• Hey there, SnowWolf78, Doug from Wikia here. Late last week, I posted a blog asking for the Destiny community to share their favorite moments and memories from Year One of Destiny. After we accumulate a list, we're looking to capture some of those moments. 

    I'm stopping by to ask if you'd be interested in taking part in some of that video capturing. You can play with some of your friends, or even some members of Wikia Staff (a good amount of us play on PS4). You simply play through a particular event, record the footage, and send it to us!

    It's your decision, If you're interested, just let me know. We won't have the list figured out until next week. I'll also be reaching out to some of the other major contributors here. Feel free to post some of your favorite moments in the blog as well. Thanks!

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    • Sounds simple enough. Most of the missions are more than 15 minutes long (PS4's maximum), though, so I'd have to upload or stitch multiple video files.

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    • That's true. I'd say we'd probably find a way around having one person upload multiple parts, having you take the last 15 minutes and folks from Wikia Staff take the earlier parts of the mission. The video won't be too long (probably around 6-8 minutes with 4-5 moments) so we don't need every second of the mission.

      My PSN name is SealedAspio, go ahead and add me now if you want and I'll keep you updated with any events. Thanks for the quick reply man : >

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