• Hi T3chnocide! I'm Mike with the Community Development Team at Fandom. We met last year in Poznan - I hope you are doing well? We are wondering if Destiny Wiki would be open to the possibility of having a temporary wordmark for the weekend of Feb 10 to Feb 12. The wordmark will incorporate the branding of Mega Construx which produces official Destiny merchandise. Currently, this is only a possibility and we are trying to gauge interest. If you agree, the wordmark will be designed by Fandom, and you will get the chance to approve any design before it gets uploaded. Let me know what you think!

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    • Hey Mike. I'm really sorry this took so long to get back. I've been extremely lied up recently! I'm not sure if this is still a go ahead, but we'd be ok with this? Alternatively, in future you can contact my colleagues Vektor0 and Silicon Soldier. Again, sorry for the late reply¬†:(

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