• The Guardian fireteam led by Curran Tulsan, Terra Far, and Cev-046, with the help of another Guardian named Osagia, has pushed back the Fallen assault on the Saturnian moon, Titan. The last Fallen forces were spotted moving in-system earlier.

    But, the once-routine mission has turned into a desperate battle for survival. The Vex Inquisitive Mind, Tortheon, has returned to Titan to awaken a mysterious source of Vex power, and the Cabal leader Bracus Vor'umic rallies his forces again.

    Answering a call for help, the Vanguard has sent an Elite agent named Ceruliam to assist the Guardians in uncovering the secret behind the Vex activity. However, this agent is not one to work alongside other guardians, and has his own agenda against the Vex and Cabal. On top of that, other Vanguard agents lie in wait, watching and preparing for the worst. Darkness lies on the horizon, and soon no Guardian will be safe from it.

    (Hello again. I would like to say first off that this RP is drastically improved since the original Arrakis Vaults. Instead of everyone entering their own short storylines, they are free to write about only their characters, as an RP should be. It will greatly increase the immersion effect of an RP. The character system is very much the same:


    Species and Gender

    Class (Subclass Optional)

    Primary Weapon

    Secondary Weapon

    Heavy Weapon


    Chest Armor




    Note: Inquisitor01, I noticed you posted a character bio before I moved here. I would just like to tell you that you may still use this character.

    Other than that, welcome to the Siege of Time! Please enjoy the RP!

    -Nova Spartan 038)

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    • Curran led the fireteam back to the plateau where they had stored their personal ships. As he disembarked his Sparrow, he looked to Osagia. Despite her wounds in the battle with Besis, she already looked much stronger.

      They each split up and boarded their craft. Curran opened a small storage locker in his own. His Ghost appeared next to him. "Are you feeling alright?"

      "Just fine. I'll feel better when this is all over and we can get back to the tower."

      "I know what you mean." The device said, swiveling its facets. It then went over to check something. Curran took the time to clean his Red Death and make some slight tuning adjustments.

      After some time, a small alert chimed. "I'm detecting a Vanguard ship approaching." His Ghost said.

      "It must be Osagia's friend from the Vanguard." Curran said, slinging his weapon on his back. His armor was still dented and plastered with dried, orange mud. But a Titan didn't complain about looks. "Let's go meet this 'Ceruliam', then."

      (Note: I don't want to disappoint anyone, but I will maintain control of Terra and Cev for this RP. Release TheKraken, you may resume your command of Osagia, if you so wish.)

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    • Romulus Akesti

      Human Male

      Titan (Note- if TTK classes are allowed, he will stay a Sunbreaker primarily. Otherwise, Striker.)

      Appearance- Romulus is very tall, 6ft 10. He has short hair, and blue eyes. His left foot is prosthetic, after it was blown off by a mine.

      NL Shadow 701x


      Pax Totallus

      Helm of Inmost Light

      Kellslayer's Curiass, Grips, Greaves

      Bio- A young man at the time of the Collapse, Romulus carries a deeply seeded hatred of the Cabal.  Romulus was born and killed in the European Dead Zone, so he has a British accent. After he was revived by his Ghost, Romulus hiked hundreds of miles until he found a single, broken-down Sparrow. His Ghost repaired it. He then proceded to ride the speeder for 11 days before coming across a dead Guardian. Romulus used the Guardian's scout rifle to fight off a huge swarm of Dregs from an unknown house. His Ghost located the slain Guardian's jumpship. He returned the body to the City, where the newly revived Guardian let Romulus keep the gun. He then trained as a Titan, picking up tricks from Zavala and Shaxx along the way.

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    • (Sure thing Nova. Also, I have a reason as why Osagia met Ceruliam..... you'll know later')

      (Also, can we use TTK subclassses? PLEASE?!?!?)

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    • (A few hours after the meeting.....)

      Osagia was in a heated match of Trials. The score was 4-4, with less than a minute on the clock. Redying her Jewel, she  prepared for the enemy to rush them.

      They never did, as they were in the back, sniping. Suddenly, Osagia saw a line of blue energy, traveling mach speeds, graze her head, striking her teammate behind her. 

      She was going to end this.

      Pulling out her Lord Of Wolves and reviving her fallen teammate, she led the charge. The enemy team, caught off guard, were firing shot after shot at them, hoping that one of the bullets connected with their heads.

      Ceruliam, her somewhat boyfriend, charged into one the enemy team's faces, slamming them into the wall, reducing them down to Ghost form.

      They killed the rest and basked in their victory.

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    • (I wanted this RP to take place sometime before TTK, as Atheon's warning to Tortheon was referring to Oryx's arrival. However, I don't suppose it would hurt to use the new subclasses. Just use caution, OK? Thanks.)

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    • (Very nice! Very nice indeed! <insert applause here>)

      Thraxx was lying in mud. He hated mud. Not because of the reason so many other Hunters hated it; their clothes gets dirty by it. Thraxx hated it because it was impossible to line up a sniper rifle shot when you lie in it. And he had been in the mud for three days now. Three days since he had landed on Titan, three days since he had gotten orders from the Vanguard to go there. And after three days he had not found anything but a bunch of shot-down Skiffs, the corpse of a Fallen Captain who might have been a Baron (Thraxx had looted the corpse), and the sealed entrance to some old, possibly Golden Age, underground bunker. He had tried to open it, but it had remained sealed. Now, Thraxx had decided to go after the Cabal. Either they knew how to open the gate, or he would just steal a Projection Rifle and blow the gate open. However, what he saw when he finally reached the top of the damned muddy cliff he had been crawling on, was not Cabal. Three jumpships, placed in the shape of a triangle. No Guardians could be seen around the ships though, so they were either away doing whatever mission they were supposed to do, or they were inside them. Thraxx hoped for the latter as he started his descent from the cliff.

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    • (Yay! Thnx Nova!)

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    • Thraxx slowly approached the Jumpships. He was vary of possible traps, and proceeded with caution. Soon, he found himself near the closest Jumpship, an ancient Arcadia-class Ship. Carefully examining it and the other ships, Thraxx deducted there were no traps. He looked over to the other ships, a Kestrel Class CX0 and a LRv3 Javelin, and saw no lifesigns. He walked over to the Kestrel and heaved himself up on it. Peeking inside the cockpit he saw a cloak wrapped around the pilot chair. A Hunter owns this ship, Thraxx thought. Looking inside the Javelin Thraxx found several data-slates spread around controls, and a few books here and there. Warlock, Thraxx thought. And finally, he observed the cockpit of the Arcadia and saw that it was tidy and clean, but the heads of Fallen Captains adorned the back. On the control desk Thraxx saw a polished helmet with a large plasteel visor. However, there was a few pools of mud around the pilot seat. This Titan have recently been in action, and is still inside the ship, Thraxx thought. Carefully, he knocked on the glass.


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    • Curran heard a tapping on the cockpit while he was head-first in the spare parts locker, followed by a muffled noise. Something was out there. It wasn't Terra, Cev, or Osagia. His helmet systems were still reading their beacons in their ships. "Ghost? Analysis?" His device appeared, buzzing as it scanned. "There is a life form just outside. I cannot tell what kind, it is obstructed by mud."

      "Maybe it's a Psion. They seem to love getting their hands dirty." Curran reached over and grabbed his Red Death. "You know, when I first met you, I really didn't peg you for the shoot-first-ask-questions-later-type."

      "I wasn't. But then I went into the depths of Hive catacombs, the bellies of Fallen Ketches, the hearts of Vex networks, and the innermost workings of Cabal bases. I learned not to take chances."

      "You really should with this. We're expecting Vanguard warriors, soon. That could be them."

      "I'll fire a round at their feet. I see one wrong move, they see nothing more."

      "This can only end badly..." The Ghost said. For Curran or the contact outside, he didn't know.

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    • Thraxx heard a noise inside the Jumpship and jumped down to the ground. However, he had barely touched it when three rounds struck down at his feet. By pure reflex, Thraxx dove behind the Arcadia for cover and drew Hawkmoon, without as much as a glance at his assailant. Then he realized what a fool he was. He slowly stood up holding Hawkmoon high into the air, knowing that he would die if he did anything unexpected. Titans were known as the shoot-first-ask-questions-later type. Thraxx stepped out of cover, still holding Hawkmoon high up.

      "Don't shoot me. I am Thraxx Umbra, Vanguard Hunter and mercenary for the three Factions. I was sent here to investigate the reports about Fallen and Cabal engagments, and possibly take out their leaders."

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    • The newcomer revealed himself, pistol in the air in a "don't shoot!" gesture. Curran, realizing they were another Guardian, slung his Red Death. "Appologies. I seem to have lost sight of myself since the Fallen incursion." He reached back and removed his helmet. "My name is Curran Tulsan." He introduced himself. "So, you're here to assist us?"

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    • Romulus downed a shot of vodka.

      < You know, drinking while driving is dangerous. >

      The Titan grinned at the Ghost, chuckling at his sarcastic remark.

      "When you're as big as me, that shot's like a glass of water."

      Catalyst Edge, his Phaeton class ship, lifted into the air gracefully. It truly was a beauty... dual 30mm chainguns mounted on each wing, 18 Trueseeker MicroNuke warheads, and a sleek, white and red paint job that made the Suros guys tremble.

      "So, describe to me the next assignment."

      <We're off to Titan. There are some Guardians there in need of reinforcements.>

      "What are we up against?"

      <Not sure yet... I'll keep you updated.>

      The Edge entered NLS space immediately after this.

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    • "I suppose so.", Thraxx said. "Cayde himself sent me here. Anyway, nice to meet you Curran." Thraxx removed his helmet and performed a traditional Awoken bow. "Would you mind informing me on what happened here?"

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    • "Gladly." Curran replied. "24 hours ago, the Vanguard detected a hailstorm of Vex, Fallen, and Cabal signals coming from this moon. We traced it to the Arrakis Planitia, where Clovis Bray had an old research center. Turns out they were studying Vex Precursor bodies and ruins. We tried to learn more, but the Cabal made off with something and we don't know what it was. So far, Vex activity is minimal."

      "And the Fallen?" Thraxx asked. Curran allowed a smile to escape his lips. "Beaten. Chased the last of 'em off-world. Cabal are still here, but have retreated for the moment."

      "Who's this?" Terra asked, silently walking up behind Curran. The Titan turned. "This is Thraxx, a Vanguard soldier sent to assist us. Thraxx, this is Terra Far, and that's Cev-046." He said, gesturing as the Exo approached. Osagia was, as of yet, nowhere to be seen. "There is another one here, Osagia, but Terra, Cev, and I were a team of our own for awhile."

      "I see." Thraxx said. "But can you tell me more of these Vex?"

      Rhakor and Thraliks hiked along the ridge, slogging through deep mud. They had been abandoned since the battle in the Vault Archives, and left behind by the retreating Fallen forces. Thraliks, younger than Rhakor, was fast losing strength. "What are we going to do now? We have no Kell, no Ketch, no House!"

      "I am aware, Thraliks. We must try to survive... in ANY way possible..."

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    • Osagia was impatient. Curran was supposed to be meeting her here to give her and the others a mission brifeing. He was about a hour late. Twiddling her thumbs, she stood by her ship, a refirbished blockade runner decked with the House Of Devil's insagania. "Dawn?' Osagia said.

      <Yes? What's up?> replied the Ghost

      "Play the Jeopardy theme"


      Curran and Terra finally showed up.

      Osagia glared at them "Took you long enough."

      Terra gave her a sheepish grin "Yeah, we're sorry. We had some... cargo to pick up".

      Osagia eyed Terra in curiosity. "Cargo?"

      She stepped aside to reveal two Guardians. One was a tall human Titan, with short hair and blue eyes. The other was a Hunter, with dark blue skin and yellow hair swept to one side.

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    • (Romulus was already on the way. I ha- I strongly dislike when folks teleport my OCs around. But, we'll roll with it.)

      Romulus was the first to step forward, reaching his hand out to Osagia. Good first impressions weren't... his forté.

      "Romulus Akesti." He smiled in a friendly manner.

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    • Osagia reached out and shook his hand. "Osagia-34".

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    • Curran watched the new Guardians get acquainted with Osagia. "I'm sorry to interrupt the proceedings, here, but we are low on time. Cabal and Vex are still here, and we haven't accomplihed our main objective yet."

      "Well, I'm not stopping you." Cev said, folding his arms over his chest.

      Curran nodded to his Ghost: "Display map of area." A hologram appeared between all of the Guardians, displaying the lay of the land. Curran pointed to an area, marked with a red triangle. "We are here. The Arrakis Vaults are approximately two miles from here. We know the Cabal fled to the east. We have no idea where the Vex are, save for the slipstream whispers they leave when they teleport." He addressed Thraxx and Romulus. "I know Terra and I can find the Cabal, but do you have any ideas on how to find the Vex? We haven't found any of their confluxes yet."

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    • Osagia snapped her fingers, lightning crackling from her hand

      "The Templar! He's the Master Of Confluxes and Oracles. If we can tap into a Oracle and use it to gain control of the Confluxes, we'll have them!"

      Everyone stared at her, eyes wide.

      Romulus started laughing. "Yeah, let's just infiltrate the MOST POWERFUL Vex stronghold on Venus, kill the Templar of all damn things, and use it to locate the Vex? You're frigging crazy!"

      Ceruliam stepped in. "Osagia's idea is good in theory. But it's a long shot"

      "It's worth a shot" piped in Terra.

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    • Romulus smiled.

      "I like crazy." He cracked his knuckles.

      "Here's how we tap the Oracles. Does anyone remember the Fallen siege on the Vault?"

      A couple of nods, here and there.

      "The Fallen were attempting to draw power out of the Oracles. How they intended to do so is beyond me, but here's something I do know, something they figured out. The Oracles are all pieces of the Templar. If we can get some solid, tangible part of one, chances are, we can get acces to these Confluxes."

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    • "You two do realize that we would have to leave Titan to even attempt to tap into these Oracles, right?", Thraxx said, gesturing towards Romulus and Osagia. "Which means that both the Cabal and the Vex would get a chance to get inside the Arrakis Vaults and grab whatever's in there." He paused. "Besides, I got a much better idea anyway." Thraxx waited to continue, wanting to make sure everyone listened. "Some time ago I hunted a Vex Axis Mind on Venus for the Vanguard. It had, let's say, an affinity for teleporting around. What I am trying to say is that I learned something about the Vex on Venus. And that is that they never, ever, bother to set up new confluxes unless A: The Conflux has gotten destroyed, or B: They need to reach a new destination. This means that eventually, the Vex force here on Titan will show up at a Conflux they have already used. What we need to do to take advantage of this, is that we locate an Axis Mind, blast it, grab its mind core and let our Ghosts analyse the data stored inside. This way we can learn important Vex intel, and also set our radars to locate Confluxes. It's rather easy really." Thraxx looked towards the group and observed them to see how they had taken his proposal. Curran and his friends appeared to like the idea of not leaving Titan, Romulus seemed a bit sceptical, and Osagia and her unknown friend looked as if they had just heard the worst idea ever, which was funny, as they were the ones who had suggested that they all would go to Venus and attempt to raid the Vault of Glass. "So," Thraxx said. "Who agree with me?"

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    • "Well, my plan was mostly based around a theory from a very boring Warlock... but, alright. It might do."

      Romulus wasn't at all disappointed that they wouldn't have to deal with an extension of Atheon itself. Good on it.

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    • The moment Curran heard the plan, he was glad he was wearing a helmet. The astonished look he gave Osagia could've burned through Relic Iron. As they finished with their plans, he stepped in. "Now, hold on! Are we certain we want to attempt something like this? I'm with Romulus on this one. Raiding the Vault of Glass is pure crazy!"

      "What if... only some of us went?" Terra suggested. "I could go with Osagia and Romulus to Venus to hack the Oracles. Curran, Cev, and Thraxx could stay here and locate the rest of the Cabal and Vex."

      Curran fell silent. He actually admired this plan. "Does anyone agree with Terra?"

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    • (Well shit, I'm outta ideas. SOMEONE, SAVE ME!)

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    • (All I ask is that someone either agree OR disagree with Terra! USE YOUR OPINIONS, PEOPLE!)

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    • "You know what, Terra? Curran? Let's do this. Half of us stay on Titan, half scuttle over to the Vault. Those who stay find a Vex Mind and take the mind bit. Guardians going to the Vault will take care of Oracles. But, I have to say this. Minds aren't common. If you want a Mind, you have to kick up some dirt with a group of Vex. Keep fighting them till they send in a mind.

      The Vault team has it no easier. But it's simpler. The Vault can take as much as we throw at it. Or more."

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    • "I do agree with Terra. And if so, can I be on the Vault team? It's been AGES since i've done a raid. Also, it'll be a chance to test out what my new Stormcaller powers can do." said Osagia. She looked down at her hands, blue lightning crackling from the tips.

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    • "I'll go to the Vault as well. I have to kill things to keep my sanity."

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    • (Nova, why did you ignore my post?)

      "Hmpf. I guess I'll be sensible and stay here then, since no one else will!" Thraxx angrily turned away from the group and brought out his Sniper Rifle. "Oh, by the way, mr-know-it-all, I happen to be aware on the methods needed to draw out a Vex Mind." As Thraxx started to climb up the cliff he had been on earlier, he shouted down to the rest of the Guardians. "Seriously, is no one coming with me?!"

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    • "Come on, people. Volunteer for Thraxxy, " Romulus yelled.

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    • Curran watched as the Guardians made up their minds. "Well, I'm staying. I've had my fair share of encounters with the Vault of Glass. I almost prefer the mud. Thraxx, wait up!"

      (Sorry I ignored your post. I just get really confused with some things. I'm trying to keep this thread together [or at least my parts].)

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    • (Hello... anyone? Please don't tell me you've given up!)

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    • (My apologies. I have alot of things going on at the moment, but I'll gladly continue the RP.)

      Thraxx, Curran and Cev had been walking through the mud for hours, with no trace of anything. Thraxx hoped they would arrive at the Vaults soon, as his precious sniping equipment were getting more stained and jammed with mud for every moment that passed. Suddenly, Thraxx stopped, looking around the area, and oddly, sniffing, as if a huge pile of manure had been dropped right beside him. Cev noticed this, while Curran continued on, passing by a collection of large rocks.

      "Oh, shit...." Thraxx said quietly.

      "What is it Thraxx?" Cev asked the Hunter.

      "We need to hide. Now."

      "What?" Before Cev could get an answer from Thraxx, the Hunter had grabbed him, pulling both of them under one of the rocks.

      "What is going on?" Cev said angered.

      Thraxx said nothing, only putting a finger to his mouth, gesturing for Cev to be quiet. He then pointed to his helmet, and then to Cev's. Suddenly, Thraxx' voice was heard inside Cev's helmet.

      "Would you mind shutting up? The Cabal will hear us."

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    • Romulus walked back to Catalyst Edge, pretty glad he'd be going out of this shithole once everyone else made up their minds. "Anyone else comin to the Vault?"

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    • (Glad everyone's still here.)

      Curran slogged through the mud, trying to focus on his team's mission.

      At the thought of his team, he thought something was amiss. He stopped, creating silence. He heard nothing behind him- no slogging through the mud. Cev and Thraxx were not there.

      "What the hell?"

      His Ghost, without appearing, buzzed in his ear: "You may want to take cover..."


      "Just do it. I'll answer when I make sure your organs are still inside your body."

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    • Romulus noticed that the group had fallen silent.


      Instinctively, Romulus hit cover. The sounds of Harvester engines and Goliath Tanks was heard.  He activated the comms network through his helmet.

      Romulus hissed through the microphone,

      "What are they doing here? And by here, I mean this spot! Not Titan in general."

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    • Curran had just gotten behind a rock when the Cabal emerged out of the mist. Several Legionaries flanked by Phalanxes and led by Centurions marched forwards, past the cliffs. In the middle of the formation was two Goliath Tanks, weapons readied. Then, the large group stopped, just about twenty metres away from Curran's position. A Centurion at the front, marked with Imperial signatures, shouted something incomprehensible, and then, a small part of the formation broke away, marching inside the cliff area, and past Curran. Luckily for the Titan, the thick mist, combined with the Cabals poor eyesight, caused the patrol to miss Curran.

      "What do we do now? We can't just leave Curran out there." Cev said to Thraxx, both of them still in cover of the cavernous rock.

      "Listen up. There's a cabal force out there the size of a small company. For all we know, Curran might be caught or killed right now."

      "No, you listen up. Curran is a friend of mine, and I won't leave him behind just like that."

      "Fine. Let's do it your way and get ourselves killed." Thraxx layed himself down on the muddy ground and started to crawl towards the opening of the small cave. Just as he reached the small opening, Thraxx realised that a Legionary had positioned himself just outside the cave. Thraxx quickly drew two small combat knives strapped on his belt. He then used them to stab the Cabal soldier in his legs while knocking the poor Legionary to the ground. Before the soldier could call for help, Thraxx had pulled him inside the cave and stabbed the Legionary in its throat. Thraxx then peeked outside, making sure no one had seen him.

      "Alright, the coast is clear. Move up Cev."

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    • "Anyone mind telling me why these bastards are 'ere? This area has no strategic importance! Are they trying to find something?"

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    • (Post, guys)

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    • (I'm leaving this RP. I have school to worry about and other things. Nova, if you wanna take Osag and Ceru, that's cool).

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    • (Oh, I do care. Prepare for my revenge over your departure!)

      Hearing Romulus constant chatter over the comms, Thraxx decided to reply.

      "My thoughts on it? Most likely a regular patrol, but judging from the size of it, I would say no to that. Other possibility is that they are searching for the Vaults or the Vex. I'm hoping for the latter. Just make sure you stay out of sight, and be quiet. They might just leave you alone."

      In the chasm serving as the Jumpship landing zone, Osagia and Ceruliam decided to do the exact opposite of Thraxx's advice. Immediately after the first two Harvesters had passed, Osagia sprinted out of cover from her Jumpship, body charged with Arc Light. The electrical storm she then unleashed annihilated the entire squad of Legionaries marching on the cliff ridge. Her victory was short however, as the tougher Centurions and Colossus leading the squad had noticed her, opening fire on the Warlock. Only by narrowly jumping behind some rocks did Osagia dodge the projectiles. Then, Ceruliam attacked the assaulters with pure ferocity. Before anyone could as much as blink, the smoldering corpses of the Centurions and the Coloussus were laying on the ground, felled by the fury of the Fourth Horseman. However, the pair had now managed to draw the full attention of the Cabal battlegroup. Just as Ceruliam started to descend the cliff, a Harvester appeared above him, raining down missiles on him. His body tumbled down to the bottom of the chasm, not moving.

      "Ceruliam!" Osagia shouted. She quickly darted forwards to Ceruliam's body. Just as she did that, a group of Cabal dropped down only meters away from her. Suddenly, Osagia was flying through the air, propelled by the impact of Projection missiles. With a loud crack, she landed on the hood of her Reef Blockade Runner, lying completely still.

      Ceruliam was now slowly rising up, using his shotgun as a crutch. Before he got to his feet, a giant Centurion, larger than his brethren, approached the Titan. Ceruliam's Ghost could only roughly translate his speech into "You burn here, Lightwielder!", before the Centurion revealed a large hammer, which he slammed into Ceruliam's head. The Titan dropped to the ground, helmet cracked and blood seeping out of it. A second slam crushed the helmet and caved Ceruliam's head in, brain matter and blood spraying all over the mud. The third and final slam destroyed Ceruliam's Ghost.

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    • (I'm sorry, Release TheKraken. I know what you mean, I am a Junior in high school and have A LOT of stuff to do. You are still welcome on my RPs any time!)

      (Anyway, more to the point, WHAT THE HELL? I leave for a few days, and people start killing each other off! I know I'm far from the best administrator, but this is a little irksome!

      I will allow this to continue, but can we have some form of consensus before we murder other people's characters? I'm talking to you, Inquisitor!)

      (Now, then, since I have gotten my rant out, shall we put it behind us and continue? I believe Curran was still behind a rock...)

      Curran heard a clamor nearby. He gasped to see Osagia fly through the air and land, motionless, on her jumpship. "Osagia!" Curran called, attracting the attention of a Cabal that had not yet been killed by the Guardians.

      But that was nothing compared to what came next: one massive Cabal slammed its battle hammer down on Ceruliam's head while he was down, forcing it to explode in a gory mess. Curran felt repulsed and horrified by the event.

      The Cabal Curran had alerted roared and charged, electric dagger in hand. "Curran! Watch out-" His Ghost didn't even finish when Curran whipped to the right, leaping into the air and flipping over the Cabal. The alien's dagger cut through the air where the Titan had been seconds before, stabbing into a rock and getting jammed.

      Curran, fueled by Light and fury, lurched forward and slammed his fist into the Cabal's backpack. Its life support ruptured, spewing purple mist all over Curran's armor. The Cabal roared as its spine shattered, then collapsed, dead.

      Curran raced back and attacked the Cabal with the hammer, kicking it to the ground. He then grabbed the hammer out of its hands and brought it up over his head. This is for Ceruliam, you turtle-faced son of a bi- He hadn't finished his thought when he slammed the hammer down on the Cabal's skull with all of his Titan strength, instantly flattening it into a gory mess similar to how Ceruliam looked now.

      "Curran... you need to calm down..." His Ghost pleaded. Curran only had one thing on his mind now: revenge. "I'll calm down when all of the Cabal are dead!" He leapt into the air, feeling the Light surge through his body. He swore he saw the hammer light on fire.

      He saw a bright flash of light and heard Cabal screaming as he slammed the hammer into the mud puddle at the center of their group.

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    • And like that, Romulus caught on fire. An enormous clang ran out through the battlefield, as a burning hammer appeared in the Titan's hand. Hordes of Cabal stopped in their tracks to see him, hurtling at the crowd full speed. His fury grew the flames ever brighter, melting as well as crushing the Cabal hit with the Hammer, though they were too busy being dead to notice. All notion of time slipped away from the Sunbreaker as he held his ground in the sunspot, mowing down dozens of Cabal.

      Their burning, tortured, strangled breaths were the most beautiful music in the world.

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    • (Sorry Nova. This won't happen again without your permission. Again, I'm sorry.)

      As Romulus and Curran assaulted the Cabal ground forces, Thraxx noticed that more Harvesters were moving towards them, and a few of them were targeting the Jumpships. Before Thraxx himself knew he had done it, Thraxx had drawn out his rocket launcher.

      "I foresee fire. Fire and screams." Thraxx whispered as he fired off a rocket at the lead Harvester. The missile hit the Cabal vehicle's right thruster, causing it to start spinning around, eventually slamming into another Harvester. The next rocket hit right into the cockpit of one of the troop carriers, making the Harvester come crashing down to the ground, exploding. A few Legionaries managed to crawl out of the burning wreck, screaming in agony, but they all earned a bullet to the head from Thraxx's Hawkmoon.

      While Thraxx continued his missile attack, he noticed that a Harvester were targeting the Jumpships, and Osagia's in particular. The problem was, Osagia was still on her ship. Thraxx immediately dropped the Steel Oracle, sprinting at full speed. Just as the Harvester opened fire with its slug throwers, Thraxx caught the unconscious Osagia and dragged her off of the hood of her ship. Thraxx then quickly slung Osagia over his shoulder, running away from the barrage of slugs coming from the Harvester. As the barrage continued, the Cabal inside the large transport saw an opening, and jumped outside. Thraxx on the other hand had taken cover behind Ceruliam's jumpship. Noticing the large wave of Cabal approaching, Thraxx looked at his team, then at the jumpship he was using as cover.

      "Sorry Ceruliam, but I don't think you'll need this anyway." Thraxx swiftly opened a hatch beneath the jumpship, placed a shock charge, and then ran for his life. Exactly ten seconds later the ship detonated, its core ruptured. The entire wave of Cabal was wiped out.

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    • (Acutually, I'll try to post when I can. I'm not leaving)

      Osag woke up a few minutes later, feeling like she just got hit by a semi-truck.

      She looked around groggily. She saw Curran, Cev and Thraxx, but Ceru was no where in sight.

      "What the hell happened?" she asked?

      "Glad you asked" said Thraxx, noticing she was awake. "We were ambushed by a team of Cabal, you got knocked unconsious, Ceru got his head burst open-

      "WHAT?" Osagia screamed. "HE'S DEAD?"

      "I'm sorry, we couldn't save him. We had to flee or we would all be like him. Dead" said Curran

      Osagia sat there, thinking about what just happened. Ceru.... dead? It was hard to believe.

      "Well, he DID leave something behind" said Romulus. "His shotty"

      Romulus held out his hand to reveal Ceru's 4th Horseman, still intact, with a mind to kill.

      "You should take it. After all, he was your boyfriend. Why not use it to the rip the living shit out of the Cabal?"

      Osagia took the weapon, remember the sound of the thunderclap, the kick, and the shredding power of the shotgun. She would wield it in honor of Ceruliam.

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    • Osagia seemed on the verge of tears as she looked at the Fourth Horseman. The pain of the irony was clear.

      "When I get my hands on those Cabal..." her sadness turned to anger, and Romulus could sense it.

      "I also managed to get this. Ghost?"

      A Cabal helmet appeared above the ground, revealing the head still inside it.

      "This was the head of the Centurion that killed Ceruliam."

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    • (You are forgiven Inquisitor. I'm nothing, if not forgiving.)

      Curran felt himself begin to calm down, and went to the group that had gathered around Osagia. They told her about Ceruliam, which neary shattered her heart, but Curran was too busy to notice.

      The hammer he had picked up from that Cabal was on fire. How was that possible? After slaughtering half of the Cabal force, Curran had gotten a hold of himself and threw the thing away. His Ghost couldn't explain it either.

      "This was the head of the Centurion that killed Ceruliam." Romulus said, bringing Curran back into the real world. He saw the helmet on the ground, still containing the head of the Cabal that had worn it.

      "I hope Terra and the others are having better luck than we are." He said. Thinking of Terra, he snapped to his right, only to see no one was there. "Wait... Where's Cev?"

      Cev had left the group, following a Cabal that had managed to flee from Curran's rampage. He trailed the beast over the muddy plateaus, and watched as it ran down the ridge towards an encampment. Harvesters were docked there, next to several large Cabal huts. "Jackpot." He said.

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    • (Wow. Amazing. Just amazing. Nova managed to do what I had planned to do before I could do it.)

      Cev felt a gentle tap on his shoulder. "Need a helping hand?" Cev spinned around, Hand Cannon drawn. He then relaxed, realising that it was none other than Thraxx who spoke.

      "Great minds really do think alike, don't they Cev? I figured I would leave one of the turtles alive so he could give me his base. Looks like you beat me to it. Anyway, what's the plan?"

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    • Romulus turned to Curran.

      "Where's Cev? Well, we got a functioning communications network patched right into our armour! Well, what in bloody hell are you waiting for? Call him!"

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    • (Don't you leave on me.)

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    • (I'm not going anywhere yet.)

      Curran, however, did not need to call Cev. As Romulus finished making his rhetorical comment, Curran's communicator beeped. He shot Romulus a look. "Yeah, I'll get right on that." He tapped the response key. "Cev? Where are you?"

      "Curran. Head two klicks northeast. Bring heavy stuff. Out." The line cut out. Romulus gave Curran a look. "Alright, better bring heavy stuff." He began walking northeast, when he spotted the Cabal hammer he had dropped lying in the mud.

      His outburst, where the hammer had lit on fire, still perplexed him. But, he admitted, it had done a helluva lot of good. He picked up the hammer and clipped it to his armor. "Let's go." He said. Romulus and Osagia followed. That is, until Curran's communicator beeped again. It was Terra. "Hey, have you seen Osagia and Romulus? I thought we were supposed to head to the Vault."

      (Okay, now's when you need to make the decisions. Stay on Titan to assault the Cabal, or go into the Vault to learn more about the Vex Precursors.)

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    • (Depends. Is Terra already on the way?)

        Loading editor
    • (She's waiting at the ship landing site. She was prepping herself while the fight was going on.)

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    • (Ok. Got it.)

      Romulus activated his comms.

      "Negative, Terra. Return to our position."

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    • Meanwhile, Thraxx had tired of waiting, and had placed himself on a cliff where he could look over the entire Cabal base. He lay down, and placed the Longbow beside him. He then grabbed a pair of binoculars from transmat, and started to observe the Cabal base through them. One of the first things that came to his attention was a large tower, placed almost in the middle of the base. From the looks of it, it appeared to be the command center. This was further reinforced by the fact that there was nearly four times as many guards around it than in the rest of the base. Thraxx continued to scout, and discovered what seemed to be a vehicle depot, with four landing pads on top, five large gates, all of them closed indicating that the Goliaths the depot contained inside were still docked, and finally, twenty smaller gates, of which five were open. Another thing Thraxx took note of was the location of the base itself. It seemed like the Cabal had simply dug a very large and wide hole in the ground, and then built the foundation in the hole. There were three sets of walls surrounding the main base, a tall one on the outer side, built to hold up the compact mud around the base, a lower in the middle, and an even taller one close to the base. Thraxx also noted that between the walls, the Cabal had dug trenches. He then saw the Legionary Cev had followed to the base.

      "So you'll report to your superiors, eh? Can't have that happening, can we?" Thraxx took up his Longbow and deployed a tripod mounted on it, kneeling behind the large sniper rifle. Thraxx praised the Traveler for not putting any mud on the cliff, and then he quickly lined up the shot. The first round struck the running Legionary in the leg, shattering his kneecap and causing him to fall to the ground. Thraxx first thought the Cabal soldier was dead, but then he saw it rising up again, continuing its descent towards the base. By now, Thraxx was sure that the base guards had seen the running Legionary, but he had no choice. He had to finish it. The second round from the Longbow hit the limping Cabal right in its head, and oil and shattered plasteel spewed outwards. The Legionary stopped right in its track and fell to the ground, oil mixing in with the mud.

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    • Curran heard Romulus' response to Terra, telling her to come back to them. He got an idea. "Romulus, could you take Osagia and meet up with Thraxx and Cev? I'll wait here for Terra." He suggested, running his fingers over the tip of the hammer he had picked up. He had to know what had happened to him.

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    • "Sure, Curran. Let's double time it, Osag."

      They began to make their way toward Thraxx and Cev. 

      While Romulus' gun was holstered, and he was focused on running, Osagia clutched the Fourth Horseman. Lightning crackled from her gloves. She heard a voice in her head, a quiet little sound.

      Take them all.

      I will, she responded.

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    • (Hello, all! Sorry I was MIA for soooo long. Me and my family were moving, and we had to pack)

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    • (That's cool, man. Jump right in.)

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    • (If I could, I'd send you an exotic engram for a housewarming gift!)

      While he was waiting for Terra, Curran pulled the hammer from his armor and examinded it. It was nothing but an inch-thick metal cylinder with a rectangular bolck of iron at its tip. But Curran jut couldn't shake his fascination with it. "Ghost?"


      "Replay helmet recorder log, item 23-G."

      "Replaying." Curran's visor became his own personal movie screen, as he re-wathed his rampage from his own view. He orders his Ghost to pause it the moment it lit on fire. "Why did it light like that?"

      "I can't tell. Might have been a failsafe of some kind."

      "If it was a failsafe, I would've burned, too. No, this is something I did."

      "Maybe the designers of the universe gave you a new power to increase their chances of you spending money to worship them."

      "Knock it off, this is serious!" Curran snapped. "Creators of the universe. That's BS." He continued to examine the hammer.  "Continue playback."

      "Continuing." The video played until Curran slammed the hammer into the ground, burning up the Cabal. After that, it stopped. The hammer went out, as did the flames enveloping Curran. The mud at the point of impact had been turned into charred dirt.

      Curran's examination was cut short as he heard a Sparrow approaching. He put the hammer back on his armor and greeted Terra. She nodded. "Where are the others?"

      "They went ahead. Cev found something."


      "He didn't say." Suddenly, they heard a shot ring out nearby. Terra huffed. "I think we are about to find out."

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    • (Awww, that's so sweet. *opens it* *gets Hawkmoon* FUCK YEAH! MERICAAAAAAA!)

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    • (Good lord.

      I just got a 4th Horseman.

      On Xbox.

      From a Legendary Engram.


      Praise RNGsus.)

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    • (Speaking of RNG, since I can't connect to Xbox Live, I've been playing Borderlands 2 to pass the time. MAN, it's fun)

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    • (Well, on with the RP.)

      Shots rang out in the air.

      "The hell are those idiots doing?" Romulus yelled out, confused. "Osagia, triple time! We have to find those two!"

      The two sprinted at top speed, following muddy footprints.

      The strange, vocal Cabal sirens began, as well as the heavy, beeping klaxon. Thraxx and Cev had been noticed.

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    • (Hi guys, I haven't done an RP yet, so if I make a mistake, feel free to fix it)

        So they sprinted as fast as they can, trying to get Thraxx and Cev. As they we're running, they say Thraxx and Cev being held hostage by a couple of Fallen Captains.

      "Ahhhh.... WHY!" Romulus said under his breath, along with many curse words

        Soon, they were surrounded by many dregs, Vandals, & Captains. Though a couple of the Captains  had an insignia stiched at their arms, very similar to the House of Wolves insignia.

      "So they're still alive eh? Wait til' I report this back to Petra." Osaga said.

        (Not of all of House of Wolves members surrendered after Skolas was dead, so a high bounty was set that if you find other Huse of Wolves members, bring them back for a great reward.)

      Then the fight to not just to get get Thraxx & Cev, but to capture the HoW members.

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    • (Oops, That was me on top, Don't worry that part of the story)

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    • wrote: (Hi guys, I haven't done an RP yet, so if I make a mistake, feel free to fix it)

        So they sprinted as fast as they can, trying to get Thraxx and Cev. As they we're running, they say Thraxx and Cev being held hostage by a couple of Fallen Captains.

      "Ahhhh.... WHY!" Romulus said under his breath, along with many curse words

        Soon, they were surrounded by many dregs, Vandals, & Captains. Though a couple of the Captains  had an insignia stiched at their arms, very similar to the House of Wolves insignia.

      "So they're still alive eh? Wait til' I report this back to Petra." Osaga said.

        (Not of all of House of Wolves members surrendered after Skolas was dead, so a high bounty was set that if you find other Huse of Wolves members, bring them back for a great reward.)

      Then the fight to not just to get get Thraxx & Cev, but to capture the HoW members.

      (1: While this depends on the RP, don't control other roleplayers characters.

      2: Please pay attention to the story. The Wolves on Titan have already been defeated, and what remains of their force has left the moon. And the Guardians are assaulting a Cabal base, which has just been alerted to the Guardians prescence a few in-RP minutes ago.

      3: Don't control characters which are not yours.)

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    • (oops, I'm very sorry that you had to control only characters, let me just delete for a second)

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    • (I can't delete it, sorry for about that. Thanks for getting me the info. Don't worry about that)

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    • (I think only Nova Spartan could delete the post.)

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    • (Nova, please delete that post, not part of the story, my mistake. One that says the wikia contributor, 184.185)

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    • (can I join it, if not that's fine, I'll watch)

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    • (I'd let you join, but Nova is away and I don't think he'll be back for a while.)

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    • (it's okay if he says no, thanks Death for informing me)

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    • (I COME OUT OF NOWHERE! Sorry for the extra long MIA period. I've been busy with school and Taken King. Please, forgive me.)

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    • ReleaseTheKraken wrote: (I COME OUT OF NOWHERE! Sorry for the extra long MIA period. I've been busy with school and Taken King. Please, forgive me.)

      (Kraken, just some advice. Instead of just posting stuff that doesn't really contribute to the RP, how about you announce your return to the RP by actually posting an IC post, instead of just doing nothing after the "I am back" message.)

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    • (Alright. I can do that. BTW, since Derp's post "never counted" I'll be working off Death's post about Osag and Rome triple-timing the fuck away from the Cabal.)

      Osag ran like the wind, with Romulus beside her. She give a flying fuck about anything except getting out alive. Soon after they ran out the base entrance, Cabal started pouring out on all sides, shooting at them, trying to catch the two runaway Guardians.

      Osagia tried multitasking, shooting her Jewel behind her as they ran, tearing through the Cabal armor with some effort. Romulus threw out a grenade, burning a path through the horde.

      (Death, if you wanna finish what I started, than go ahead)

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    • (But of course, good Kraken.)

      "Keep moving! Don't waste your bullets!" Romulus shouted at Osagia as he detonated a thermite grenade in his wake.

      There's too many... we won't get out! The Titan's mind was a whirlpool.

      "I'll hold them off! Find Thraxx and Cev! Keep moving!" 

      Osagia looked at him as if to disagree, but suddenly a slug round whizzed past her face.

      "Go!!!" The Titan roared as his anger mounted.

      Osagia continued on, triple timing her way toward the rogue Guardians. Romulus had no doubt she wouldn't have trouble with the Cabal... but something was setting off red flags when he thought of fighting alongside another Guardian.

      But the maelstrom in his psyche suddenly blazed with rage, as fire danced on the glowing hammer in his hand.


      Bullets pinged off his armour as he slammed his hammer to the ground, glassing the sandy floor instantly.

      The Cabal had surrounded him, were pressing in with Phalanxes.

      "COME GET SOME!!!" He shouted as he flung burning hammers at the surrounding Cabal. Exploding hammers, exploding space turtles. The smell of burning oil piercing his mask. Fire everywhere. A centurion got close, firing his slug rifle. A mallet broke its useless solar shield and obliterated its skull instantly, as burning black gunk spewed from the depressurized area.

      After savagely crushing the Cabal, and picking off survivors untill none remained, Romulus' mind cleared.

      The entire area was melting. Support beams sagged. Phalanx shields glowed red. The walls and groumd were scorched and cratered, radiant where the hammers had impacted. The proud Cabal banners that had hung on the walls were naught but ash, save for one. Romulus strolled over to the short piece of cloth.


      He tore off a large strip which was printed with the Legion's symbol.

      "Transmat, Ghost. "

      The banner vanished. Romulus holstered his Invective, and ran the same way Osagia had.

      "Fools. Why does this happen with every fireteam I'm in?"

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    • As Osagia rounded a corner, she came face to face with a giant Goliath Tank. But just as the tank was about to fire its cannon at the helpless Exo, it was engulfed in a large explosion, obliterating the large vehicle. Then, in the distance, a number of similar explosions erupted across the base, destroying a good part of the vehicle bays and the outer walls. Suddenly, another Goliath smashed through the rubble of a few troops barracks laid to waste by the detonations. Surprisingly, the tank didn't fire at Osagia, instead, a hatch on the top opened, revealing two very familiar figures.

      "Hello Osagia. You like my new ride?" Thraxx said.

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    • Romulus heard explosions on the path ahead.

      Not again, he thought.

      He drew The Smolder and planted the stock onto his shoulder.

      As the Titan rounded the corner, he was stunned to see the charred remains of a Goliath, as well as another tank fully intact hovering meters from Osagia. He didn't notice Thraxx's head poking out of the entry hatch untill The Smolder's insensitive trigger was halfway pulled.

      Suddenly aware of the other Guardian, Romulus jerked the rocket launcher away from its intended target. The projectile spiraled into the sky and detonated harmlessly.

      "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!?!" The Titan yelled angily. He shoved the launcher into the maglocks on his back, then Lifted up to the Guardian.

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    • "What I am doing? Well, I just happened to stroll past a vehicle bay in my exploration of this military facility, saw this thing and figured that it would come in handy. I also set up explosives on the other tanks and Interceptors. We are currently in control of the only armored ground vehicle in this base."

      Just as Thraxx finished his sentence, a goliath crashed through a wall, followed by two Interceptors.

      "Umm, scratch that last part." Thraxx said, and climbed down into his tank, shutting the hatch behind him.

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    • (Hey, guys. I'm really sorry for being MIA for so long. I had school, then a birthday to celebrate, and more school, and-

      -oh, not important. On with the RP, shall we?)

      Curran and Terra crested the ridge at last, looking down on the Cabal base. Explosions rippled through the air, accompanied by violent flashes of light. "What the hell are they doing now?!" Curran asked. Terra chuckled. "Whatever it is, I think they could use some backup."

      "What gave you that idea?" They charged down the slope, over burnt Cabal bodies and glassed mud, and into the base. There, they saw Osagia and Romulus riding a Goliath tank as it blasted its companion. "Well... just when I thought I'd seen it all." Curran said, impressed. Terra cocked her head to one side. "I'm guessing Thraxx is driving?"

      "But where's Cev?"

      "Check behind you." Said the Exo's voice. Startled, they whirled around to greet their friend.

      Cev, however, held up something. "Pulled this out of the command network. Might come in handy to our little 'quest'."

      "Maybe." Curran said as Cev transmatted the object to storage.

      Their conversation was interrupted when Romulus shouted, followed by an explosion. "Uh... should we help them?" Cev asked. Terra crossed her arms over her chest. "I was gonna give them five more minutes, but..."

      "Come on!" Curran said, trying to fake sounding disappointed at having to fight. He unslung his massive hammer and charged, catching the eye of a Cabal soldier near the enemy Goliath. It roared and fired its slug rifle.

      Curran leapt into the air and raised the hammer. He was going to turn this guy into a pile of ash...

      ...but was horrified when the hammer didn't ignite. He gasped as he landed right in front of the soldier. It aimed the slug rifle at him and pulled the trigger. At the last second, Curran focused his Light in front of him...

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    • (PS, that last post was mine. I forgot to log in, cause apparently wiki logs me out when I have the box checked not to be...

      But I'm back! crickets...)

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    • (Derp. Good to see you, Spartan!)

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