• Hey, I am a wikia editor from the clash of clans and boom beach wiki who has recently become heavily involved in Destiny and am looking to help I feel I can improve page layouts and be a major asset to your community and wish to discuss some of the work I can do.

    Thank You

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    • Hey there. I don't think this admin replies much. User:Vektor0 is much more active. I'm only a normal user here, but I know that capable editors are certainly welcome.

      Out of curiosity, which platform are you playing on? I'm on a PS4 and I know another editor is on an XBoxOne.

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    • Hi KK9199. We're always happy to have help around the wiki. I'd suggest you start on our About page to see about how to get started helping out; we generally prefer that you start out with content edits before working on layout. Personal preferences vary quite a lot, and we have some pretty talented designers and coders here who have generally got the Wiki looking the way we want it to. That said, we're always happy to hear suggestions when you have them! I suggest Board:Destinypedia_Forum as the best place to discuss.

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    • Hey snow i play on the ps4 a crazy amount

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    • A FANDOM user
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