• Hi T3CH,

      All the Wrath of the Machine raid weapons and armors (and more new weapons and armors) are out, is there any way the Ghost API can put them in?

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    • Since they are publically accessible on the Armory (i.e. searchable), it should just be a matter of T3CH running the bot. He's currently improving the bot for just this task, so the bot should get onto it soon.

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    • Oh, okay. Thank fo letting me know. How's Rise of Iron for you? I still don't have it

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    • Its different.

      The main campaign is bit sized compared to the one in The Taken King, but what's there is really well done.

      The new region does seem to provide more of a challenge, which is nice.

      The Archon's Forge is a nice blend between the Prison of Elders and the Court of Oryx, and at my current 344 light, provides a hell of a challenge at the higher tiers.

      The exotic quests for Khvostov 7G-0X and the newer Gjallarhorn are good.

      I also really liked the twist towards the end of the campaign. Made it unique, and not just a rehash of the previous gameplay.

      Oh, and Warlocks finally have some exotic leg armor. 👌

      Overall, I'm liking it so far. Just feels a little light on content so far, but that'll probably change over time if The Taken King is anything to go by.

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    • Okay, thank you for letting me know. I'm hoping (after I get the DLC) to grind the Khvostov quest so I can customize it whatever I want

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    • No grinding necessary actually. Bungie managed to strike a good balance with it (for once). Nothing like the "collect Hadium Flakes, and other materials" like with the sword quests. Of course, that also means it ends rather quickly. XD

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    • I'd rather have the quest be easy than a quest that is tedious (Ahem... Exotic Sword Quest) Lol.

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