, I can program it to spit us out at different destinations," Grim commented. 

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    • "What of Fenrir and the Cabal?" Avori asked.

      "More importantly, what about extraction?" Avori's Ghost added. "How are we going to get back out once the bomb's armed - and then back in to confirm the kill?"

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    • "So... we get to make a frontal assault against a heavily-defended Vex stronghold? What could possibly go wrong?" Scythe snarked as he took in the details of the map. "How big are the gates and corridors? Big enough, and we might be able to squeeze a few Walkers through." As Arxus and Avori continued explaining their plan, Scythe spoke up again. "Assuming my Ketch is still spaceworthy after all this, I can give you a ride back to The City. But after that? Don't call us, we'll call you."

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    • "If Fenrir and the Cabal do show up, he can cover us from here," Arxus continued, pointing at another Vex gate somewhere at the front. "And we won't be able to confirm the kill. Most of that chamber will probably collapse with the payload." That was the most ideal outcome; Arxus didn't even bother to say what would happen if the bomb failed to put a dent into the Mind.

      "Plenty of space for Walkers. Should be able to fit in two or three, if we're lucky." After laying out the plan, Arxus swiped his hand and Grim disengaged the holographic display. "If we make it out alive, it'll be much appreciated."

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    • While Argus discussed their battleplan, a single Harvester detached itself from Vita Extinctor's hangars. Inside it, Ma'carn was flanked by his Honor Guard in full battle-gear.

      "Switch to open communication channels."

      The lone Psion pilot silently nodded and, with the press of a button, removed the encryption that protected the Primus' comms.

      "Guardians and Disciples of Osiris, I am Primus Ma'carn of the Storm Juggernauts. One of your kind sent a call for aid to us, and we have answered it!" Ma'carn's voice boomed across both Guardian, Disciple and Fallen channels. As he spoke, the Harvester gradually slowed its approach towards the Lighthouse and initiated its landing.

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    • “We can’t confirm the kill?” Avori’s Ghost again sounded worried. “How will we know if it’s successful? We can’t leave here just hoping we got it?”

      The Ghost was interrupted by Ma’carn’s greeting. Although he did not stop work on his task of jury-rigging the Cetus, Avori looked up to watch the Harvester land.

      “Much appreciated, Ma’carn,” Avori responded over the same open channel that Ma’carn has broadcasted on. “We’re going to need all the help we can get...”

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    • "Hmm. If we can get enough space around here," Scythe gestured at the wreckage and rubble surrounding them "I might be able to cram a Walker or two through the Cetus' timegate." At Ma'carn's interruption, he looked up at the descending Harvester and waved. "Glad to have you with us, Primus. It's going to be a bit crowded in the Mind's Underworld, but this should be quite fun." With that, he switched channels to address his Fallen that were gearing up on the Ketch. "Eliksni of House Blades, today we embark on what could be the most important battle of our lives. We stand against a Vex Mind that seeks to erase us all from existence. But we stand united! Guardians, Disciples, Eliksni, and Cabal. Together we will make our stand against this nightmare! I am counting on you. Guardian-Kell out."

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    • Kei tuned into the comms, "Scythe. Where do you need me? I'm ready to go when you are."

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    • "Ah, crap." Scythe grumbled at the realization that he'd left Kei behind. "Kei? I'm dispatching my jumpship to come pick you up. Get to the hangar, and meet the Blades that are gearing up by the Skiffs. You can escort them to the surface, if you don't mind."

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    • "How can we? We wouldn't be able to get back after the bomb goes off-" Arxus cut himself off when Ma'carn announced his presence. Sand whipped up as the Harvester began to land. "Well, I'll be damned... he actually got them."

      "Glad to have you with us, Storm Juggernauts," Arxus said. At Scythe's behest, Arxus had some of the Disciples start clearing out the rubble so Scythe could bring down some Walkers. Departing from the bomb, Arxus grabbed what slabs of stone he could and tossed them out of the way, at least hopefully giving them enough space for a proper staging area before they launched their final assault.

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    • “If the Hive were here, we’d have a full house,” Avori noted, with a slight chuckle. He continued fiddling with the Cetus’ innards until suddenly he connected two sparking wires, causing several cables connected to the power core to glow a bright white. The Cetus and its time game remained inactive, but presumably they would be activated when Avori connected the last remaining cable.

      “Aha! Got it!” He shouted to nobody in particular. Then, he addressed Arxus. “I think I should be able to activate this thing on demand now, Arxus. Waiting on your go-ahead.”

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    • Ma'carn's arrival at the Lighthouse was punctuated by the hiss of the Harvester's troop bay opening up. With a quartet of Centurions at his side, Ma'carn shouldered his Archammer and stepped outside.

      "I wish to speak with the commander of this outpost. We have much to discuss!"

      "I'm going to need a ride as well. My Jumpship is currently a wreck in the Fields of Glass." Fenrir was quick to take Scythe's offer. "I'll meet Kei in the hangar."

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    • With the Cetus gate ready, the last thing left was to storm the Underworld. Arxus allowed everyone time for preparation, while he prepared as well. Guns were reloaded; the Disciples took whatever they had left out of their armory, including rocket launchers and sniper rifles. Their supply was limited, but hopefully, this would be the last time they would need to launch a large scale offensive. Any time soon, anyways.

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    • "Greetings. I'm Scythe 6-2, Acting Kell of the Fallen House of Blades." Scythe offered a handshake. "I'm not entirely sure who's in charge of this entire operation, though." He motioned to the others. "You're looking at what's left of Fireteam Argus and the Disciples of Osiris. This place--" he nodded to the walls and rubble surrounding them--"is the Lighthouse. Or what's left of it."

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    • Pariah eyed Ma'carn warily, but eventually gave him a curt nod before introducing herself. "Pariah. De-facto leader of... what's left of the Disciples of Osiris here on Mercury."

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    • "It's a servicable base enough," Arxus added, as he crossed his arms and overlooked the new arrival of the Storm Juggernauts. "We'll have to move quickly, though. I'm not sure if we have much time left, let alone how much the Mind's fortified their position since our last visit."

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    • Just as Arxus finished, two Skiffs descended toward the Lighthouse. Scythe could see that each one contained a small crew of Fallen and a Walker slung underneath. "Oh good. I was wondering when they would show up." He waved to get their attention and pointed to an open area where they could set down.

      (And with that, I'm gone for most of the day today)

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    • (The way I see it, one of two things happened with this RP:

      1. I killed it with my last post

      2. People are busy with holiday stuff)

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    • (Or:

      3. Inq hasn't bothered to have Ma'carn reply, when almost every character is waiting on a response from him.)

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    • (Kei arrived with the Skiffs btw) 

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    • (Can everyone do a roll call so we know who's here?)

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    • HarmonyBass wrote:
      (Can everyone do a roll call so we know who's here?)

      (M67/Scythe, still here and waiting for something to do)

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    • (I'm still here.)

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    • (Still alive. I guess we were waiting on Inq to do something.)

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    • (Wait, I know what's going on. The Repetitive Mind paused the game to go get some popcorn)

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    • (Intermission: This has nothing to do with the actual story I just think it'd be funny)

      Kei transmatted out of Scythe's jumpship, landing on the currently empty landing pad of the Lighthouse. It almost seemed like a ghost town, as most others, excluding a few maintenance frames, had moved elsewhere. He sighed and muttered to himself, "Forgotten again huh?"

      He summoned his ghost and removed his helmet, "Am I really that forgettable?"

      His Ghost's shell rotated a few times as she replied, "If I was not constantly inside of your head, I would most likely forget you as well."

      Kei rolled his eyes and began walking towards the cluster of main buildings, "Gee, love you too..."

      "What's tha-", Kei stopped as his Ghost was cut off mid sentence. 

      "Ghost?", he called to her, glancing around himself. For a minute he feared that the Vex Mind had found a way to once again block his connection to his Ghost. However these fears were put to rest, albeit rather suddenly when he was grabbed by an invisible force. He struggled against the unseen enemy, fighting to free himself. 

      After a white flash Kei vanished.

      The Warlock fell a few feet into the dirt, rolling before settling into a crouch and raising his fists. His weapons were gone, pulled right out of their holsters by the invisible entity.

      "If I show myself. Will you set me on fire or something?", a slightly synthetic voice called out.

      Kei turned in a circle in an attempt to find the source of the voice, "Depends. Where is my Ghost."

      "Your Ghost is fine, I just stunned it for a minute."

      Kei lowered his fists an inch, "And my weapons?"

      Susanoo and the rest of his gear fell out of thin air onto the ground. 

      The Guardian scrambled and snached up the weapons, sliding them into their respective places on his person.

      "So I'll ask again. If I drop my cloak, will you shoot me?", the voice called out again.

      Kei sighed, "I guess not. Either you can kill me faster than I can shoot you, or you really aren't an enemy."

      An exo seemed to pop into existance right in front of the Warlock, causing him to flinch in a startled manner.

      The Exo stretched his arms upwards and did a few stretches. (however unnecessary they may have been) He turned back to Kei and clapped his hands together, "Now, this is purely hypothetical. But, say I'm a time traveller. And the only way I can effectively function outside of my timeline is, say a computer chip with the memories of my future self that I could download into my head." Kei only blinked in confusion as the Exo continued, "The Problem- sorry Hypothetical problem- that I would have is that I need to find the deceased body of my future self in order to know what happens." The Exo teleported himself next to the Kei and drapped an arm over his shoulder, "What I'm trying to say is that if this story was not completely made up and not at all the truth. Where would I find my- I mean the -body of my future self?"

      Kei removed the Exo's arm and took a few seps away, "Are you... The Stranger? I've heard rumors about the Stranger before but... Weren't you a girl?"

      The Exo stomped his foot, "I'm not the Fucking Stranger! Ugh! Fine! I'll find this hypothetical future body of mine myself!"

      Kei was once again enveloped in a flash of light, reappearing on the landing pad of the Lighthouse.

      "-at?", his Ghost said from her place beside him, as if finishing her sentence from earlier.

      Kei glanced around, his confusion only growing as he realized that nothing seemed out of place at all. 

      "Kei? Are you ok?", his Ghost asked.

      Kei shook his head in an attempt to clear it, "Uh... I'm fine... I think... I need to ask Scythe what was in those painkillers they used on me during surgery..."

      His Ghost paused in thought, "Okkkkkaaaaayy... Weirdo..."

      (Poorly written time consuming trash! And again, this has nothing to do with the story. I just got bored...)

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    • (Hmmmmm. The thread seems.......) 

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    • (And with that last post the thread was abandoned. Left to turn to dust in the wake of the anchient warrior...)

      (honestly tho. Y'all where'd ya go.)

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    • (I'm still around, just in a very diminished capacity)

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