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    In a Prison of Elders run today, I picked up a new Scout Rifle from HoW that's not in the database.  How do I create a page to add its details?

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    • Probably a good way is to take an existing weapon page and copy/change it.

      1. Go to the Fang of Ir Yût page, click Edit in the upper right, then click Source
      2. Copy everything
      3. In the Contribute dropdown, click on Add A Page. Type in the weapon name and click the button at the bottom of the form
      4. In the edit window, switch to Source, then paste everything in.
      5. Change the information as needed - image, stats, bigquote text, etc.
      6. Don't forget to add the categories - Legendary Scout Rifles, House of Wolves Weapons

      If you need any more help, just ask.

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    • Here's the finished version:

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    • Looks good. I made a minor tweak, because the template on the Fang was out of date. Good job.

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