• I feel like Halo and Destiny are somewhat the same. I know everyone knows that there are sci-fi shooters and the timelines are someway the same, but the ememies are the ones with most simariaties.  For example, the Fallen and Covenant are the first ememies to introdunced in the franchise. But that's minor.  How about that they are an noble empire of classes that  grow higher when proven loyalty. Another thing is the lowest soctiey class, Dregs and Grunts are harassed by the Dregs not able to grow their second pair of arms and the Grunts breeded for war. Also they are known to give war against each other such as the Fallen houses are to war to other houses when  thier Kell is killed and the Brutes and Elites haveing war. Post your comments and ideas about the match up of Destiny and Halo and I will post more on the matchup.

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    • Elites vs Fallen

      Brutes vs Cabal

      Grunts vs Psions

      Jackals/Skirmishers vs Hive

      Drones vs Vex

      Spartans vs Guardians

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    • No, Gruns vs Dregs. Those are the disavowed of their races. But Psions match up better with Jackals/Skirmishers. Sniper Jackals vs Hobgoblins would work, too.

      However, I can't see Spartans and Guardians fighting. They both want to preserve humanity. Also, imagine Master Chief as a goddang Sunbreaker holy moly.

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    • Something I thought of:

      The Fallen houses need a Kell of Kells to unite them all together and to restore honor to the Eliksni race. Somewhere I read that, in Grimoire(My guess it was Skolas), but they didn't need Skolas. They needed someone different.

      So what if, there was a Fallen Archon who wanted to unite the Houses, and figured the City\Reef would be the best ally to help him gain control of the Houses? Then, a Guardian, you, could team up with the Archon to gain control of all the Houses and to reunite the Fallen with the Traveler, unite them all with a single house.

      What does this have to with anything Destiny Vs. Halo?

      Remember that other human\alien team that kicked ass? Master Chief and the Arbiter?

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    • Another one of these? We've had five or something already. They really can't be compared.

      Any class of Sangheili is more powerful than your everyday Captain already. The Vandals and Dregs can't even be talked about.

      The Cabal, besides being a completely different species from the Jiralhanae (the former are slow and hulking, the latter agile and muscular), are a highly organised militarised civilisation. The Jiralhanae are far more feral, and live in tribes. This is reflected in how they fight; the Cabal are strategic and logical, utilising shield walls and artillery fire from a distance, while Jiralhanae often go berserk.

      Unggoy are weak, panicky creatures, while the Psions (which are Cabal, so they should be pitted against the Jiralhanae already) are very fast, cunning and powerful operatives with telekinetic abilities.

      There's three different classes of Kig-Yar you'll find on the field. The snipers, the shield-bearers, and the Skirmishers. Literally none of these classes are comparable to any of the Hive classes you can find.

      Yanme'e... Versus the Vex? Okay, maybe they both use a swarming tactic. But every single Goblin is already more powerful than a Yanme'e. And then there's Hobgoblins, Minotaurs, Harpies, etc etc. Yet again, no comparable classes.

      Of all these comparisons, this one makes the most sense. But only the Titans. You can't compare Spartans to Hunters or Warlocks.

      See what I'm getting at? None of these are comparable in any way.

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    • ...Wow.

      Anyone else's minds got blown by this? Or am I just stupid? Or both?

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    • I kind of agree. There's not much to compare when it comes to these races. Though, I have to say, the Taken are somewhat similar to the Flood.

      - Both are under the control of one entity.

      - Both have taken control of different enemy types.

      -Both have disfigured/ twitchy/ tortured appearances. 

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    • However, Taken don't turn everything into biomass. They are less similar to the Flood than to your everyday zombies.

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